This chart indicates the stages in which the unit progresses in being conscious in successively higher degrees,—from being a primordial unit of the element of fire to becoming an ultimate unit as an Intelligence, trained through the perfect sexless bodies in the Realm of Permanence.

Chart II-H

Ascent on the intelligent side Descent on the nature side The unit descends from: the element and Sphere of fire, to the Sphere of air, to the Sphere of water, to the Sphere of earth through the four worlds: Light world, Life world, Form world, Physical world, through the four planes: Light plane, Life plane, Form plane, Physical plane, and its four states of matter: Radiant state, Airy state, Fluid state, and the Solid state with its three invisible substates: Radiant-solid, Airy-solid, Fluid-solid, and the visible Solid-solid substate, to the last degree of a nature unit as the: breath-form unit; to the aia degree. Then the unit ascends, first, as a Triune Self unit in the worlds, and ultimately as an Intelligence in the spheres: As a knower, thinker, doer, of a Triune Self in the worlds; As an Intelligence unit of the Order of the: Knowers, Thinkers, Desirers. aia point or line

The progression of a unit starts as a nature unit on the nature-side; passes through the neutral state of an aia unit, as the point or neutral line; is translated into an intelligent-unit, and ascends on the intelligent-side, first, as a Triune Self unit and then as an Intelligence unit.