Masonic Lodges: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason, and Royal Arch degrees, showing the stations or gates of Cancer ( ♋︎ ) the senior warden in the West; Libra ( ♎︎ ) the junior warden in the South; and Capricorn ( ♑︎ ) the master in the East; in each of the degrees. The physical body of man is the ground floor or plan or lodge in which all the degrees are worked, as the body or lodge is prepared for each degree.

The conscious self, as the Doer-in-the-body, is the entered apprentice to be initiated in the first degree. He begins to learn the use of his rule, or line of feeling, from Cancer to Libra ( ♋︎ to ♎︎ ) and his line of desire from Libra to Capricorn ( ♎︎ to ♑︎ ). When he has brought these into right relationship to each other they unite and make the square on which a Mason works, and the oblong square ( ♋︎ to ♎︎ to ♑︎ ) below. The feeling line and desire line make the square of the right-angled triangle (the hypotenuse), the square of all true Masons on which the work of the lodge is conducted.

All degrees are degrees to be taken by the Doer-in-the-body; not by the Thinker and Knower. They await the Doer on his initiation as a Master Mason. The Doer is initiated into the higher degrees to be eventually united with the Thinker and Knower in the Royal Arch. Then they will be complete and perfect. The work of the Doer as entered apprentice is, as he advances by degrees, to rebuild his present physical body into that temple not made with hands, immortal in The Eternal.

This figure shows the Masonic Lodge to be the present physical body. The oblong square given in detail. The two columns and the three pillars are, by extension, also shown. The Groundfloor is the pelvic section. The Middle Chamber is the abdominal section. The Sanctum Sanctorum is the thoracic section. The Royal Arch is the physical body in its atmospheres, complete. The top of the head represents the keystone.

Refer to symbols, pages 945, 960, 961, in Thinking and Destiny. On page 961, Fig. VI-B shows the front, or nature, column of the perfect body—which is now broken, being absent below the sternum. (This information can now be found in the “Symbols and Illustrations” portion of this book.—Ed.)

The three signs Cancer, Leo, Virgo ( ♋︎ , ♌︎ , ♍︎ ) are the three female signs, from the breasts to the womb; when squared, 3 x 3, they make 9. The male signs are four, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittary, Capricorn ( ♌︎ , ♏︎ , ♐︎ , ♑︎ ), from the coccyx Libra to Capricorn opposite the heart. When squared they equal 16. 9 plus 16 equal 25. The five signs, Aquarius ( ♒︎ ), Pisces ( ♓︎ ), Aries ( ♈︎ ), Taurus ( ♉︎ ), Gemini ( ♊︎ ), are signs representing the hypotenuse, above Cancer ( ♋︎ ) and Capricorn ( ♑︎ ) which when squared equal 25, the square of the circle, thus “squaring the circle.”

H. W. P.
New York City
December 1, 1951