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The three classes of the Minds are those who at the end of the manvantara were in capricorn, sagittary, scorpio.

—The Zodiac.



Vol. 5 AUGUST 1907 No. 5

Copyright 1907 by H. W. PERCIVAL


PERSONALITY comes from two Latin roots, per, through, and sonus, sound. Persona was the mask or costume which the actor wore and spoke through. So we get the word personality. The personality of man, that which has been built up and is now used by the individuality, the higher mind, manas, to come in contact with the world, is not of recent times. Its origin lies in the beginnings of the history of the world.

The word personality is used indiscriminately by the public and even by theosophists who should know the difference, as they make a distinction between personality and individuality. The personality is not a single, simple thing or element; it is a composite of many elements, senses and principles, which all together appear as one. Each of these it has taken ages to develop. But although the personality is made up of many parts, its creation is due chiefly to two sources, the nascent mind, or breath (♋︎), and the self-conscious mind, or individuality (♑︎).

It is always well to consult the zodiac when dealing with any subject relating to man, because the zodiac is the system by which man is built up. When the zodiac is once appreciated one is able to learn of any part or principle of man or the universe through its particular sign. All the signs in the lower half of the zodiac have to do with the fabrication of the personality, but the signs cancer (♋︎) and capricorn (♑︎) are its real creators. All of the personality that is not self-conscious comes from cancer (♋︎); all that is intelligently conscious of personality comes from capricorn (♑︎). Let us briefly trace the history of personality by means of the zodiac.

As outlined in former articles on the zodiac, our earth represents the fourth round or great period in evolution. In this fourth period seven great races or aspects of humanity are to develop. Four of these races (♋︎, ♌︎, ♍︎, ♎︎ ) have passed through their period, and all but the remnants of the fourth have disappeared. The fifth great root-race (♏︎) is now being developed through its sub-divisions throughout the world. We are in the fifth sub-race (♏︎) of the fifth root-race (also ♏︎). The preparation for and beginning of the sixth sub-race is taking place in America. The first great root-race is cancer (♋︎).

Figure 29 is reproduced from a former article in order that the development of the races may be more clearly understood and their place in the system of the zodiac may be seen. By this may be traced the pedigree of the personality, and particularly its connection with and relationship to the signs cancer (♋︎) and capricorn (♑︎). Figure 29 shows our fourth round with its seven root and sub-races. Each of the small zodiacs represents a root-race, and each of these is shown to have its sub-signs or races below the horizontal line.

♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎ ♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎
Fig. 29

The first great race is presented by the sign cancer (♋︎). The beings of that race were breaths. They had no such forms as have our present humanity. They were crystal-like spheres of breath. They were of seven kinds, classes, orders or hierarchies of breath, each kind, class or order, being the pattern in ideal of its future corresponding root-race, and of the respective sub-division of that race. This first root-race did not die as did the races which followed; it was and is the ideal race for those to follow.

At the inception of our, the fourth, round, the cancer (♋︎) hierarchy of the first cancer (♋︎) race was followed by the leo (♌︎) hierarchy which was the second sub-division of that first race, and so on with the other hierarchies represented by their signs virgo (♍︎) and libra (♎︎ ), scorpio (♏︎), sagittary (♐︎), and capricorn (♑︎). When the capricorn (♑︎) hierarchy of the breath (♋︎) race had been reached, that marked the close of their period, capricorn (♑︎) being the perfection in ideal of the entire race, and the complement to the cancer (♋︎) hierarchy of that first race, they being both on the same plane.

When the fourth hierarchy, libra (♎︎ ), of the breath race (♋︎) was dominant, they breathed out and put forth from themselves the second great root-race, the life (♌︎) race, which passed through its seven stages or degrees as marked by the hierarchies of the breath (♋︎) race. But whereas breath (♋︎) was the characteristic of the entire breath (♋︎) race, the characteristic of the second, the life (♌︎) race, dominated the entire life (♌︎) race. When the second or life (♌︎) race had also reached its last sign or degree (♑︎) the race, unlike the first race, disappeared as a whole. When it, the life race, had reached its ♎︎ degree, it began to put forth the third race which was the form (♍︎) race, and as the forms of the form race were put forth by the life race, the life (♌︎) race was absorbed by them. The two first sub-races of the form (♍︎) race were astral, as was the first portion of its third (♍︎) sub-race. But in the latter part of that third sub-race they became more solid and finally physical.

The fourth race, the sex (♎︎ ) race, began in the middle of the third or form (♍︎) race. Our fifth race, the desire (♏︎) race, began in the middle of the fourth (♎︎ ) race and was created by union of the sexes. Now, to see the connection between the fourth and fifth races with the first ideal race, and where we stand in development.

As the first race breathed the second, the life race (♌︎), into existence, so the life race following the example set them, put forth the third race which developed forms. These forms were at first astral, but they gradually became physical as they approached or reached their ♎︎ degree. Their forms were then what we now call human, but not until the fourth race began, did they generate by procreation. The fourth race began in the middle of the third race, and as our fifth race was born in the middle of the fourth race our bodies are generated in the same manner.

Through these periods, the breath spheres of the breath race watched over and assisted in the development each of its own race according to its ideal hierarchy and according to the grade of that hierarchy. The breath race did not live on the dense earth as our bodies do; they lived in a sphere which did and does still surround the earth. The life race existed within the breath sphere, but it also surrounded the earth. As the life race developed and put forth bodies, the virgo (♍︎) hierarchy of the breath (♋︎) race projected forms from its sphere into which the life race disappeared or was absorbed. The astral forms so projected lived in a sphere within the life sphere, which we may correspond to the atmosphere of the earth. As they became denser and solidified, they lived, as we do, on the solid earth. The breath sphere as a whole may be said to be the fathers of humanity, known in the Secret Doctrine as the “bharishad pitris.” But as there are many classes or grades of “the fathers” we shall call the class which emanated the senseless forms the virgo class (♍︎) or hierarchy of the bharishad pitris. The forms absorbed life as the plants do and gave birth to themselves by passing through a metamorphosis analogous to that of the butterfly. But the forms generated, gradually developed organs of sex. At first the female as virgo (♍︎), and then, as desire became manifest, the male organ was developed in those forms. Then they generated by union of the sexes. For a time this was determined according to the season or cycle, and controlled by the ideal race of the breath sphere.

Up to this period, physical humanity was without individual mind. The forms were human in shape, but in all other respects they were animals. They were guided by their desires which were purely animal; but, like as with the lower animals, their desire was for their kind and was controlled by the cycles of the seasons. They were natural animals acting according to their natures and without shame. They had no moral sense because they did not know how to act other than by the prompting of their desires. This was the state of physical humanity as described in the Bible as the Garden of Eden. Up to this time physical-animal humanity had all of the principles that our present humanity has, except the mind.

Originally the first race breathed out the second or life race, and the life race put forth the third race which took on forms. Then these forms, solidifying and absorbing the life race, built the physical bodies around themselves. Then desire awoke and became active within the forms; that which was outside now acts from within. The breath moves the desire, desire gives direction to life, life takes on form, and form crystallizes physical matter. Each of these bodies or principles is the gross expression of the ideal types of the breath sphere, each according to its kind.

(To be concluded)