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This virtual library is where all of Harold W. Percival's books and other works can be viewed. The Editorials were written by Mr. Percival for his monthly magazine, The Word, which was published between 1904 and 1917. The Word contained a Q & A feature, "Moments with Friends," where Mr. Percival answered questions from his readers. Translations of the Introduction to Thinking and Destiny and videos about Thinking and Destiny and the author are also included here.

Books by Harold W. Percival

Thinking and Destiny, Man and Woman and Child, Democracy Is Self-Government and Masonry and Its Symbols are also available in electronic form from our Ebooks page.

Thinking and Destiny front cover
Thinking and Destiny

Heralded by many as the most complete book ever written on Man, the Universe and beyond, this book makes clear the true purpose of life for every human being.

Man and Woman and Child front cover
Man and Woman and Child

This book follows the development of the child into conscious inquiry of him or her self. It also highlights the important role parents play in nurturing that self-discovery.

Democracy Is Self-Government front cover
Democracy Is Self-Government

Mr. Percival provides an original and entirely new concept of “True” Democracy. In this book, personal and national affairs are brought under the spotlight of eternal truths.

Masonry and Its Symbols front cover
Masonry and Its Symbols

Masonry and Its Symbols casts a new light on the age-old symbols, emblems, tools, landmarks, and teachings. Thus, the exalted purposes of Freemasonry are revealed.

Monthly Editorials From THE WORD Part I front coverMonthly Editorials From THE WORD Part II front cover
Monthly Editorials From THE WORD
1904–1917 Part I and Part II

The editorials by Harold W. Percival in Parts I and II of a three-volume set were first published in The Word magazine between October 1904 and September 1917.

Moments With Friends From THE WORD front cover
Moments With Friends
From THE WORD 1906–1916

The questions in this third book of a three-volume set were posed by readers of The Word and answered by Mr. Percival.