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Thinking and Destiny

What is most important to you in life?

If your answer is to achieve greater understanding of yourself and the world in which we live; if it is to understand why we are here on earth and what awaits us after death; if it is to know the true purpose of life, your life, Thinking and Destiny offers you the opportunity to find these answers. And many more . . .

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Softcover 1080 pp.

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Thinking and Destiny

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Thinking and Destiny has profoundly influenced people around the world.

“The book explains the purpose of life. That purpose is not merely to find happiness, either here or hereafter. Neither is it to “save” one’s soul. The real purpose of life, the purpose that will satisfy both sense and reason, is this: that each one of us will be progressively conscious in ever higher degrees in being conscious; that is, conscious of nature, and in and through and beyond nature.”H.W, Percival