The Word Foundation



Vol. 24 NOVEMBER, 1916. No. 2

Copyright, 1916, by H. W. PERCIVAL.



SO there are dreams which are of the ordinary kind, corresponding to experiences in waking life and which are caused mostly by the fire ghost which acts as the sense of sight, and at times also by the other sense ghosts in man. A second and different class of dreams are messages from one’s own Higher Mind, and these are extraordinary. All these dreams represent the good phase of dreaming. A good phase can come only as a result of yearning after illumination, thinking on any mental subject, on matters connected with one’s destiny and progress, with helping a person or number of persons or a whole people, or as a karmic warning and instruction. Such dreams are usually of great advantage, often of importance, and may therefore be studied with profit. One may even learn to dream consciously and intelligently to get such information. If one is educated in such dreaming it is feasible to learn much that it is impossible to assimilate in the waking life. To do that, a man must fit himself by mental training and by right living. A desire to know about marriage, business and anything connected with the senses, does not bring the information wished for, and prevents him from being conscious in the dream state and so benefiting from what he might know. In addition to these ordinary dreams and these good dreams which are of a high order and are uncommon, there are dreams with bad phases, some of them immoral and pernicious. Among the worst are those that result in the creation of incubi and succubi, and in the obsession of the dreamer by an elemental.

An incubus is a nature ghost fashioned in the male human type, a succubus one in the female human type. They are also called angel husbands and angel wives and angel sweethearts, also spiritual husbands and spiritual wives, though these last terms are sometimes applied to physical persons to explain immorality. The incubi and succubi are of two kinds; one is created by the woman or man, the other kind is a nature ghost in existence belonging to one of the four elements which seeks association with the human lover.

Those created by a human are created by his thinking much of sensual things and relations while he or she is attempting to suppress his or her desires, physically. The pictures which persons make, with vivid imaginations, are forms into which their desire flows. To these forms are attracted certain nature forces, elementals, which take the shape and body of the picture and appear to him or her in dream. This dream form is to the dreamer his or her ideal of the opposite sex. The dream form shows the characteristics of the original thought form, intensified. The resulting incubus or succubus exceeds in traits what his human creator could give it. So, if a woman longs for a strong or a beastly man, the incubus will be stronger and more beastly by far than what she had pictured. If a man pictures a beautiful woman, the succubus will be more beautiful than he could think out.

When the dream has progressed far enough the dreamers may have their sensual desires gratified by the dream ghosts. From this association in dreams the ghost gains strength, which it draws from the human. It usually stands by the one who has created it, though it may appear to others in dreams who attract it by similar desire.

The association with the ghost may not be limited to the dream state. As the ghost gains in strength it may appear to its lover in the waking state objectively and be visible and tangible as flesh. With its relationship to the human thus established it will pay visits nightly or at regular intervals to its human lover. Often the human does not know how the ghost is created. Usually the incubus tells its human lover that it has come through a special favor. The association may continue over a long period; during it the relationship may be agreeable, or the ghost may show ferocity, beastiality, anger, spite, revengefulness, jealousy. Any of these are usually reflections, through the ghost, of character traits of its creator.

Often whole religious cults are founded upon the creation and worship of such ghostly companions.

The other kind of incubi and succubi, those which are ghosts already in existence in one of the four elements, is attracted to certain humans and may establish a relationship in dreams, similar to that described. All this applies to ghosts only in so far as the relationship is established through dreams. This class is not attracted to a woman or a man who indulges freely in physical sexuality, but it approaches those whose sexual instincts are somewhat restrained while the thought of the opposite sex is in their mind.

The creation and the attraction of such nature ghosts are mysteries with which mankind will become familiar in the future, as it was in the past.

The manner in which incubi and succubi of either of these two classes take on visibility and physical solidity, is in principle the same as that by which the physical body of a human is conceived and generated. The sources of the future physical body of the ghost, are sexual contact between the dreamer and the ghost and the mental consent by the human to that connection. The basis of the creation of an incubus or succubus is the magnetic sexual flow with mental consent, whereby a polarization of one body to the other is effected. If only one cell is appropriated by the ghost, it is enough. This, by division and multiplication, builds the body. This body increases through the desire. A part of the astral body of the human is taken. An incubus is a part of woman’s own desire, a succubus a part of a man’s. The mental consent carries with it a tincture of the consenting mind. However, neither an incubus nor a succubus has a mind. There is an emptiness, a vacuity, a lack of something, which make the incubus and the succubus, though it has acquired a physical body, different from any human being. No matter how human the physical form of the ghost seems, with warm and solid flesh, delicate skin and pulsing desire, it has no mind. Further, there is this distinction, that such a ghost has the power to disappear, whereas a human cannot.

The result of such a dreadful association and relationship of a human with an incubus or a succubus, is that the ghost wants to get the mind of the human so as to have a prospect of immortality. Humans in their present state are unable to raise such ghosts to the human kingdom, while they themselves remain human. Unless the connection is severed and the ghost dispersed before insanity or death ensues, the woman or man may lose their personality, and the mind therefore be unable to reincarnate.

Seldom can a woman or a man sever the unhallowed connection with a ghost thus created or attracted, and seldom will her or his karma permit a person who has power, to sever the connection for them. The connection may, however, be severed. When there is any desire on the part of the human to get rid of the ghost, the ghost will know it at once. When the relation has been agreeable the ghost companion will chide the human, with something like the plea of a child or a lover, and reprove for wishing to get rid of it. When the relation has turned to be disagreeable or frightful, the ghost will threaten, and these are not idle threats, as the human knows.

The thought of getting rid of these ghosts is hard. It is like doing away with a pet, or it is attended with fear of bodily harm. However, if the will is there, the connection may be severed, either gradually or abruptly. As the association is maintained by the combined flow of desire and the giving of mental consent, so the severance may be made by checking the desire and refusing the consent. The first step is to refuse the mental consent, though it may be impossible to stop the contact. Then the desire will gradually wane, and the ghost finally disappear. As it loses physical solidity and visibility it may again appear in dreams. But it cannot effect the connection in dreams if in the waking state the human will is against the connection.

On the other hand, an abrupt severance may be forced by taking a certain mental resolution, bidding the ghost depart forever. If there is force enough in the resolution and the command, the ghost must go and cannot return. But if there is a wavering, and the desire and consent are not withheld, the same ghost will return, or if it has been dissipated another will be attracted.

These are some of the functions which elementals perform in good and in bad dreams.

(To be continued)