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APRIL 1915

Copyright 1915 by H. W. PERCIVAL


What is the relation between magnetism and gravitation, and how do they differ, if at all? And what is the relation between magnetism and animal magnetism, and how do they differ, if at all?

Positive science does not state what gravitation is, and admits it does not know. The facts, however, which are observed by scientists, and which are called gravitation, are, briefly stated, that there is a pull which every body has on every other body according to its mass, and that the strength of the pull is lessened with the increase of the distance between the bodies and is increased with their nearness. The sequence of facts, called gravitation, exhibits itself without respect to the arrangement of the particles in the bodies. All physical masses, therefore, are said to gravitate toward each other.

Magnetism is a mysterious force concerning the nature of which science has so far given little information, although some of the facts brought about by magnetic force are well known to scientists. Magnetism is the force which shows itself through magnets. A magnet is a body in which all or some particles are of like polarity, and where the axes between the poles in the particles are approximately parallel. The positive poles of the particles with approximately parallel axes point in one direction, the negative poles of these particles point in the opposite direction. A body is a magnet, according to the preponderance of the particles which have parallel or approximately parallel axes with like polarity. A magnet approaches perfection as a magnet, in proportion to the number of its particles which have like polarity and parallel axes, as compared to the number of particles which have not parallel axes and are not of like polarity. Magnetism manifests through a body according to the proportion of particles in the mass of the body which are magnetic, that is, of like polarity and axes parallel. Magnetism is a force present everywhere in the world, but manifesting only through bodies with magnetic arrangement of their particles. This applies to inanimate objects.

The same force is raised to a higher power in animal bodies. Animal magnetism is the operation of a force through animal bodies, when the bodies are of a certain structural nature. The structure to be magnetic has to be such that the particles in the cells and the cells of the animal body are of a structure so that the universal magnetic force will flow through them. To that end the structure has to be similar to that in inanimate magnets. The axis of the animal body is the spine, and animal bodies are magnetic when the particles in the cells are adjusted in alignment to the corresponding portion of the spine and to the marrow in the bones. The action from the poles of the body is by means of the nerves. The magnetic bath or field is the atmosphere around the body. Any animal bodies coming within the influence of this field, experience the effect of the universal magnetic power which flows through the magnetic animal body and is then called animal magnetism.

Animal magnetism is not personal magnetism, though it has a part in producing what is called personal magnetism. Animal magnetism is not hypnotism, though persons having animal magnetism may use it to produce hypnotic effects.

The linga sharira, or invisible form of the physical body, is a storage battery for life. One of the modes in which life operates is magnetism. If the linga sharira in a human body has its physical counterparts constructed as stated, that is, the particles in magnetic alignment, then it can hold and store life and can transmit the life under the aspect of what is called animal magnetism.

The answer to the question is that there is no direct relation between gravitation and animal magnetism as described. They differ in that, as far as gravitation, every mass pulls every other mass, and the force called gravitation is active at all times; but the force called animal magnetism does not act at all times, but is active in those instances only when there is an animal structure, the features of which are a like polarization of the particles and a true or approximate parallelism of axes.


How are cures effected by animal magnetism?

Animal magnetism is a universal force acting through a human body, in which the cells are polarized and arranged in a certain way, which polarization and arrangement induce the universal life into the body and permit the transfer of the life directly to another animal body.

A diseased physical body is one which lacks the proper arrangement of its particles, or is one in which there are obstructions to the life flow, or in which changes have taken place due to the absence of the usual breath and life circulation. One who has much animal magnetism, and one through whom animal magnetism is readily transmitted, may heal diseases in others. He may heal by his presence alone without bodily contact, or he may heal by contacting bodily the one to be healed. When the healing is done by the presence of the healing one it is done by the enclosing of the sick in the atmosphere surrounding the healing one. The atmosphere is a magnetic bath, charged with the universal life acting as animal magnetism. Animal magnetism is a poor name for the great force of the universal life, but we use it here to remain within the familiar usage of the time. The bath acts on the atmosphere of the ailing person and tends to restore in it the circulation of the universal life force, by removing the obstructions, reestablishing the circulation, and by the rearrangement of the molecules in the cells, so that the life force may flow uninterruptedly and the organs in the body be allowed to perform their natural functions.

Healing through animal magnetism, when done by direct contact of the body of the healing one, is best done when the hands of the healing one, acting as the positive and the negative poles, are placed on the body or the part affected. The magnetism may emanate from any part of the body, such as the eyes, breasts, but the most natural means of applying it is by means of the hands. The important feature in effecting a cure is that the mind of the healer should not interfere with the transmission of the magnetism. Usually the mind does affect and interfere with the healing influence, because the healer often fancies that he must direct the flow of magnetism with his mind. In every case where the healer acts with his mind in connection with the magnetism, while he attempts to heal, he will do harm, because the mind does not effect the cure, though it may direct and color the magnetism. The mind interferes with and impedes the natural action of the magnetism. The magnetism will act naturally if not interfered with by the mind. Nature, and not the mind, effects the cure. Man’s mind does not know nature, and does not know itself when in the body. If it knew itself in the body then the mind would not interfere with nature.

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