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Harold W. Percival

Regarding this unusual gentleman, Harold Waldwin Percival, we are not so concerned with his personality. Our interest lies in what he did and how he accomplished it. Percival himself preferred to remain inconspicuous. It was because of this that he did not wish to write an autobiography or have a biography written. He wanted his writings to stand on their own merit. His intention was that the validity of his statements be tested according to the degree of Self-knowledge within the reader and not be influenced by his own personality. Nevertheless, people do want to know something about an author of note, especially if they are greatly affected by his ideas. As Percival passed away in 1953, there is no one now living who knew him in his early life. A few facts about him are mentioned here, and more detailed information is available at our website:

Harold Waldwin Percival was born in 1868. Even as a young boy, he desired to know the secrets of life and death and was resolute in his intention to acquire Self-knowledge. An avid reader, he was largely self-educated. In 1893, and twice during the next fourteen years, Percival had the unique experience of being conscious of Consciousness, a potent spiritual and noetic enlightenment that reveals the unknown to one who has been so conscious. This enabled him to know about any subject by a process he called “real thinking.” Because these experiences revealed more than was contained in any information he had previously encountered, he felt it his duty to share this knowledge with humanity. In 1912 Percival began the book which covers in exhaustive detail the subjects of Man and the universe. Thinking and Destiny was finally printed in 1946. From 1904 to 1917, Percival published a monthly magazine, The Word, which had a worldwide circulation and earned him a place in Who’s Who in America. It has been stated by those who knew him that no one could meet Percival without feeling that they had met a truly remarkable human being.