The Word Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization chartered in the state of New York on May 22, 1950. We are dedicated to making known to the people of the world the contents and meaning of the book Thinking and Destiny, as well as the other books written by Harold W. Percival. Since 1950, The Word Foundation has published and distributed the Percival books and assisted readers in their understanding of Percival’s writings. This is the only organization in existence that was founded and authorized by Mr. Percival for these purposes. The Foundation is not associated or affiliated with any other organization, and it does not endorse or support any individual, guide, mentor, teacher or group claiming to have been inspired, appointed or otherwise authorized to explain and interpret Percival’s writings.

The Word Foundation's Message

“Our Message” was the first editorial written by Harold W. Percival for his renowned monthly magazine, The Word. He created a shorter version of the editorial as a first page for the magazine. The above is a replication of this shorter version from the first volume of the twenty-five volume bound set, 1904 - 1917. The editorial can be read in its entirety on our Editorials page.