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The archetypal quaternary predetermines and directs; the procreative obeys the plan; the human or divine decides the use to which that which has come into existence shall be put, and thus the last becomes the archetypal quaternary of the next manvantara.

—The Zodiac.



Vol. 3 JULY, 1906. No. 4

Copyright, 1906, by H. W. PERCIVAL.



THEN the parts of the body through which these principles operate lie along the spine. Along the spine man raises procreative functions to spiritual powers. Thus he builds a bridge from the physical to the spiritual world—across the psychic world. The parts of the body which represent thought, individuality, soul and will, and which unite man with the divine, are: The terminal filament from the gland of Luschka to its juncture at the spinal cord (♐︎); the spinal cord proper from its end to a point a little above the heart (♑︎); that part of the cord which lies between the shoulders ♒︎); and that part of the cord which passes through the cervical vertebrae (♓︎)

Thought begins the third quaternary. The cauda equina represents the numerous currents of thoughts as they arise in the body, but the terminal filament is the representative of the principle of thought. The cauda equina is a set of nerves spread out in fan-like manner and gathered together at the end of the spinal cord. It is the line of communication between the end of the cord and the gland of Luschka, which is situated at the extreme end of the spine and symbolizes masculine sex, even as thought is the line of communication between the mind and desire. The conscious germ at the gland of Luschka or the lower part of the terminal filament may, according to the nature of the thought, pass down from the desire—and out into the sense world—or remain in the body and rise upward from desire through thought and unite with its individuality.

Life and thought are the two opposites on the same plane, which is the plane of leo—sagittary (♌︎–♐︎). Thought is the complement, completion and attainment of life, and thought is on the upward arc on the same plane. Thought guides life into form, develops sex, and raises desire into thought. Life builds up the forms of all things into visibility, but thought determines what those forms shall be. Life and thought are the two lower points of the triangle ♈︎, ♌︎, ♐︎. It depends on thought as to whether its complement, life, shall pass on through the upward arc of the circle to the highest realms, or shall by way of the desires return into this lower earthly world of senses and forms. If it passes downward it loses its individuality and unites with the world; if it aspires upward it reaches to and becomes one with its individuality. In this sense thought is the entrance to the realm of the inner senses, and also the process of the building of the body from and in which these inner senses grow.

Individuality is represented by the spinal cord just above the heart. When the germ rises to this point in the cord, breathing stops. The flood gates of the heart are closed; the circulation of the blood ceases. The desires and forms are blended into one. The mind then ceases to function and all thoughts are suppressed. The personality disappears. Then knowledge comes, individuality stands forth, alone, self-shining: I-am-I.

♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎ Consciousness. Head. Aries. Motion. Neck. Taurus. Substance. Shoulders. Gemini. Breath. Breasts. Cancer. Life. Heart. Leo. Form. Womb. Virgo. Sex. Crotch. Libra. Desire. Gland of Luschka. Scorpio. Thought. Terminal filament. Sagittarius. Individuality. Spine, opposite heart. Capricornus. Soul. Spine between shoulders. Aquarius. Will. Cervical Vertebrae. Pisces.
Figure 3.

Breath ( ♋︎ ) and individuality ( ♑︎ ) are the two opposites, on the same plane (♋︎–♑︎) and of the same principle. Breath and individuality are the beginning and end of this evolution as far as humanity as a whole is concerned. Breath represents that which breathes all things and part of itself into manifestation through the involution of life, and form, and sex. Individuality represents the evolution of the breath through sex, and desire, and thought, to knowledge of itself, of I-am-I.

Soul is represented by that part of the spinal cord which is situated between the shoulders. When the conscious germ rises to this point it loses all sense of separateness and aloneness. It becomes wise and uses its knowledge wisely. It enters the heart of humanity and inspires all beings with the spirit of love, of unselfishness, and of good deeds for others, though others may not know.

Soul ( ♒︎ ) is on the same plane as substance (♊︎), (♊︎–♒︎) but vastly advanced in evolution. It is the highest development of substance. Soul is the divine androgyne in each human being and is the source of the love which is expressed by every being according to its nature and capacity.

That part of the spinal cord which passes through the cervical vertebrae is the representative of will ( ♓︎ ). It is the means of transmitting consciousness (represented by the head) to the body through motion ( ♉︎ ). Through will come all voluntary movements of the body. It, will, is also the means of the conscious passing of the will-germ from the body to the head. Will is the bridge between the beings and worlds, manifested or unmanifested, and the changeless consciousness.

Thus we have three quaternaries by which the zodiac has been represented. Each quaternary acts from its own world for its own purpose and in its own place. The archetypal quaternary (♈︎, ♉︎, ♊︎, ♋︎) predetermines and directs what is to come into existence. The procreative quaternary (♌︎, ♍︎, ♎︎, ♏︎) obeys the plan furnished by the archetypal quaternary. The human (or divine) quaternary (♐︎, ♑︎, ♒︎, ♓︎) decides what it shall do with that which has been brought into existence, and whether this shall be used for the purpose which its tendencies suggest, or whether it will be used for a different purpose; whether the body received will be used for animal needs and ends or for divine purposes. This decision—human or divine—put into practice, effects forms and becomes the archetypal quaternary of the next evolution.