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JUNE 1909

Copyright 1909 by H. W. PERCIVAL


What is a divine incarnation or incarnation of the Supreme Being?

The word incarnation means that which has come into a body of flesh. Divine incarnation means deity in a human form of flesh. A Divine incarnation means one of the many appearances of Deity in a human form, which appearances, or Divine incarnations as they are called, have been mentioned in all great religious histories. The appearance of a Divine incarnation is attended by the founding of a new religion, which takes in a human form, which appearances or has its name given to it by later followers. Philosophically, God, Universal Mind, or Deity, is a collective host of Divine Intelligences who are beyond the necessity for reincarnation and beyond all human weaknesses and frailties. This collective host of intelligences who are Divine is sometimes spoken of as the Logos. At periods regulated by law, one of this Divine host, or Universal Mind, or God, appears on earth to assist humanity in its progress and development toward immortality and Divinity. When such an event does take place it is said to be the incarnation of a saviour an avatar, of the Logos, the Demiurgos, the Universal Mind, Deity, the Great Spirit or God, according to the terminology of the people who record the event. There is a considerable philosophy attached to such an event, and there are many degrees and kinds of Divine incarnations. But specifically answering the question regarding a Divine incarnation of the Supreme Being is that one of the Divine host has taken up its abode with a mortal human being who is sufficiently pure and progressed, physically, intellectually and spiritually, to warrant the Divine contact.


What is the use or function of the pituitary body?

Physiologically, the most advanced understanding concerning the pituitary body is that it is the governing seat or center of the nervous system. It is composed of two lobes, the posterior lobe being that which receives all impressions of the body from the sensory nerves, and the anterior lobe being that from which the motor nerves are regulated and directed. We would say that the pituitary body is the heart of the nervous system just as the muscular heart is the center of the circulatory system. As the blood flows from the heart through the body by means of the arteries and returns by way of the veins to the heart, so there is a nervous fluid or ether which circulates through the body from the pituitary body by way of the motor nerves and back through the sensory nerves to the pituitary body. The pituitary body is the center in the brain by which the human Ego contacts the physical body, and by which center the human Ego passes through the states known as waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. When the human Ego is acting directly on or with the pituitary body man is said to be awake and to be conscious of his body and the world around him. When the Ego retires from immediate contact or control of the pituitary body, it does so that the body may rest and be recuperated by the life forces of the world which flow in and out of the body, when not interfered with by the tension brought about by the activity of the mind with or on the pituitary body. As the mind or Ego loosens its hold on the pituitary body and retires along the other centers of the brain the dreaming, and deep sleep states with their intermediate conditions are brought about.


What is the use or function of the pineal gland?

Both the pituitary body and pineal gland are organs which are centers of contact for the soul of man. But whereas the pituitary body is that center which is used directly by the human mind in all things requiring mental operations, the pineal gland is the organ by which the higher and more divine individuality of man is related. The pituitary body is used in all ratiocinative processes and mental operations requiring the activity of the reasoning faculties. The pineal gland is used when direct knowledge of a thing is to be obtained. The pineal gland is the organ through which is brought to the human understanding that knowledge and wisdom which is complete in itself, self-evident, without the process of reasoning. The pineal gland is the organ which is used consciously and intelligently by one possessed of spiritual understanding and wisdom. This applies to the spiritually wise. To ordinary mankind the pituitary body is used without his immediate knowledge in the same manner that he may think but does not know how he thinks. In the ordinary man the pineal gland is a present witness to the possibilities of the future Divinity of mankind. But at present it is as silent as the tomb.


What is the use or function of the spleen?

The spleen is one of the centers of the astral or form body. The spleen serves particularly in early life to establish the relationship between the molecular, astral form body to the cellular structure of physical matter, by means of the process of circulation. It is related both to the circulation of the blood and of the lymphatic system. After the body is set in its habits and the form of the body has been definitely established, the spleen can be dispensed with because the astral form body is then seated in every part of the body.


What is the use or function of the thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland is one of the centers in the body on which the entity who is to take possession of the body acts before birth. It is directly related with the pituitary body and is a reservoir or storage battery from which is liberated certain chemical ingredients necessary to the bony structure of the body, and holds also a tincture which acts on the blood. The thyroid gland is an organ with which the mind acts in the body. The thyroid gland, pituitary body and pineal gland all have to do with the bony structure of the body and with the mind. When these glands are affected it interferes with the normal action of the mind and in many cases will cause death or so affect the mind as to bring about temporary idiocy or aberrations of the mind.

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