The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



A thought is not a mere light and fleeting fancy; a thought is a thing, a being of power. A thought is the conception of a subject or object of nature and its gestation and birth by the thinking of the feeling and desire of the Doer in man through the heart and brain of man. A thought thus born through the brain of man cannot be seen, nor can it become manifest except through the brain and body of man. No act or object or event on earth is a thought, but every act and every object and every event is the exteriorization of a thought which at some time has been conceived and gestated and born through the heart and brain of man. So all buildings, furniture, tools, machines, bridges, governments, and civilizations come into existence as the exteriorizations of thoughts which have been conceived in the heart and born through the brain and built with the hands by the thinking of the feeling-and-desire of the Doers in the human bodies they inhabit.

All things in the make-up of a civilization are maintained and continue as long as the Doers in human beings continue to maintain the thoughts by their thinking, and to exteriorize them by their acts. But in the course of time there are new generations of bodies, and the Doers re-existing in those bodies may be of a different order of thinking. They may create other orders of thoughts. Then the old order of thinking and thought must be accepted by the Doers re-existing in the bodies of the new generations. Else the re-existing Doers will by their thinking create new orders of thought. The new and the old orders of thoughts may battle. The weaker of the two will be dominated by and give place to the stronger, which may be the cause of the continuance or the break-up of both orders of thoughts and of the civilization. Thus come and go the races of men and their civilizations, created by the Doers in man, who know not that they are the creators of the human bodies in which they re-exist and think, and that by their thinking they create and destroy their bodies and their civilizations.

The Doer in every human has had a past in human bodies inconceivably longer than the most ancient gods of the mythologies. The Doer will learn that the knowledge and power and greatness of which he conceived and credited the gods of mythologies, in reality come from the Thinker and the Knower of his own Triune Self, of which he as the Doer is an integral and the self-exiled part.

That will be when a real Democracy as self-government is established on this earth.