The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



How was the world created? What is nature? From where did nature come? How were the earth, moon, sun and stars placed where they are? Is there a purpose in nature? If so, what is the purpose and how is nature kept going?

The world was not created. The world and the matter of the world changes, but the world, together with the matter of which the world is composed, was not created; it always was and it always will continue to be.

Nature is a machine composed of the totality of unintelligent units, units which are conscious as their functions only. A unit is an indivisible and irreducible one; it can go on, but not back. Every unit has its place and performs a function in relation to other units throughout the entirety of the nature machine.

The changing earth, moon, sun, stars and all other bodies in universal space are parts of the nature machine. They did not just happen, nor were they put there by the order of a big somebody. They change, in cycles, ages, periods, but are co-existent with time, of which there is no beginning, and they are operated by intelligent Triune Selves, the like of which in the course of development it is man’s destiny to become.

All that which man can see, or of which he is conscious, is but a small section of nature. That which he can see or sense is a projection on the great screen of nature from the two small model types: the man-machine and the woman-machine. And the hundreds of millions of Doers who operate these human-machines, by so doing, do simultaneously keep in operation the machinery of the great nature machine of change, from the falling of a leaf to the shining of the sun.