Thinking and Destiny Book Reviews

Thinking and Destiny

I personally consider Thinking and Destiny to be the most significant and valuable book ever published in any language.
—E. R. S.

My only message is a renowned “Thank You.” This book has impacted my path, opened my heart and excited me to my core! I admit that the complexity of some of the material challenges me and I have yet to fully grasp some, if not most, of the material. But, that is part of my reason for excitement! With each read I gain a little more understanding. Harold is a friend in my heart, although I was not fortunate enough to have met him. I thank the foundation for making the material free of charge to those of us who needed it. I am endlessly grateful!
—J. L.

If I were marooned on an island and were allowed to take one book, this would be the book.
—A. S. W.

Thinking and Destiny is one of those ageless books that will be just as true and valuable to human beings ten thousand years from now as it is today. Its intellectual and spiritual riches are inexhaustible.
—L. F. P.

Just as Shakespeare is a part of all the ages, so is Thinking and Destiny the book of Humanity.
—E. I. M.

Certainly Thinking and Destiny is a uniquely significant revelation for our time.
—A. B.

The breadth and depth of Thinking and Destiny is vast, yet its language is clear, exact, and sententious. The book is completely original, meaning that it clearly originates from Percival's own thinking, and is therefore of whole cloth, consistent throughout. He does not hypothesize, he does not speculate or conjecture. He makes no parenthetical remarks. There seems to be no word out of place, no word that is misused or without significance. One will find parallels to and extensions of many other principles and concepts that are contained in the Western Wisdom Teachings. One also finds much that is new, even novel and will be challenged by it. However, it would be prudent not to rush to judgment but restrain oneself because Percival is not as concerned about defending himself from the reader's unfamiliarity with topics as he is with letting the logic of his presentation dictate the timing and sequencing of his disclosures. Heindel's plea in "Word to the Wise" would be equally appropriate when reading Percival: "it is urged that the reader withhold all expressions of either praise or blame until study of the work has reasonably satisfied him of its merit or demerit."
—C. W.

The book is not of the year, nor of the century, but of the era. It discloses a rational basis for morality and solves psychological problems that have puzzled man for ages.
—G. R.

This is one of the most important books ever written in the known and unknown history of this planet. The ideas and knowledge stated appeal to reason, and have the "ring" of truth. H. W. Percival is a virtually unknown benefactor to mankind, as his literary gifts will reveal, when impartially investigated. I am astounded by the absence of his masterwork in the many "recommended reading" lists at the end of many serious and important books that I have read. He is indeed one the best kept secrets in the worlds of thinking men. A pleasant smile and feelings of gratitude are evoked within, whenever I think of that blessed being, known in the world of men as Harold Waldwin Percival.
—L. B.

Thinking and Destiny gives the information I have long been searching for. It is a rare, lucid and inspiring boon to humanity.
—C. B. B.

I never really understood, until I received Thinking and Destiny, how we literally carve our own destinies by our thinking.
—C. I. C.

Thinking and Destiny came O.K. Money couldn’t buy it back. I’ve been looking for it all my life.
—J. B.

After 30 years of taking copious notes from many books on psychology, philosophy, science, metaphysics, theosophy and kindred relative subjects, this marvelous book is the complete answer to all that I have been seeking for so many years. As I absorb the contents there results the greatest mental, emotional and physical freedom with an exalted inspiration that words cannot express. I consider this book the most provocative and revealing that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
—M. B. A.

Whenever I feel myself slipping into discouragement I open the book at random and find exactly the thing to read that gives me a lift and the strength I need at the time. Truthfully we do create our destiny through thinking. How different life could be if we were taught that from cradle on.
—C. P.

In reading Thinking and Destiny I find myself amazed, dazzled, and intensely interested. What a book! What new thoughts (to me) it contains!
—F. T.

It wasn’t until I commenced the study of Thinking and Destiny that I noted true progress emerging in my life.
—E. S. H.

Thinking and Destiny by H.W. Percival is one of the most remarkable books ever written. It deals with the age-old question, Quo Vadis? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? He explains how our own thoughts become our destiny, as acts, objects, and events, in our individual lives. That each of us is responsible for these thoughts, and their effects on us and others. Percival shows us that what appears as "chaos" in our daily lives has a purpose and Order which can be seen if we will begin to focus our thinking, and begin Real Thinking, as outlined in his masterpiece. Percival himself acknowledges he is neither a preacher nor a teacher, but presents to us a cosmology based upon Intelligence. A Universe of Order and Purpose. No metaphysical book has ever presented the clear, concise, information that is available in this book. Truly inspired and inspirational!
—S. H.

Never before, and I have been an avid truth searcher all of my life, have I found so much wisdom and enlightenment as I continually am discovering in Thinking and Destiny.
—J. M.

Thinking and Destiny is simply wonderful to me. It has done me a world of good and it surely is the answer for this age we live in.
—R. L. B.

Personally, I think that the Wisdom—profound Understanding—and the lucid and explicit information contained in Thinking and Destiny by H. W. Percival is beyond price. It tops by far the great writers on the world’s religions who, compared with Percival, seem vague, unconvincing and confusing. My estimate is based on 50 years research. Only Plato (the father of Western philosophy) and Zen Buddhism (the opposite) do come anywhere near to Percival, who unifies both in a clear and complete manner!
—G. F.

Percival has indeed ‘pierced the veil,’ and his book opened up the secrets of the universe to me. I was ready for a strait jacket or the boneyard when I was handed this book.
—A. E. A.

Until I found this book I never seemed to belong to this topsy-turvy world, then it straightened me out in a big hurry.
—R. G.

Thinking and Destiny is a very good treatise on a wide variety of metaphysical subjects and is something of an encyclopedia in that regard. I am sure that I will continue to refer to it in my lectures and my work.
—N. S.

I have been studying many disciplines for years and this man had it and knew how to blend it all together and put out a rich weaving of what life is and who we are/aren’t.
—W. F.

Despite my extensive readings in Theosophy and in literally dozens of systems of thought, I still feel that Thinking and Destiny is the most remarkable, most comprehensive, and most unusually perceptive book of its kind. It is the one single volume I would keep with me, if I were for some reason divested of all other books.
—A.W. M.

I have read Thinking and Destiny two times now and can hardly believe that such a great book really exists.
—J. P. N.

During the past several decades I have covered quite a bit of ground studying various schools concerned with the nature of man in a narrow sense as well as the broadest possible sense. Very, very few of the schools and works I studied had anything of value to offer concerning the real nature of man and his destiny. And then one fine day I bumped into Thinking and Destiny.

—R. E. S.

As a psycho-physiotherapist by profession, I have used the works of Mr. Percival to further the healing and understanding of many confused individuals—and it works!
—J. R. M.

My husband and I both read parts of his books everyday, and we have found that whatever is going on, whether within or without, can be explained through his conceptions of truth. He has put order in the seeming senselessness that I observe going on around me every day. The shaken foundations have settled into a calmness without panic. I believe Thinking and Destiny is probably the most fantastic book ever written.
—C. K.

The best book I ever read; very profound and it explains everything about one's existence. Buddha said long ago that thought is the mother of every action. Nothing better than this book to explain in detail. Thank you.


We have all heard these two quotes many times, “With all thy getting, get understanding,” and “Man know thyself.” I know of no other better beginning to the obtaining of this end than through the works of Harold W. Percival
—W. R.