The Word Foundation



Vol. 22 FEBRUARY, 1916. No. 5

Copyright, 1916, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Geometrical Symbols.

THE lines of certain forms and especially of geometrical symbols are physical connections with elemental rulers and their beings. Geometrical symbols are seals. They are seals of intelligence, and therefore bind and control elementals. All geometrical symbols—point, straight line, angle, curve, circle, and sphere—represent the condition of the mind in its development through its different states into the perfect state. The states of the four worlds are reflected into the physical by means of a symbol. When one looks at a symbol he has the physical word of what that reflects from the three worlds above the physical, the desire of the psychic, the thoughts of the mental, and the ideas of the spiritual worlds. The mind can follow from the lines of such a symbol back to all the desires connected with it, and to the thoughts and ideals by which it was transmitted from its origin in idea in the spiritual world. When one is able to follow a symbol he can seal an elemental by the seal, so far as he is able to follow it. If he can follow the seal or word to the psychic world, he can only give it the power of that world. Seldom are any able to follow a seal into the mental world, and hardly ever does anyone get into the spiritual world.

The Power of Letters and Names.

Because of the combination, relations, and proportions of points and lines in figures, and especially in geometrical figures, as expressing and signifying intelligence, the nature ghosts are bound to respect and obey the intelligence as expressed in the seal. Letters are the expression of intelligence. So are names. The letters of the Egyptian, Chaldean, and Hebrew alphabets, among others, are particularly fitted to bind, and hold, and order elementals. Some of these letters show the action and character of the elementals corresponding to them and which obey them. When a name is properly pronounced the elemental of that name must respond and obey. If the name is not properly pronounced, the elemental will respond, but instead of obeying, may harm the meddler. An illustration of the effect of a name may be seen in the certainty with which a dog responds to his name when called by his master or when called by an intruder. Similarly one whose name is called in public will turn about involuntarily in answer. The nature of his further action will depend on the purpose and power of the one who called his name.

Sound Not Vibration. What Sound is and What it Does.

Seals, so as to have proper power to bind nature ghosts, and force the ghosts to respond to human intelligent control, must be connected with the mental world. The thought in the mind acting on the matter of the mental world, produces there a sound.

That sound can be perceived by the mind, but not by the senses. The sound created by thought is turned toward the physical world if the desire is for elemental assistance in the accomplishment of a physical purpose. When the sound is thus turned towards the physical world, it starts the matter of the psychic world into vibration, and that matter takes a form expressive of the thought, and the vibration continues beyond the thin partition wall into the sensibility of the physical world, where the vibration is heard as, what men call, sound, or seen as, what men call, color. The sound caused in the mental world is not audible in that world nor in the psychic world nor in the physical world. The sound in the mental world is not vibration. The action of thought on the element of the mental world, i.e., the sphere of air, causes sound, which, while here named sound, is not what men understand by sound, and has none of the characteristics of what men call sound. This mental sound, that is, the results of thought on the element of air, is, when the tendency of the thought is towards a physical result, transferred to the two lower spheres of water and earth, the psychic and the physical. That which is then sound in the mental world produces vibration in the psychic world, the sphere of water. That vibration may be astral sound or astral color. There is no color in the mental world. This astral color or astral sound is action of the sound from the mental world on the element of water in the sphere of water. The color is the mass of the element without form; it is created by the sound from the mental world. The color comes first, when the action is from above; the vibration follows. The vibration in the sphere of water may be changed into sound all in the sphere of water, heretofore called the psychic world. Sounds and colors, therefore, may be interchangeable in the psychic world. From the psychic world, the vibration, perceptible there either as color or sound, called astral colors or astral sounds, penetrates the partition of sensibility by the senses in a physical body, and the elementals, acting as the senses, perceive the sound by hearing it, and the color by seeing it in the physical world.

How Vibration Seals Affect Elementals.

It will therefore be seen how the elementals of the four classes of fire, air, water, and earth can be affected by magical seals, which emanate from operations in the physical world, because these operations are symbols, and represent influences in the different spheres. A seal, say a triangle, pentagram, hexagram, and in color, let us say, blue, orange, ruby, used either alone or in connection with Egyptian or Hebrew letters, or other symbolic figures, some of which are shown in the Tarot cards, reaches into the elements and exercises power. The color or colors in the seal are in vibration, and affect the psychic world, where the vibration may remain astral color, or be turned into astral sound. The astral vibrations exercise force; they have a certain power. This color and vibration is limited, bound, and directed by the intelligence which is represented by the lines of the geometrical figure.

The Powers of Seals.

The great power of some seals comes from the fact that the seal reaches into the sphere of air, where the vibration ceases, and its impulse calls thought, or mental power, or intelligences of a certain kind into action, and to the building and direction of the elementals.

Because of the power of a seal it is possible to fashion certain objects and endow them with power to protect the wearer against disease, falls, sinking in the water, bites of animals, burns, injuries in fights, and other manner of harm. It is also possible to put a seal on objects so that the possessor will have the benefit of certain powers, and have influence over others in various ways. Among the powers which may be used by one in whose possession is such magical object, are the powers of locating mines, precious stones, winning the favor of people, taming animals, catching fish, curing certain afflictions, or making the holder himself invisible or visible at will.

Nature Ghosts Bound by Seals.

The effect of a seal is to bind one or more nature ghosts to the object bearing the seal. The bound ghosts obey the seal. According to the design of the maker of the seal, they protect those who carry or possess the object sealed, and likewise they assist those in the carrying out of plans who possess a seal that gives certain powers. The protecting seal guards the possessor against injury through the particular element to which the ghost bound by the seal belongs. Sometimes a seal is made which compels ghosts of all the four elements. In such case the protective power shields against injuries from all the elements. Likewise, the seals which give to the wearer or possessor the power to have his will done by elementals, may bind one or more ghosts, thus reaching one or more elements. One who has an object commanding a protective influence, is protected by the bound ghost, which uses the element necessary to guard his charge from danger. It is as if the ghost put up a wall, which, though invisible, shields against the element and elementals as effectively as a material object would shield from solid things. According to the seal, fire would not burn him, nor water drown him, nor would he fall from any height, nor would falling objects hurt him, for his guardian ghost, held by the seal, would command the element to surround and protect him. If the protection is against injury in fight, the protecting ghost would inspire the possessor of the seal with confidence and would disconcert his foe.

What the Bound Ghost Does.

Where the magic object carries the power to produce desired results, the possessor of the object is aided by the ghost or ghosts which are bound by the seal. Where the seal carries the power of letting the owner of the seal win the favor of people, the ghost bound by the seal restrains the opposing forces in the other persons, and puts the owner of the seal and the other persons into magnetic touch. The seal affects the senses, and through them the mind, of the other person by a sort of glamour. In the taming of animals, the ghost blinds the ghost in the animal to the hostile ghost in the man, and makes the ghost of the animal come into touch with the ghost of the man, so that the elemental in the animal feeling the mind of the man becomes subject to it. The curing of certain afflictions, such as fire burns, scalds, colds, fevers, blood poisons, intestinal disorders, lung troubles, and some of the venereal ailments is done by the seal attracting a curative elemental, to the body on which the seal is placed, and so allowing the healing life currents to be adjusted to the body.

Locating mines is done by the elemental leading to a place where that metal which corresponds to the nature of the elemental may be found. In the case of buried treasure, the ghost leads to the treasure sought. Often a buried treasure is guarded by earth elementals; and no man will find that treasure, unless he has the assistance of a ghost, or unless he possess himself either the legal right to own that treasure or the knowledge to relieve the elemental guards of their charge. Elementals are placed on guard over a treasure often by the intense desire of the one who buries it, and even he, as a desire elemental, may be one of the guard. Those who have attempted the lifting of treasures so guarded, but who have had no right to the treasure, have met with accidents preventing their success, and if they persisted they have found their death. In the new world, these matters are little known, but in Europe, where belief in magic is not considered to be superstitious ignorance, or nonsense, the truth of such cases has been attested.

To be continued