As stated in the text, the sternum is the vestigial remains of the front- or nature-column of the once perfect body,—prior to the “fall” of the doer.

Fig. VI-E

In this connection it is worthwhile to quote from Cunningham’s “Textbook of Anatomy,” 4th edition, page 767:

The Morphology of the Sympathetic Nervous System:

“The philogenetic relation of the sympathetic and the cerebro-spinal elements in the system it is impossible to determine. It may be that the sympathetic system is the representative of an ancient architecture independent of the cerebro-spinal nervous system, the materials of which are utilized for a more modern nervous system; or it may be that the correlation of spinal nerves and sympathetic are both the consequences of the formation of new organs and structures in the splanchnic area. Examined in every light, it possesses features which effectually differentiate it from the cerebro-spinal system, although it has become inextricably united with it and subservient to it.”