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Thinking and Destiny, by Harold W. Percival, has been heralded by many as the most complete book ever written on Man and the Universe. In print for over 70 years, it sheds a brilliant Light on the deep questions that have ever perplexed humanity. Our Video page includes an audio presentation of the first 3 pages of the Introduction and a glimpse, using Percival’s own words, into the unusual way Thinking and Destiny was written.

Harold Percival described his potent, noetic experience of being conscious of Consciousness in the foreword to his magnum opus, Thinking and Destiny. This video is a narration from those pages. This is the only instance where the first person “I” is used. It appears nowhere else in Thinking and Destiny. Percival stated that he preferred that the book stand on its own merit and not be influenced by his personality.

The video below includes a complete audio Introduction—the entire first chapter—to Thinking and Destiny by Harold W. Percival. This reading is from the 11th edition.

A student of Thinking and Destiny, Joe, shares his thoughts about the book and how it affected his life.