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MAY 1913

Copyright 1913 by H. W. PERCIVAL


What colors, metals and stones are attributed to the seven planets?

There are seven colors to the solar spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. This is the division of a ray of sunlight by a prism and as reflected on a surface. These seven colors may be reflected back to a center and again be the ray of light. The colors are said to correspond to the seven planets, mars, sun, mercury, saturn, jupiter, venus, moon. So also are the seven metals, iron, gold, mercury, lead, tin, copper, silver. Colors, metals and planets are said to correspond and be related to each other. The stones, garnet, amethyst, bloodstone, diamond, emerald, agate, ruby, sardonyx, sapphire, opal, topaz, turquoise, are supposed to be connected with the twelve months; each is said to have certain influences when worn on certain days, but more especially during the month to which it belongs. Writers on occult subjects have given different classifications and correspondences to the colors, metals and planets. Whatever classification is adopted, the motive determines what rules and methods should be followed to get benefits by wearing, separately or in combination, colors, metals and stones.


Should the wearing of colors, metals and stones be determined by the aspect of that planet under the wearer was born?

If one believes in the efficacy of faith; if he has faith; if he wills no injury to others by wearing colors, metals and stones—Yes. If he considers it a ridiculous practice, yet tries to see how it works out; if he believes in the potency of colors, metals and stones and would wear them with an object to exert an undue or evil influence over any one—No.


Have the colors, metals and stones any special virtues, and how can they be worn without regard to the planets?

Colors, metals and stones have special values, good or evil. But the strength of each of the colors, metals and stones is determined by the nature of its origin, the manner of its preparation, or by the influence imparted to it. One who is inclined to ridicule the thought that colors have certain values and that they will produce certain effects, will have reason to change his views if he wears a red coat before a bull.

The man who experiments with magnets will not consider as mere fancy or superstition the statement that certain metals have occult properties. No one doubts that there is a peculiar charm which stones have had for individuals in all ages. Aside from economic or decorative purposes colors have particular effects on the emotions of people. It is often observed that when some individuals get into certain psychic or emotional states, they see certain colors which are typical of their condition. For instance: criminals who have confessed guilt say they saw red just before their commission of murder. On the other hand, those who are given to periods of meditation, say they see yellow or golden color when they pass into a state of restful calm or purposeful aspiration.

Metals have occult significance and value, as well as for the common uses to which they are put, and so have stones. But these values must be studied and learned. The senses must become alert to them before their values can be used practically and without danger to body and reason. Study and training are as necessary to the acquirement of a knowledge of the occult values and use of metals as to the science of metallurgy. The one who guesses or has impressions about colors, metals and stones, whose inner senses have not been opened, who will not train his senses and discipline his mind, may act in blind faith and get some results, but he will excite and be subject to ridicule—and he will remain blind.

One can wear colors, metals or stones without regard to the planets when he has that power which is born of knowledge, and which is superior to any influence of colors, metals or stones. The firm and unshaken faith that no extraneous power can harm him, is an antidote for any influence emanating from physical objects. This faith and power comes from right motive, right thought, right attitude of mind. When one has these, colors, metals and stones, with their planetary influences can have no baneful influence on him. But then, perhaps, he need not wear them.


What letters or numbers are attached or ascribed to the planets?

Letters, numbers, names, seals, sigels, have been variously ascribed to the planets by writers on astrology, alchemy and magic, and various accounts and applications can be found in books dealing with these subjects. No claim is here made to such knowledge, nor to the right to impart it. No occult knowledge concerning the letters and names of “the planets” can be imparted directly through books or written forms. Books may give much information, but they cannot impart knowledge. Knowledge must be acquired by individual effort. Knowledge is acquired by putting the results of experiences to the best uses. Knowledge of letters, numbers and names will come by examining and analyzing and brooding about the parts and forms of letters and their combinations. For one whose tendency of mind is toward the occult side of letters, numbers, names, it is well to think and theorize about them, but not to attempt to put the theories into practice until theory gives place to certainty. Certainty cannot be gained by theorizing about and practicing with letters, numbers, names, colors, metals or stones. Certainty about these comes only with ability and control of the elements or forces of which they are the outward symbols, and which are represented by desires, passions and emotions within him. Many would-be alchemists and magicians have come to grief because they have attempted to accomplish in the world without, what should be done in the world within.

Visible colors are reflections of psychic states and emotions. Metals are the precipitations or solidifications of the invisible elements with which the spirit of each element is connected and through which it works. The same may be said of stones. Metals and stones are magnetic or electric. Where these go, the element or forces connected with them may be induced and become operative, as the magnetic force operates through iron, or as the electrical force is conducted by a copper wire. The wearing of colors, metals or stones may awaken and excite that within, which corresponds to the element or force without, and may induce such elements or forces to act through their senses on their correspondences within. By a control of the within only that without can be controlled.

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