The Word Foundation



Vol. 16 MARCH, 1913. No. 6

Copyright, 1913, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


FROM the time the mind becomes conscious of the world in its physical body, until it is free from the necessity of a physical body, it is subject to some form of mental intoxication. To overcome mental intoxication one must become master of the mind’s actions. By overcoming mental intoxication one gains knowledge. When all intoxications are overcome, one is unclouded and uses knowledge freely.

The cause of each kind of intoxication is in the mind itself. The inert and undeveloped stuff of each of the faculties composing the indivisible unit mind causes or allows the mind’s intoxication, from without and from within. The causes of intoxication are operative in the worlds in which the faculties of the mind are active. Intoxication of the mind is brought about by the increasing or suppressing of its normal function in the world in which it is active.

There are four things inherent in the mind and which the mind seeks and with which it becomes intoxicated. These are love, wealth, fame, power. Love is of the focus faculty, in the physical world; wealth is of the image and dark faculties, in the psychic world; fame is of the time and motive faculties in the mental world; power is of the Light and I-am faculties in the spiritual world.

The focus faculty, the faculty of the mind incarnate, seeks each of the four in turn, under its many forms in the physical world, then turns from each to seek them in the other worlds.

From each of these four arises its own glamour, by which the mind is intoxicated, life after life. None of the many forms of mental intoxication can ever satisfy the mind. The mind can be satisfied only by a realization of those things which stand above or within love, wealth, fame, power.

A realization of love, wealth, fame, power cannot be had until after one clearly perceives what they are. Clear perception of love, wealth, fame, power comes by seeking the things which are above or within them and from which they come. The search for the things which are above or within love, wealth, fame, power, rouses and develops and makes pure the inert and undeveloped stuff of the faculties of the mind, and so removes the causes of the four kinds of intoxication.

The things which stand above or within love, wealth, fame, power, are relationship, worthiness, immortality, knowledge. These are realized only after one has dispelled the glamours of love, wealth, fame, power.

(To be concluded)