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Man and Woman and Child

This extraordinary book, simply written, opens vistas into fields which have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Here you will learn that the first step toward spiritual rebirth is understanding humanity’s descent into mortal bodies of birth and death. Here, too, you will learn the true identity of YOU—the conscious self in the body—and how you may break the hypnotic spell your senses and thinking have cast about you since childhood. You will grasp, through the light of your own thinking, why man is in darkness concerning his origin and ultimate destiny.

Early in the life of a new, growing body, the conscious Self begins to make psychic adjustments in thinking, feeling, and desiring. Influenced by its senses, it gradually identifies itself completely with its body and loses touch with its true, eternal identity. The deathless tenant, falsely convinced of its mortality, often misses its opportunity to discover its proper place in the Cosmos and cannot fulfill its ultimate purpose. Man and Woman and Child shows how to use that opportunity for Self-discovery!

Softcover 208 pp.

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Man and Woman and Child

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“These assertions are not based on fanciful hopes. They are substantiated by the anatomical, physiological, biological and psychological evidences given herein, which you can, if you will, examine, consider and judge; and, then do what you think best.”H.W. Percival