The Word Foundation

The Word Foundation


The purpose of the Foundation is to make known the good news in the book Thinking and Destiny and other writings of the same author, that it is possible for the conscious self in the human body to nullify and abolish death by the regeneration and transformation of the structure of the human into a perfect and immortal physical body, in which the self will be consciously immortal.

The Human Being

The conscious self in the human body enters this world in a hypnotic dream, forgetful of its origin; it dreams through human life without knowing who and what it is, awake or asleep; the body dies, and the self passes out of this world without knowing how or why it came, or where it goes when it leaves the body.


The good news is, to tell the conscious self in every human body what it is, how it hypnotized itself by thinking, and how, by thinking, it can dehypnotize and know itself as an immortal. In the doing of this it will change its mortal into a perfect physical body and, even while in this physical world, it will be consciously at one with its own Triune Self in the Realm of Permanence.


Concerning The Word Foundation

This is the time, when the newspapers and books show that crime is rampant; when there continue to be “wars and rumors of wars”; this is the time while the nations are distraught, and death is in the air; yes, this is the time for the establishment of The Word Foundation. As declared, the purpose of The Word Foundation is for the vanquishing of death by the rebuilding and transformation of the human physical body into a body of immortal life, in which one’s conscious self will find itself and return to The Realm of Permanence in The Eternal Order of Progression, which it left in the long, long ago, to enter this man and woman world of time and death.

Not everybody will believe it, not everybody will want it, but everybody should know about it.

This book and other like writings are especially for the few who do want the information and who are willing to pay the price which is in or by the regenerating and transforming of their bodies. No human being can have conscious immortality after death. Each one must immortalize his or her own physical body to have immortal life; no other inducement is offered; there are no shortcuts or bargains. The only thing that one can do for another is to tell that other that there is the Great Way, as shown in this book. If it does not appeal to the reader he can dismiss the thought of eternal life, and continue to suffer death. But there are some people in this world who are determined to know the truth and to live the life by finding The Way in their own bodies.

Always in this world there have been individuals who disappeared unnoticed, who were determined to reconstruct their human bodies and to find their way to The Realm of Permanence, from which they departed, to come into this man and woman world. Each such one knew that the weight of the world’s thought would hinder the work. By the “world’s thought” is meant the mass of people, who ridicule or distrust any innovation for improvement until the method advocated is proven to be true.

But now that it is shown that the great work can be done properly and reasonably, and that others have responded and are engaged in the “Great Work,” the world’s thought will cease to be a hindrance because The Great Way will be for the good of mankind. The Word Foundation is for the proving of Conscious Immortality.