The Word Foundation



Vol. 21 AUGUST, 1915. No. 5

Copyright, 1915, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


[Physiological Correspondences.]

ALL the operations of nature are magical, but we call them natural, because we see the physical result daily. The processes are mysterious, unseen, and usually unknown. They are so regular in their existence and in the production of physical results that men do not think much of them, but are satisfied with saying that the physical results happen according to a law of nature. Man participates in these processes without knowing it, and nature works through his body whether he works with her or against her. The forces of nature, which are in some instances the great upper elementals in the unmanifested side of the sphere of earth, take hold of the results of the irregular actions of man, and marshal these results into order, as his circumstances, his destiny, his adversaries, his friends, and compelling fate.

Man can at times take a hand in the processes of nature and use them to his own ends. Ordinarily, men use physical means. But there are some men who can, because of natural gifts or because of acquired powers or because they possess a material thing, like a ring, charm, talisman, or jewel, bend the natural processes to their individual will. That is then called magic, though it is no more so than what is called natural, if done by nature.

The body of man is the workshop which contains the materials needed by the mind to perform all the magical operations performed by nature through the nature ghosts. He may perform wonders greater than any that have been recorded. When man begin to observe what is going on within him, and learns the laws governing the actions of the elements and of the elemental beings in him, and learns to focus and adjust the beings which serve him as his senses and as his organs and the elemental forces which play through him, so that he can accelerate or retard, direct or concentrate the processes in himself and can contact the elements outside of him, then he can begin to work in the realm of magic. To be a conscious and intelligent worker in the realm of nature he should know the general manager of his body. The manager is the coordinating formative power within him. He should observe and control the organs in the three regions in his body, the pelvis, abdominal, and thoracic cavities, as well as those in the head, and the forces there operated through these elemental beings. But he must also know the correspondences and relation between these elemental beings in him and the fire, air, water, and earth-ghosts within the Great Earth Ghost. If he acts without the knowledge of the relation of the beings in his body and these nature ghosts outside, he must sooner or later come to grief and cause many ills to those with whom he acts.

Some aspects of the mutual relations are: Element, earth. Organ in head, nose. Organs in body, stomach and digestive tract. System, digestive system. Sense elemental, smell. Food, solid foods. Nature ghosts outside, earth ghosts.

Element, water. Organ in head, tongue. Organs in body, heart and spleen. System, circulatory system. Sense, taste. Nature ghosts outside, water ghosts.

Element, air. Organ in head, ear. Organs in body, lungs. System, respiratory system. Sense, hearing. Nature ghosts, air ghosts.

Element, fire. Organ in head, eye. Organs in body, sexual organs and kidneys. System, generative system. Sense, sight. Nature ghosts outside, fire ghosts.

All these organs and systems are connected with each other by the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic or ganglionic is the nervous system through which the elementals and forces of nature act on the elementals in man.

The mind, on the other hand, acts through the central nervous system. With the ordinary man, the mind does not act directly on the organs which perform involuntary functions. The mind is at present not in close contact with the sympathetic nervous system. The mind, in the case of the ordinary man, contacts his body only slightly, and then only in flashes. The mind contacts the body in waking hours by shocks and flashes and oscillatory movements over and sometimes touching the centers in the head which are connected with the optic, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory nerves. Thus the mind receives reports from the senses; but its governing seat and center for the receiving of communications from the sympathetic nervous system and for the issuing of orders in response to these messages is the pituitary body. In the ordinary man the mind does not reach even in sleep below or as far as the central nerve of the spinal cord in the cervical vertebrae. The connection between the mind and the nature forces is in the pituitary body. To be able to associate intelligently with and to control the elementals in his body and in nature, man must be able to live consciously and intelligently in and through the central nervous system in his body. He cannot come into his right place in nature, nor perform his duties in nature, until he does so live. When he lives through the central nervous system he is in conscious contact with the elementals in himself and with the elementals and forces in nature.

A man cannot be a magician until his powers as a man, that is, his powers as a mind, as one of the intelligences, can be communicated to and so affect, compel, restrain the nature ghosts, which are always eager to obey and cooperate with an intelligence.

A man who is an intelligence and lives in his central nervous system, does not think in flashes and jerks, but such a man thinks steadily and surely. His mind is a steady, conscious light, which illuminates any object on which it is turned. When the light of the mind is thus turned on any part of the body, the elementals of that part obey, and the light of the mind can, through these elementals and the connections they have with the elementals and forces in the elements, reach, illuminate and control any of these elementals and forces. A man who can thus illuminate and control the elements in his organs and also the human elemental of his body, stands in the same relation to his body as does the Intelligence of the Sphere of Earth to the Great Earth Ghost and the upper and lower earth ghosts. Such a man will need no special times nor places nor instruments other than those which are in his body, to perform magical works. He is not likely to perform any magic, which is against the law. Other men, who would work magic, require the advantages of special, favorable conditions, places, and times, and instruments. Those men who attempt to compel nature ghosts by magical works, without first having the proper qualifications in themselves, meet defeat in the end. They cannot succeed, as they have the whole of nature against them, and as the Intelligence of the Sphere does not protect them.

(To be continued.)