The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival




This figure of Hermes is sometimes called the Flying Mercury. It is a symbol of the beauty and of the power of The Word. The Word is the immortal conscious self, the Doer in the body.

Out of the mouth, breath is formed into the spoken word. The spoken word leaps forth as the expression of thought.

Thought is the messenger of the gods, the gods of men. The gods of men are the parts of Triune Selves, the immortals, that are not in men. A part of an immortal Triune Self breathes itself into a mortal and makes that mortal, man. That part of each immortal Triune Self, which is in the man, articulates the breath into sound, as speech, the carrier of thought, the spoken word.

The spoken word is the messenger of the Doer in the body, and to other Doers in men. The spoken word has power to darken, to fascinate, to deceive; it can enlighten, ennoble, or disgrace; it has power to put to sleep, to cause to dream, and to awaken. The spoken word has power to raise Doers from the dead.

That part of the Triune Self which is in man has power to awaken from the dream called life, into which it has thought and spoken itself, and in which it is. It will be raised, it will raise itself, and will be at home with the immortals. It will then be a Triune Self complete in The Realm of Permanence.

The base of The Flying Mercury statue

The above shows a human head thrown back with sufficient sculptured breath issuing from the mouth to support the figure shown on reverse side of this sheet. The head could not be in any other position for the breath to take the form of the upright figure, commonly called “The Flying Mercury.” Research does not reveal what the sculptor, Giovanni da Bologna, meant by this masterpiece of his art. Clearly, the meaning is: The Spoken Word.