The Word Foundation




Vol. 17 AUGUST, 1913. No. 5

Copyright, 1913, by H. W. PERCIVAL.



GHOSTS and their phenomena can be grouped under three heads: Ghosts of living men; ghosts of dead men (with or without mind) ; ghosts which never were men. The ghosts of living men are: (a) the physical ghost; (b) the desire ghost; (c) the thought ghost.

The physical ghost is the astral, semi-physical form, which holds the cells and matter, called the physical body, in place. The matter of which this astral form is composed is molecular, and within it is the potency of cell life. This astral matter is plastic, fluctuating, alterable, protean, plastic; and the astral body therefore admits of reduction into a small compass and also of extension into giant size. This astral, semi-physical form precedes the manifestation of life in the forms of the physical world. The astral form of the entity to be born is present at and is necessary to conception, and is the bond uniting into one the two germs of sex. The astral form is the design after which an impregnated ovum, a single cell, divides and sub-divides before placental development, dominated by tendencies which the entity brings along from its antecedent lives. This astral form is the mould into which during and after establishment of the placental circulation the blood is drawn and on which the blood builds up the organic physical structure. After birth, it is upon this form that growth, maintenance and decay of the physical body depend. This form is the automatic agent through which the processes of digestion and assimilation, heart-beat and other involuntary functions are carried on. This form is a medium by which influences from invisible worlds contact and work on the physical body, and by which the physical reaches and affects invisible worlds. This form body of the physical is the father-mother and twin of its physical body. In it is the magnetic force which magnetizes the cells and relates and welds them to each other in the physical body. Upon the severance of this form from its physical body, death results and disintegration begins.

This plastic form body of the physical body is the physical ghost of a living man. In the average man it is lodged in and acts through all cells, down to the minutest parts of the physical structure. It may, however, be, by improper foods, alcohol, drugs, immoral and psychic practices, dislodged and pass out from its physical body. After the form body of the physical body has once become disjointed and left its physical body, then such going out is likely to occur again. At each time the going out becomes easier, until it occurs automatically under the excitement or nervous affection.

Owing to their close relation, and the dependence of each on the other, the physical ghost of a living man cannot go any great distance from its physical twin, without risk of injury or death. An injury to the physical ghost of a living man appears on his physical body at once, or soon after the ghost re-enters its physical body. The cells, or matter in cellular arrangement of the physical body, are disposed according to the molecular form of the physical. Hence when the physical ghost is injured, that injury appears on or in the physical body, because the cells of the physical body adjust themselves to the molecular form.

Not all objects may injure the physical ghost, but only such things may inflict an injury as have a molecular density, which is greater than that of the physical ghost. The physical parts of an instrument cannot injure the physical ghost; injury can be inflicted if the molecular body of that physical instrument is of greater density than the physical ghost, or that instrument is moved with a velocity sufficient to disturb the arrangement of the molecules—not cells—of the physical ghost. The particles of which the physical body is composed are too coarse and too far removed from each other to contact the molecular matter of the physical ghost. The physical ghost is composed of molecular matter, and it can be acted on only by molecular matter. According to the arrangement and density of the matter of a molecular body it will affect a physical ghost in diverse degrees, just as different physical instruments will affect a physical body in different ways. A feather pillow does not produce so serious an injury to the body as a wooden club; and a sharp blade is more likely to be fatal than the club.

The distance the physical ghost of a living man can go from the physical body is usually not more than a few hundred feet. The distance is determined by the elasticity of the astral body, and its magnetic power. If the magnetic power is not enough to prevent the physical ghost from drifting or being sent or drawn beyond the limit of the elasticity, the elastic tie which connects the two and by which the ghost may re-enter its physical body, will be snapped. This snapping means death. The ghost cannot re-enter its physical form.

When enough of the fluctuating, molecular form body has exuded from the physical and is not acted on by an outside entity or influence, nor combines with that man’s desire ghost, it becomes visible to any person having normal sight. In fact, it may become dense enough to be mistaken, by a person not having sufficient knowledge, for the living physical body of that man.

The appearance of the physical ghost of a living man may be conscious or unconscious; with intention or involuntarily; with or without knowledge of the laws governing its manifestation.

From disease or some of the causes already given, when the mind is in a state of abstraction, when the mind is switched off from the nerve centers in the head, the molecular form may leave its physical body and appear as the physical ghost of that man, without his knowing anything of the apparition. When the mind is switched off from the nerve centers in the head, a man is unaware of any appearance or action of his physical ghost.

The appearance of the physical ghost without man’s knowledge maybe compelled by a hypnotist or a magnetizer who has that man under control. The physical ghost may appear during deep sleep, when the mind is switched off from the nerve centers, or during dream, while the mind is in contact with the nerve centers and the sense area in the head, and the ghost may act in accordance with the dream without the man being aware that his ghost does so act.

The appearance of man’s physical ghost by volition may be caused by his uttering certain sounds, by inhalation and retention and exhalation of the breath for certain periods, or by other psychic practices, and at the same time willing and imagining himself leaving or being outside his physical body. When successful in his efforts, he will experience a sensation of dizziness, or a temporary feeling of suffocation, or a feeling of unconsciousness and uncertainty, and thereafter a feeling of lightness and awareness; and he will find himself moving about at will and able to see his physical body in the position it occupied at the time of his leaving it. This volitional appearance of a physical ghost requires the presence of the mind and its contact with the nerve centers in the head. The physical body is then almost without ability to sense, as the senses are located in its molecular form body which is now appearing as the physical ghost, distinct from the physical body. When the appearance is caused by unconscious, automatic and involuntary action, it is different from the appearance which is the result of volition. When appearing unconsciously to the man it seems to be in a dream or as a sleepwalker, and whether shadowy or dense, it acts in an automatic way. When the mind acts in conjunction with its molecular form and in it leaves its physical body, then the apparition seems to one who sees it to be the physical man himself, and it acts with stealth or candor, according to his nature and motives.

This volitional expulsion and apparition of the molecular form body, away from the physical is attended with great danger. Some entity inhabiting molecular spaces may take possession of the physical body, or some unlooked for obstruction may prevent the complete return of the molecular form to its physical body, and insanity or idiocy may follow, or the connection between the form and the physical body may be severed and death result.

While one who succeeds in appearing in his physical ghost outside his physical body may be proud of his achievement, and of what he believes he knows, yet with more knowledge he would not make any such attempt; and, if he had so appeared, he would try to avoid and prevent any recurrence. One who appears intentionally in his physical ghost outside his body, is never the same man he was before he made the attempt. He is unfitted for mental development independently of the senses, and he cannot become in that life a master of himself.

No such volitional apparition of the physical ghost is made with full knowledge of the laws and conditions by which it operates, and the consequences which will ensue. Usually, such appearances are due to a psychic development of an individual with much cunning and little knowledge, and no appearance of the physical ghost can take place at great distances from its physical body. When apparitions of living men appear at considerable distance they are not physical ghosts but other kinds.

(To be continued)