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Vol. 15 SEPTEMBER, 1912. No. 6

Copyright, 1912, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


MAN’S physical body is built up from a spermatozoon and an ovum, two cells so minute that when united as one, that is barely visible to the unaided eye. As soon as these become one it begins to act by reproduction and multiplication. The one becomes two, the two become four, and this continues throughout foetal life and after birth, until the countless cells have reached the limit of the number and completed the growth of the particular human body.

The body is cellular in structure. The spermatozoon and the ovum are the two chief physical factors in the building of the body. Without a third something they could not unite. They could not begin their work. This third something is not physical, it is not cellular, is not visible. It is the invisible molecular model of the man to be. That attracts and unites the two factors in the work of building a cellular body, and in making visible its own molecular form. This invisible molecular model form is the field in which meet and co-operate the forces of nature with the material used in the building of the body. This molecular model is the form which persists throughout the changes of the cells. It unites them and from it they reproduce. At death it is the persistent germ of personality, which, later, like the phoenix, reproduces from itself, its form anew, in a new incarnation.

In the process of living forever, this molecular model body must be made to supplant and take the place of the physical cell body by transfiguration. It must be strengthened and exteriorized and adapted to physical conditions, so that it may be used in the physical world similarly as the physical cell body is used. How can this be done? This must be done and can be done only by the creative principle. The essential in living forever is the use of the creative principle.

The creative principle is represented by the spermatozoa and ova in the human bodies. Spermatozoa and ova are present in each human body, either as such or one is represented in the other. In man the ova are impotent and inoperative. In woman the potential spermatozoa are dormant and incapable of action. These factors are contained in the generative fluid in the body.

To strengthen and make the body immune to disease and to overcome death, the generative fluid and its contents must be preserved in and used by the body. The blood is the life of the body, but the generative force is the life of the blood. The creative principle acts through the generative fluid, as the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer or re-creator of the body. The creative principle acts as creator from the time of the fusing of the spermatozoon and ovum until the body has attained its growth and is adult. The creative principle acts as preserver by the preservation of such portion of the generative fluid as is necessary for the life of the blood. The creative principle acts as the destroyer of the body whenever the generative fluid is lost from the body and especially if this is not done in sacramental union to beget. The creative principle acts as the re-creator by the retention and absorption in the body of the generative fluid and contents. The generative fluid is the product of the combined forces of all nature working in the body, and it is the quintessence of the body.

The body is a laboratory in which the generative fluid and seed are extracted from the foods taken in. In the physical body are the furnaces, crucibles, coils, retorts, alembics, and all instruments and means necessary to heat, boil, steam condense, precipitate, extract, transfuse, sublimate and transmute the generative fluid and seed from the physical state through the other states necessary to renew and bring the body to life and make it live forever. The seed is a center through which life acts. Where the seed travels in the body there the currents of life flow and are put into touch with the organs and parts of the body through which they pass.

When the seed is retained it circulates through the body and strengthens and makes virile all the organs and the whole body. From light, air, water, and the other food taken into and assimilated by the body, there is extracted the generative seed by means of the organs of generation. In the generative fluid, are like the corpuscles in the blood, the spermatozoa and ova, which are the lowest expression of the creative principle. The seed passes from the generative system into the lymphatics and thence into the blood stream. It passes from the circulative to the sympathetic nervous system; thence through the central nervous system back to the generative fluid.

While thus making one round of the body, the seed enters and remains in every one of those organs until its work in the system is done. Then it takes part in the next system until its cycles in the body are completed. After that it begins another round of the body, but in a higher power. During its journey the seed has toned and invigorated the organs of the body; has acted on the food, and caused to be liberated and appropriated by the body the life held imprisoned by the food; it has made the muscles firm and resiliant; has tinctured and added power and movement to the blood; has engendered heat in the tissues, imparted cohesion and temper to the bones; has purified the marrow so that the four elements may pass freely in and out; has strengthened, keyed up and given steadiness to the nerves; and has clarified the brain. While improving the body on these journeys, the seed has increased in power. But it is still within the limits of the physical.

After renewing the physical body and completing its physical cycles the seed is transmuted from its physical state into that of the molecular body. As the physical seed thus continues to be transmuted from its physical state into the molecular body within and through the physical, the model form becomes stronger, more pronounced and is gradually distinguished from the physical body as a distinct form, though united with the physical body. As the circulation of the seed continues its rounds through the body and continues to be transmuted into the molecular model body, the physical body becomes stronger, and the molecular model body more compact. Gradually the cellular physical body becomes weaker in comparison with the molecular model body, as that becomes stronger and more evident to the senses. The change is due to the transmutation of the generative seed into the model form body. As the form body becomes stronger and firmer within and through the physical body of cells, it becomes as apparent and evident as the physical body. The senses of the physical body are gross and their perceptions abrupt, when contrasted with the senses of the molecular model body, which are fine, with continuous perception. By physical sight are perceived the gross parts of objects on their exterior sides; objects seem to be broken off or separated from each other. The sight by the model form body does not stop on the exterior of an object. The interior is seen as well and there is seen an interplay of the magnetic relationships between objects. Physical sight is of a limited range and focus and is blurred; minute particles are not seen. The groupings and combinations of material, and light and shade produce effects of dull and heavy and muddy color, as contrasted with the light, deep and translucsent colors seen by the model form body. The smallest objects intervening through immense distances are seen by the form body. Physical sight is jerky, disconnected. Sight through the model form body seems to stream through objects and over distances unbrokenly.

Hearing in the physical is limited to a small range of sounds. These are harsh and coarse and snappy, as compared with the flow of sound which is perceived through the model form body between and beyond the range of physical hearing. However, it is to be understood that this seeing and hearing by means of the molecular body is physical and pertains to physical matter. This new sensing is so much stronger, firmer and accurate that the ignorant might mistake it for super-physical. What has been said of seeing and hearing is likewise true of tasting, smelling and touching. The finer and remoter nature of foods and objects and odors are perceived by the senses of the molecular model form body, whereas the physical cell body though ever so well trained, can only sense the grosser sides of these.

During this period there will be a tendency toward psychic achievement. This must not be permitted. No astral experiences must be indulged in, no strange worlds entered. In astral and psychic development the model body becomes fluidic and is likely to issue forth from the physical, as in the case of mediums. That is the end of the attempt to live forever. When the molecular model body is not allowed to flow out from its physical counterpart no psychic senses will be developed, no psychic world entered. The molecular model body must be knit together with the cellular physical body. There must be a fine balance between them. Then all sensuous perceptions will be through the physical body, though the physical limitations become transparent as indicated. The development is directed towards the exteriorization of the molecular body, and not astral or psychic development.

During the development of the physical cell body and the molecular model body, the appetites become finer. What was before attractive is now repellent. Things which were before the cause of much concern are now regarded with indifference or dislike.

As the molecular body becomes stronger and firmer new sensations are experienced. It seems as though with a slight effort the bands could be severed which bind to earth, and as though the veil which separates the physical from other worlds could be removed. This must not be allowed. All that should be experienced by the molecular body must be experienced within the physical cell body. If other worlds are to be perceived they must be perceived through the physical body.

It must not be supposed because all the world seems to crave is given up, that the body is like a mummy, that life has lost all interest and that the world is now a blank. The body is dead to the world in so far its gross attractions are concerned. In place of these there grow up other interests. The world is experienced on its fairer side by means of the finer senses developed. The gross pleasures are gone, but in their place come other pleasures.

Within the molecular body is now developed that which corresponds to the generative seed of the physical body. As when with the growth of the organs of sex and the germination of the seed of the physical body the desire for sex expression was manifest in the physical body, so now with the development of the molecular form body and the molecular seed, comes sex emotion which seeks expression. A wide difference exists as to the manner of expression. The physical body is built on the sexual order, male or female, and each body seeks another of the opposite sex. The molecular model body is bi-sexual, both sexes are in one body. Each seeks expression through the other side of itself. In the dual-sex molecular body desire requires the creative principle present in the body to act. Within the molecular body is a force which was in the seed of the physical. This force seeks expression, and, if allowed, will develop within the model form a psychic body, corresponding to the physical body as to embryonic development and birth. This should not be permitted. As the physical seed was not allowed physical expression, but was retained within the physical body and turned to a higher power and transmuted into the molecular body, so now must this force be conserved and the molecular seed raised to a still higher power.

The physiological changes mentioned in the Editorial in The Word of August, 1912, in connection with food, have taken place. The gross elements of the physical body have been eliminated and the finest only remain. The molecular model body and the physical body of cells are well balanced. Power increases in the form body. The molecular seed circulates within the molecular form body, as the retained seed circulated through the physical body. The molecular seed cannot germinate and produce a body without sanction of the mind. If this sanction is given, the form body conceives and in course of time gives birth to an adept body.

This birth and that which lead to it was described in The Word, January, 1910, Vol. 10, No. 4, in the editorial “Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas.” The mind should not consent.

Then, as the physical seed was transmuted into the molecular model form body, so is now the molecular seed within the molecular body again transmuted. It is transmuted into a body of still finer matter, a life body, a body of life matter, a truly atomic body. This is a body of so fine a nature that it can be perceived only by the mind, as it is on the plane of the mind. The physical and the molecular bodies can be perceived by the senses, physical and psychic senses. The life body cannot be perceived by the senses. Life matter is in the mental world and only the mind can perceive that.

The transmuted seed of the molecular body builds up and strengthens the life body. As the life body is strengthened and matured it, too, develops a seed. The seed of the life body is that from which the glorified body of the Master is created and raised, alive forever. This has been described in The Word, May, 1910, Vol. 11, No. 2, in the editorial “Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas.”

Now, while here terms are used which are taken from sense perceptions in the physical world, these terms are used because no others are at hand. However, it is to be remembered that these terms are representative of facts and conditions and not actually descriptive. When the world is more familiar with these inner states, new and better terms will be developed and used.

The time required to accomplish all this depends upon the strength of character of the one engaging in the work, and upon the motive which prompts the undertaking. It may be done within the generation in which it is begun, or centuries may elapse before the work is finished.

(To be continued)