The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival


This book is to tell the men and women who are weary of thinking with “The Way of the World,” weary of turning the continuous treadmill of human life and death and rebirth, that there is a better way—The Great Way to the Realm of Bliss with Peace and Power in Perpetuity. But it is not an easy way. The Great Way begins with the understanding of yourself.

The name given the body you inhabit is not you. You do not know who you are or what you are, awake or asleep. The intellectual understanding of what you are, in the mortal coils of blood and nerves in which you are entangled, will allow you to engage in the process of thinking to identify and distinguish yourself as the conscious self in, and as different from the body in which you are hidden. The process of thinking continues with the practice of self-control, and it progresses gradually through rebuildings and transformations of the physical mortal body in which you dwell, to actually live in a physical body of immortal life—with gracious beauty and conscious power transcending human thought.

You, as the conscious “I” or self in the body—that which is absent from the body during sleep—can do this when you become conscious of what you are, and where and how and why you are incarcerated in the physical body in which you are.

These assertions are not based on fanciful hopes. They are substantiated by the anatomical, physiological, biological and psychological evidences given herein which you can, if you will, examine, consider and judge; and, then do what you think best.