The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival


Greetings to all members of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry throughout the world. Every Mason understands that his advancement through degrees in Masonry is a journey in search of “more Light” or a quest for knowledge and truth. Masonic degrees, their meaning and ritual of conferment, are deeply steeped in symbolism which transcends all language barriers; therefore the universal appeal of Masonry for thousands of years. Masons also know that rituals and ceremonial badges are meaningless unless each Brother lives according to the obligations he has so solemnly assumed. By understanding the meaning of the symbols Masons, and non-Masons alike, will come to see these symbols as guideposts on our road of life as we seek to find our way back to The Realm of Permanence* whence we came.

Masonry and Its Symbols, more than any other book known to the Fraternity, provides a link between the esoteric meanings of Ancient Masonry and the more familiar exoteric meanings of today. It will enhance every Mason’s likelihood of finding “more Light.”

I have been privileged to be a member of the Fraternity for 37 years and a student of this book for 23 of those years. To my Brothers, I sincerely recommend Masonry and Its Symbols as priority reading to augment your complete understanding of Masonry.

C. F. Cope, Master Mason
September, 1983

* The Realm of Permanence is defined and clarified in Thinking and Destiny. It can also be found in the Definitions section of this book.—Ed.