There are four kinds of units: A) Nature Units B) Aia Units C) Intelligent Units D) Intelligence Units

Chart II-A


Nature Units:

In the four spheres of fire, air, water, and earth are the units of the four great elements of primordial fire, air, water, and earth.

The four worlds are in the manifested side of the sphere of earth:

  • In the light world, the units are light units
    In the life world, the units are life units
    In the form world, the units are form units
    In the physical world, the units are physical units

The units of the planes of the physical world are:

  • Light units, life units, form units, and physical units

The units of four states of matter of the physical plane are:

  • Radiant or pyrogen units
    Airy or aerogen units
    Fluid or fluogen units
    Solid or geogen units

The units of the four substates of the solid state of the physical plane are:

  • Radiant-solid or pyro-geogen units
    Airy-solid or aero-geogen units
    Fluid-solid or fluo-geogen units
    Solid-solid or geo-geogen units

When a unit has passed through this course, the opposites in the unit are adjusted and are equal to each other, and the unit is then a balanced unit in a perfect physical body of a Triune Self in the Realm of Permanence.

In the temporal human physical world,—which is a “drop-out,” a cul-de-sac or blind alley in the Realm of Permanence,—the units are active-passive as man, or passive-active as woman, and are of four kinds: free, transient, compositor, and sense units.


Aia units are neutral units. They belong to the intelligent-side, but are the dividing point or line between intelligent-matter from nature-matter.


Triune self, or intelligent, units


Intelligence units