The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



The human, man or woman, is an unbalanced being, physically and psychically. The man dominates the undeveloped woman in him, and he inherently depends on a woman to balance him. The woman dominates the undeveloped man in her, and she naturally depends on a man to balance her. But no woman can balance a man nor can any man balance a woman, because the undeveloped side in one never can be balanced from the outside, and can never be balanced by the dominating side of another. The only possible way for a man or woman to be balanced is for the undeveloped woman-side of the man to be developed equally with the man-side, and for the undeveloped man-side of the woman to be developed so that it is equal with the woman-side. When that is done the two sides will not continue as sides, nor will the result be a double-sexed being because sides or sexes will disappear as such by becoming a complete and balanced one, physically and psychically.

The present incomplete half-and-half man or half-and-half woman, now doomed to disappointment in the mirage-ideal of its suppressed side by being attached to the dominating side of an external one, will then have ceased to search for its self-mate in the illusions of reflections; because each will have found its own self-mate in the complete reality of itself. Then the Doer—feeling-and-desire—will be satisfied, balanced, in union with itself, and happy. Those who accomplish this great work will thereby be conscious of—and will enter into—a new and everlasting world: a world of beauty and power beyond description.

They will know and sense everything in the physical world as it actually appears to be and as it actually is. They will take their places among the immortals in the Realm of Permanence, not as new arrivals, but as though they were always there; because the Knower-and-Thinker of the Doer in every human is there now, and waits the return of its self-exiled Doer in its self-resurrected and immortal physical body as the Doer of its Thinker-and-Knower—the Triune Self.