The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



There is a purpose, a progressive purpose, throughout the entire nature machine. The purpose is that all units composing the nature machine are to advance in progressively higher degrees in being conscious, from the least to the most advanced, from the time they enter into the nature machine until they leave the machine. The units of nature come from super-nature, homogeneous substance. The purpose in nature is to build an immortal physical body as a permanent university, for the constant and uninterrupted progress of nature units.

All units of which the nature machine is composed are unintelligent, but conscious. They are conscious as their functions only, because their functions are laws of nature. If the units were conscious of themselves as units, or were conscious of other things, they could not or would not continue to perform their own functions; they would attend to other things, and would attempt to perform functions other than their own. Then, if that were possible, there would be no laws of nature.

All units are apprenticed to the nature machine, to be conscious as, and to attend to, their own particular functions only, so that when each is perfected in the practice of its own functions as which it is conscious, it will progress in being conscious as the next higher degree of function in the machine. Therefore there are always constant and dependable laws of nature. When the unit is perfectly practiced in being conscious as its own function, successively through each part of all the departments of nature, and has reached to the limit of progress in and as nature, it is taken out of the nature machine. It then is in an intermediary state and eventually continues to progress beyond nature as an intelligent unit, a Triune Self. Then it becomes the duty of that intelligent unit, the Triune Self, to help the units in the nature machine, which it is then qualified to serve and to guide in their progress through nature and as nature.

The progress of units is not limited to a favored few. Progress is for each and every unit, without favor or exception. The progress is carried on for the unit through all degrees of its apprenticeship through nature and until it is able to take charge of itself and carry on its own progress by its own choice and will.

In this changing world you, the Doer part of your Triune Self, are able to choose what you will do, and you decide what you will not do. No other can then decide or choose for you. When you, the Doer of the Triune Self, choose to do your own duty, you work with the law and progress; when you choose not to do what you know to be your duty, you work against the law.

Thus the Doer in man has brought about its own suffering and causes others to suffer. You, the Doer, can and in time will end your suffering by learning what you are, and of your relation to your Triune Self of which you are a part. Then you will eventually free yourself from the bondage to nature into which you put yourself. You will then take up your duty as the free agent of your Triune Self, to operate and to guide the worlds of the universal nature machine. And when you have performed your duty as a Triune Self you will continue your progress to higher degrees in being conscious—which is beyond the present every-day human understanding.

In the meanwhile you can choose to do your present duty because it is your duty, without fear of punishment and without hope of praise. Thus each one of us will become self-responsible. And here are some of the matters to be given consideration by those who desire to be voting citizens in the establishing of a Real Democracy, self-government.