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Harold W. Percival


From the monumental book, Thinking and Destiny, specific subjects have been selected for a more thorough examination in Man and Woman and Child. This information is vitally important to the welfare of every man, woman and child.

Regarding the eternal problem of the sexes, Percival reveals exactly why it is that rarely do men and women live happily for very long, either with or without each other. Forging far beyond just a psychological approach, this book details the true meaning of male and female. This knowledge is worthy of our trust not only because it accords with reality, but also provides the key to achieving greater harmony and happiness between men and women. The reader will learn how he or she can, and must, transform the very fabric and structure of what we call “human.” The result of this effort will be no less than a radical, revolutionary change of being.

When adults understand the mystery of themselves—their true nature—they then have the ability to relate to children in a way that will enhance the quality of their lives as well. For instance, “Where did I come from?” is a question asked by nearly every young child all over the world. Man and Woman and Child provides an answer to this question that is in harmony with the origin and function of our beings. Children who have the benefit of the type of parental guidance and education recommended in this book will not only reap immeasurable benefit for all their lives, but will be better able to contribute to planetary healing as well.

These are only a few of the topics that make this little book a gem to be treasured.

The Word Foundation
December, 2009