Many people become members of The Word Foundation because of their love of the Percival books, the profound influence Percival's work has had on their lives and the desire to support us in reaching a wider readership. Unlike some other organizations, we do not have a guru, teacher or presiding authority. Our purpose and commitment is to make known to the people of the world Percival's great masterpiece, Thinking and Destiny, as well as his other books. We are available to offer some guidance, if requested, but we are also proponents of the wisdom of self-government—learning to trust and engage one's own inner authority. The Percival books can serve as a guide to assist with this process.


All members of The Word Foundation, regardless what level of support you choose, will receive our quarterly magazine, The Word (Sample Magazine). Members also receive a 25% discount on the Percival books.

Study Resources

The Word Foundation supports the study of Percival's books. Through our quarterly magazine, The Word, we have created a space to inform our readers of various avenues of study. When one becomes a member of The Word Foundation, this information is available through our magazine:

• A list of our members who are interested in studying with others.

Assistance from The Word Foundation for those who want to attend or organize study groups in their communities.

One life on earth is a part of a series, as one paragraph in a book, as one step in a procession or as one day in a life. The notion of chance and that of a single life on earth are two of the outstanding errors of human beings.H.W. Percival