The Word Foundation



Vol. 22 OCTOBER, 1915. No. 1

Copyright, 1915, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Nature Magic and Nature Ghosts.

THERE are places and there are times which favor the achievement of magical results, when obtained by the action of nature ghosts. Where the actions go on without the interference of man, they are just as magical, but man deems them little worthy of his respect, and considers their results, if he notices them at all, as natural, common, ordinary, and not to be wondered at. The actions of the elementals, which are a part of the work of nature, are considered normal. The unnatural or supernatural or magical aspect of their actions is seen when a man, understanding the laws which govern the actions of the elementals, uses the elementals to hasten or retard the natural events, or to deviate the natural action, according to his own personal desires.

Examples are the accelerated growth of a tree in a few hours to what would ordinarily require many years, the making of peculiar poisons and their antidotes, the curing of disease, the breaking down of rocks, the quarrying of huge blocks for building, the lifting and transportation of monoliths, the levitation of any solid object, the formation and growth of precious stones, the transmutation of subtle matter into metals, like the growing of gold ore in quartz, or gold dust in sand, and the transmutation of lower into higher metals, the liquefaction or solidification of the elements into any desired form, and the changing of solid forms into a liquid and turning a liquid into the original element, precipitating rain, drying up lakes or marshes, causing typhoons, whirlpools, waterspouts, sandstorms in the desert, thunderstorms, electrical discharges and displays, producing optical illusions such as mirages, causing a rise or fall in temperature, awakening fire in inflammable objects, causing light to appear in darkness, transmitting sound and messages over great distances.

Time and Place for Magic.

If a man is powerful enough, time and place make little difference in his command over elementals and the phenomena they produce. He makes the time. But ordinarily a season or hour determines the proper time according to stellar, lunar, and solar influences as related to the earth and its products. But one who has command of the elements can compel the influences to manifest at any time. He makes the influences, instead of waiting for them. Likewise, a man may be able to draw together and adjust to his ends, at any place, influences which ordinarily can be had only at certain places on or in the earth. He can transfer occult influences from their ordinary channels of emanation, by making a new channel for them, which may be temporary or lasting.

However, the majority of men desiring magical results have not the power to command the elementals so as to create the time and the place for the desired magical work, and so they depend on season and environment for success.

Time is an essential because only at certain times are influences, that is, elementals, powerful. The time is signified by the relation to the earth of the sun, moon, and planets in the circle of the zodiac. Ordinary astrology, psychism, or astralism are no reliable guides. The gathering of simples for the cure of disease must be done at certain times if the simples are to be effective.

Diseases Caused by Interfering With Nature Ghosts.

The curing of diseases, which are all brought on in natural order by improper eating, improper acting, and improper thinking, has at all times been sought to be accomplished by supernatural means. Though diseases are developed slowly and though it often takes a long time before they become obnoxious, painful, or dangerous, yet they must be gotten rid of at once, and that can be done by none but supernatural means. So men thought; so they think today.

An ailment to be cured lawfully must be cured after the fashion of its cause and coming-on. Supernatural means, that is, that which is not natural, not orderly, not lawful, can be sought and applied. Nature ghosts are the means of executing the desires of those who would be cured, but though those who seek cures by such methods may find a cure for the particular disease or affliction, another trouble or complication, will appear as the result of the unlawful interference,

Diseases Are Cured by Nature Ghosts.

Whatever the means used in effecting a cure, nature ghosts are the things which do the curing. A disease is an obstruction to the natural working of elementals which compose and work the organs of the physical body. The curing is the removing of the obstruction and putting the disturbed elementals back into proper relations. This is done by the administering of simples, drugs, medications, or by magnetic action of elementals directed by a healing touch. The effect of curing is the result of action by sympathy or antipathy. Antipathy between the physical things administered and the diseased portion of the body, drives out the physical or psychic obstruction or interference. For instance, podophyllum will move the bowels and drive out the physical obstruction; but the touch of the hand will, without the drug, induce peristaltic action; the drug being antipathic and the touch sympathetic. The obstruction is removed by one set of elementals; the peristaltic action is then induced by the touch of the magnetiser sympathetic with the peristaltic elemental in the body. Healing thus is done lawfully, as there is no interference by any human intelligence with the natural order.

The ordinary human mind has not intelligence sufficient to warrant its interference with the natural order of curing disease. The natural order of curing disease is under the watch of a great Intelligence, far superior to the human mind. The nature ghosts obey this great Intelligence, being in touch with it and under its control. The unlawful interference of a human mind consists in bringing or attempting to bring its feeble intelligence to change the natural order, that is, the work of the nature ghosts under the great Intelligence.

When the human mind is directed to the removing of physical ills without the physical means of medication and diet, air, and light, it calls into action a set of elementals which interfere with the natural, though diseased, condition of the body. There might appear to be a cure, but there is no cure. There is merely an interference, a usurpation of the duties of one set of ghosts by another set; and the result will be disease in the physical, or moral, or mental nature of the operator and of the patient. Soon or late the disturbance injected by the puny interference of a mind against the natural law will bring its reaction and the inevitable consequences.

Why Medicine Cannot Become a Science Until There Is Scientific Study of Nature Ghosts.

The mental power of the healer of diseases is lawfully exercised when it is applied to an understanding of the elementals and the laws governing them at the time of gathering, preparing, and giving of simples. There are some simples which aid in the cure of physical ills, and some, like poppy, which can cure or bring on mental ills. Other preparations, such as alcohol, may be made from roots, seeds, grains, leaves, flowers, or fruits, which may adjust the mental and psychic and physical nature, or disorganize it. It is lawful for a human to search the secrets of nature, and discover the powers of simples and drugs and what has to be done to use them most effectively in curing. The use of the mind of the healer is legitimate in so far as it seeks to know all about the curing properties of the medicines, and about the condition of the patient. Both have to do with the action of nature ghosts.

One of the reasons why medicaments cannot be relied on and why medicine is prevented from being an exact science, is that vegetable drugs are gathered irrespective of the elemental influence prevailing at the time of gathering. The effect produced varies according to the time of gathering and the time when the influence of the herb or root or flower or extract is brought into the system of the patient. If proper contact between the elementals in nature and the elemental in the plant is not made, and if these are then not brought into the right contact with the patient, there is no cure, but often an aggravation of the ailment or a new trouble results. The effects of healing are caused by bringing elementals in nature into direct touch and action with the elemental in the diseased organ or system in the body, and by setting-up a reciprocal action between them. The means of bringing this about is by connecting through an elemental in a healing plant, the elemental in nature with the elemental in the diseased organ or part, that makes the bond and interaction possible. The medicament does not make the cure, it simply allows the elementals in nature to come into touch with the human elemental, and through that into touch with the organ or part or system in the human body. By setting up this reciprocal action, the adjustment is made between nature and man.

Action Between the Ghosts in Nature and Ghosts in Man.

The elemental of the human body, the coordinating formative principle, is like nature. It is a miniature of nature, and is kept alive so long as it is kept in reciprocal touch with nature. Its food are the elements, fire, air, water, and earth, combined in what it eats, drinks, breathes, and the light it lives in. If the human elemental is thrown out of touch with nature, functional disorders, nervous troubles, ailments follow.

Individual men are like so many electrical clocks which are kept going and depending on a common central clock. So long as the clocks are in the same phase as the central clock, they are in order, they keep time. Nature is like this central clock. If there is an obstruction in the works or connections that must be removed, to permit again the regulating influence of the central clock. Some other influence must be introduced to remove the obstruction and bring the individual clock into contact with the central clock.

Physicians not knowing of the reciprocal action between nature and man, nor how this is brought about by elemental intermediaries, nor giving attention to the proper time to gather and to prepare simples, cannot depend on their medicines to produce certain definite results. Often wise old women and old men, shepherds, people who are in touch with nature, are, though without medical knowledge, yet able to effect cures. They do it by observing and following—while they gather and prepare and administer simples—the prevailing influences in themselves. A simple which, if gathered at one time would be a cure or antidote, is if gathered at other times, a poison.

(To be continued.)