Geometrical symbols have been used in wisdom traditions throughout civilizations to bring intrinsic meaning and knowability to our understanding. Throughout this website we have reproduced some of the geometrical symbols that Mr. Percival illustrated, and explained the meaning of, in Thinking and Destiny. He stated that these symbols hold value for the human if he or she thinks intentionally into them to arrive at the truth, which the symbols contain. Because these symbols consist only of lines and curves that are not constructed into a known object of the physical plane, such as a tree or a figure of a human, they can stimulate thinking on abstract, non-corporeal subjects or objects. As such, they can aid in understanding non-physical realms beyond those of our senses, thus providing insight into the greater laws of the universe as put forth in Thinking and Destiny.

“Geometrical symbols are representations of the coming of the units of nature into form and solidity and of the progress of the doer, through materiality to knowledge of Self, and into being conscious within and beyond time and space.”  –H.W.P.

This statement by Percival is indeed far-reaching. He is saying that through our intention to perceive the intrinsic meaning and significance of these symbols, we can know that which often seems unknowable to us - who and what we are, how and why we arrived here, the purpose and plan of the universe . . . and beyond.

Circle of the Twelve Nameless Points

Percival tells us that figure VII-B in Thinking and Destiny—The Zodiac within the Circle of the Twelve Nameless Points—is the origin, the sum and the greatest of all geometrical symbols.

The circle with its twelve nameless points

“The figure of the circle with its twelve points reveals, explains and proves the arrangement and constitution of the Universe, and the place of everything in it. This includes the unmanifested as well as the manifested parts . . . This symbol shows therefore the make-up and the true position of a human being in relation to everything above and below and inside and outside. It shows the human being to be the pivot, the fulcrum, the balance wheel and the microcosm of the temporal human world.”

—H.W. Percival

Mr. Percival included 30 pages of Symbols, Illustrations and Charts that can be found at the end of Thinking and Destiny.

One of the values of a geometrical symbol, as compared with other symbols, is the greater directness, accuracy and completeness with which it represents that which cannot be expressed in words.H.W. Percival