The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival


I-A Circle of the Twelve Nameless Points, and the Four Spheres
I-B The Earth Sphere and the Four Worlds
I-C The Invisible Physical World or Realm of Permanence; and the Temporal Human World
I-D The Physical Plane, and its Four States of Matter
I-E The Solid State of Matter and its Four Substates
II-A The Units
II-B An Unbalanced Unit on the Nature-Side
II-C A Balanced Unit of the Perfect Body
II-D; E The Units on the Nature-Side
II-F Pre-Chemistry
II-G; H The Eternal Order of Progression
III The Fourfold Physical Human Body
IV-A The Lines of a Thought
IV-B Sense-Government and Self-Government
V-A The Triune Self, its Three Parts and Seven Minds
V-B The Triune Self of the Human; its Three Atmospheres, and the Physical Atmosphere
V-B, a The Triune Self Complete, and its Perfect Physical Body
V-C The Three Orders of Intelligences, and the Seven Faculties of an Intelligence
V-D A Re-existing Doer Portion and its After-Death States. The Breath-form during these States
VI-A, a The Cerebro-Spinal Nervous System. The Human Brain
VI-A, b; c; d The Spinal Cord and Nerves, and Spinal Column
VI-B Ramifications of the Sympathetic Nervous System
VI-C The Principal Tracts of the Two Systems, and the Paths of the Lunar and the Solar Germs
VI-D Diagrammatic Sketch of the Perfect, Sexless, Immortal, Physical Body
VI-E Skeleton of Human Body, showing Sternum
VII-A The Zodiac
VII-B The Zodiac, within the Circle of the Twelve Nameless Points
VII-C The Broken and Extended Zodiac
VII-D Horizontals, Perpendiculars and Opposites
VII-E; F The Monad and the Dyads
VII-G The Triads
VII-H; J The Tetrads
VII-K The Pentads
VII-L The Hexads