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Harold W. Percival


Thinking creates thoughts and thoughts exteriorize as the acts, objects and events which have made and changed the world in which we live, to be what it is.

Tongues and hands were the tools that built up every civilization that ever existed.

Tongues and hands were the tools which tore down and destroyed every civilization that was ever created.

Tongues and hands are the tools that are now building up the civilization that is rising. And this civilization will likewise be destroyed unless the thinking and the thoughts which guide the tongues and hands will be for democracy as self-government.

Webster’s dictionary says that self-government is “Self-control; government by joint action of the people constituting a civil body; also state of being so governed; democracy.

This work elaborates.

The Author

December 1, 1951

Publisher’s Note

Mr. Percival’s magnum opus, Thinking and Destiny, was first published in 1946. Some of the terms in Democracy Is Self-Government, such as breath-form and Doer, were first introduced in Thinking and Destiny. If the reader wishes further elaboration of these terms, they may be accessed in the “Definitions” section of Thinking and Destiny, which is also available on our website.