The Word Foundation



Vol. 22 NOVEMBER, 1915. No. 2

Copyright, 1915, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Man Once Knew and Talked With Nature Ghosts.

IN ages long passed, before men lived in their present bodies, the elementals lived over and in and through the earth. This manifold earth was then peopled and worked by them, but they were checked and watched over by Intelligences. When the minds incarnated, the earth was given over to the minds that, through the governing of the earth, they might learn to govern themselves. When the mind-men first came to the earth, they saw and talked and sorted with the elementals and learned from them. Then the mind-men found themselves to be greater than the elementals because they could think, choose, and go against the natural order of things, whereas the elementals could not. Then the men tried to rule the elementals, and have things as they themselves wanted. The elementals disappeared, and, in the course of time, humanity in general ceased to know of them. However, the elementals continue in their natural work. The ancient knowledge was preserved to a few men only, through the worship enjoyed by the great nature ghosts, by which their priesthoods were kept informed of the mysteries and endowed with powers over elementals.

Today, the old wise men and women, if they live really close to nature, and are by their natural simpleness in touch with it, preserve some of the gifts which were general property long ago. By these gifts they know about simples and their occult properties at certain times, and of the manner of curing ailments by simples.

How Diseases Are Cured.

The real curing of diseases, then, is done by the nature ghosts or elemental influences, not by physical medicaments and applications, nor by mental treatment. No potion or external application can in any sense cure an ailment or disease; the potion or application is merely the physical means by which the nature ghosts or elemental influence may make contact with the elemental in the body and thereby bring the elemental in the body into tune with the natural laws by which nature works. When the right contact is made the disease disappears when the bodily elemental is adjusted to the nature elemental. But the same kinds of draught, powder, pill, salve, liniment, will not always give relief from the ills for which they are supposed to be the cures. Sometimes they relieve, at other times they do not. No physician can say with certainty when they will, and when they will not. If the dose given or the medicament applied makes the appropriate contact, the ailing one will be relieved or cured according as the means used make partial or entire contact between nature and man. If the one who administers what he calls the cure does not act by instinct—which is to say that he is guided by elemental influences—his practice of medicine will be little better than guesswork. Sometimes he will hit, sometimes he will miss; he cannot be sure. Like the switches in a power house for throwng on the current, so are in nature the means for cures, but it is as necessary to know how to make contact for cures as it is necessary to know how and what switch to operate for power.

The Four Means of Cure.

There are four means or agencies by which elementals are led or made to knit bones, connect tissues, grow skin; to heal wounds, cuts, abrasions, scalds, burns, contusions, blisters, boils, growths; to relieve throes, spasms, and pains; to cure ills or diseases of the physical, psychic, mental, and spiritual natures of man. Opposite effects can be produced by the same agency; and, the same means or agency which is used to effect the cure can be made to produce the disease; instead of bringing life-giving virtues, it can be made to bring death-dealing forces.

The four agencies are mineral, vegetable, animal, and human or divine. The mineral agencies are such as soils, stones, minerals, metals, or what is called inorganic matter. The vegetable agencies are herbs, roots, bark, pith, twigs, leaves, juices, buds, flowers, fruits, seeds, grains, mosses. The animal agencies are parts and organs of animal bodies and any living animal or human organism. The human or divine agency consists in a word or in words.

The Four Kinds of Disease.

The four classes of nature ghosts, of the fire, the air, the water, the earth, are included in each of the four agencies employed to make the bond between these elementals and the elemental in the body for the curing of ailments or disease. So that one or more of the four classes of elementals may, through its or their particular agency be called upon to cure an ailment or disease in the physical, psychic, mental, or spiritual nature of man.

A physical ill will be relieved or cured when the fit object of the mineral agency is applied at the right time to the physical body; ills of the astral body will be cured when the appropriate object of the vegetable agency is properly prepared and applied to the form body through its physical body; ills of the psychic nature or desires may be relieved or cured when the right object of the animal agency contacts the psychic nature through its astral part at the right part of the physical body; mental and spiritual ills are cured when the right word or words are used and reach into the moral nature through the mind. As soon as contact is made between nature and the corresponding elementals through the mineral, vegetable, and animal agencies, the elementals will begin and continue their action, unless interfered with, until a cure is affected. When there is a right application of the right agency at the right time to effect a cure, the right elementals must act and will cure the disease irrespective of the attitude of mind of the patient.

Attitude of Mind, and Disease.

Attitude of mind of the patient will have little to do with the diseases cured through mineral, vegetable, or animal agencies. But the attitude of mind of the patient will decide whether he will or will not have his mental or spiritual disease cured through the human or divine agency. When the mineral or vegetable or animal agencies are used at the right time and under the right conditions, these objects in contact with the body generate a magnetic action in the body. As soon as the continued magnetic action produces—all with the aid of certain elemental influences—a magnetic field of the right power, then the curative elementals are induced, compelled, to operate in that magnetic field; the elementals are to the magnetic field as life is to form; they stimulate, animate, build it up, fill it out, and keep it going.

Cure by the laying on of Hands.

Often the magnetic field can be produced in a patient by the laying on of hands of one whose body has curative properties and who acts as the magnetic field through which the curative elementals act on the disease of the patient; or else he sets up a magnetic action which develops in the patient the magnetic field necessary to induce the curative elementals to act directly upon the patient’s body.

Cure by the Magnetic Atmosphere.

If one in whom are curative properties is strong enough, the laying on of hands or bodily contact is not necessary to induce the curative action of elementals in the body of one suffering from ills of the physical or the psychic nature. If he is strong enough, or if he is in sufficient sympathic touch with the sufferer, it will only be necessary for the one who is ill to be in the same room or come within his atmosphere to be benefited or cured. The atmosphere of one who has curative properties is like a magnetic bath or field; those who come within its influence and into phase with it will be at once acted on by the curative, life-giving, elementals which are always present in that atmosphere.

Mind and Disease.

One who has a disease of the mind or who has ailments or a disease which are the results of mental causes, must, if cured, be cured through the human or divine agency of words. Diseases of the mind which arise from mental causes come when a mind allows, or is unable to prevent, alien, inimical forces to enter into its own light and live in its light. When such inimical forces continue in the mind, they often disconnect it from, or put it out of touch with, its nerve centers in the brain; or they will interfere with its normal action and create morbid conditions of mind which may result, and often do result, in spiritual blindness, mental incompetence or insanity, in moral depravity, psychic perversities or physical deformities.

Cure by the Word or Words.

The word or words of power can give relief or cure the mind of its ills and result in the cure of the ills of its moral and psychic and physical natures. Of all agencies, words can have the most power over all classes of elementals, and words control the mind.

The word which cures is a spirit of power formed in the mind through speech into the world in which it is to act. All elementals must obey the word. All elementals delight in obedience to the word. When the word is spoken to relieve or cure, the inimical influences in the mind obey the command and leave the mind they have besieged or obsessed and cease to afflict the moral or psychic or physical natures of the afflicted man.

When the word of cure is spoken the latent powers in the mind affected are called into action; the mind is co-ordinated with its moral and psychic nature and physical body, and order is re-established, which results in health. The word may be given vocal utterance or it may be restricted in its action from the physical world by pronouncing it in thought; then it will not be heard audibly though it is active mentally and controls through the mind the psychic nature, which in turn will react upon and control the physical.

Cult Words Are Not the Words of Cure.

In speaking of cures effected by the word or by words, let it be clearly understood that what is called Christian Science, or Mental Science, is in no sense to be taken as referring to what has been above named the human or divine agency. Those who can cure by the agency of the word or words are not known, or if known, they would not sanction the cure under a name or cult.

When the Curative Power of Words Operates.

Words have power. Words thought or uttered and with mental force put into them, will have effect; they may be the means of producing cures; but unless the diseased has done what it is necessary to do to deserve the cure, he cannot be cured, and no one who makes right use of power would speak the word of cure—and he would know. Cult words and cut and dried words cannot cause a cure. At their best, the words with force will cause the elementals to hide the disease, or to transfer it to another part of the patient’s body or another part of his nature—such as forcing the disease from the physical to the psychic or to the mental man, where it will in time make appearance as moral abnormality or mental defect, which may ultimately reappear in the physical.

The part that elementals play is not known to those who attempt to cure disease, and indeed, few who try to cure are aware of the existence of elementals and that elementals are the powers which produce and which cure the disease.

Stones Quarried and Transported by Nature Ghosts.

The breaking down of rocks by the use of nature ghosts was done sometimes in prehistoric times by priests or magicians. This could be done for the purpose of destroying cities and whole regions, of removing hills, of filling up ravines, of changing the course of river-beds, or filling up waterways to facilitate agriculture and commerce by the people. Rocks were quarried by the service of elementals, for use in building temples and other edifices for the worship of the gods. In the breaking of rocks and the transportation of them and the putting of them together in the form of buildings, all three groups of the lower elementals—the causal, portal, and formal—were used by the magicians. The magician had to be able to do several things; to summon the elementals, to direct and keep them at work, and to dismiss them or seal them.

There were two kinds of magicians. The first were those who did these things with the full knowledge of the laws under which they were working, and who could command the elementals without, because they had a full command of their own human elementals as well as over the elementals of which the rock was constituted. The other kind were those magicians who did not control the elementals in themselves, but who had learned some of the rules by which at certain times the outer elementals could be made serviceable.

How Nature Ghosts Can Cut and Transport Rocks.

There were many ways by which the rock could be worked. One of the ways was for the magician to have a pointed metal rod or a sword-like tool of metal. The metal tool was highly charged with the magnetic force of a human elemental, either that of the magician or that of another magnetic person. This tool guided the action of elementals, just as a penpoint guides the flow of ink. To break up a rock, even a mountainside, the magus willed causal elementals to act, and then these, following the direction given them by the rod, broke up, separated, smashed, or ground the rock into huge blocks or smaller pieces, and even into dust, according to the greater or lesser force induced by the rod, and to the time the magnet-rod was held over them. The breaking was like the actions of lightning or that of a grinding-stone.

In the case of quarrying, where the stone was to be cut into blocks of certain dimensions, the magnet-rod was carried along the line of the proposed cleavage, and the rock, no matter how hard, divided as readily as if it were bread cut by a knife.

All this was done by causal elementals. When this work was done, they were loosed, dismissed. If the rough, broken stone was to be swept away, or the quarried blocks were wanted at a distant place, portal elementals were summoned, and they transferred the pieces along the ground or through the air, according to the directions given them, to the place. This transportation and levitation could be done in various ways. It was often done under the influence of incantations, by which a rythmic movement was set up in the surrounding parts of the elements. The movement compensated for the might of the rocks, which were then conveyed by portal elementals outside, acting in conjunction with the elemental structures in the rock.

If the pulverized rock was to be used in building a water-tight dam or to form part of the walls in a building, formal elementals were employed. The form of the design was outlined and held firmly in the mind of the magus, and the formal elemental powers of fire, air, water, or earth took their places in the form projected from the mind of the magus. When the portal elementals had raised the stone under the rythmic movement of the magnet-rod and approached the block to the place where the design called for its emplacement, the formal elementals at once took hold of the block and adjusted it and held it in the assigned place, wedged in as securely as if the many blocks were one piece of stone. And then a seal was put on the formal elementals, and they remained in and held the form given them. Some of the structures so built by prehistoric races may still be on the earth.

By Control of Nature Ghosts Man Can Rise in the Air and Fly.

The raising of one’s own or of another’s body into the air, without physical means, is a magic feat which may be done in several ways. One method is by causing the body, which retains its normal weight, to be lifted in the air by portal elementals. Another way is to eliminate the weight by inducing an action of the portal elementals, which act as the force of lightness. (See The Word, September and October, 1911, “Flying.”) This condition of rising in the air and floating, which is seen in the cases of some ecstatics, when they become entranced and have visions and connect with certain portal nature ghosts, is brought about when their thought and desire puts them into touch with the element of air in such a way that gravitation loses its hold on their bodies for the time being, and these ascend into the air because they are in a condition where the force of lightness can act on them.

In the future men will learn how to use this force and then they will be able to rise into the air and move more freely in the air than birds or insects now move in the air. This condition will be general when men awaken and give power to the air elementals in their physical bodies and direct them, as men now guide their own footsteps in a given direction without pulling strings or moving wheels, but by use of a motive power.

Objects other than stone can be transported through the air and so taken from any place on the earth to any other place. The forces used are just as natural as those used in conveying railroad cars on tracks.

Today the same forces are employed as were used in prehistoric times to effect transportation, but today the forces are used in connection with mechanical contrivances. Dynamite and other explosives are manufactured and used for breaking rocks. The elementals employed in this are of the same group of causal elementals as those used by prehistoric magicians; the difference is that we use the elementals in a crude and indirect way without knowing that we use them, and we are unable to control them, whereas those, who in former ages understood themselves, were able to understand, control, and direct corresponding forces and beings outside of themselves. Our minds cannot contact the elementals immediately through our own elementals within us, but we construct machines, and through the machines develop heat, electricity, steam, and magnetism, and with the aid of these machines harness the elementals and drive them; but our grasp is clumsy and insecure, though it does not seem so to us, because we know no better.

Precious Stones Made by Control of Nature Ghosts.

Among the operations of nature ghosts is the formation and growth of stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. In nature this is done by the fertilization of a cell of magnetic quality in the earth. The magnetic cell is fertilized by sunlight. The sunlight germ, an occult fire elemental of the earth sphere, reaches the magnetic cell and induces the sunlight into that cell, which then begins to grow and develop, according to its nature, into a crystal of the diamond or other variety. The cell forms a screen which admits only a certain ray of the sunlight or several rays, but those only in certain proportions. So the coloring of white, red, blue, or green is obtained. Any one of these precious stones can be produced within a short time by one who can control nature ghosts. The time may be no more than a few minutes or an hour. The stone is grown by the formation of a matrix into which the elementals precipitate the element under the direction of the magician, who must hold the picture of what he wants steadily in his mind, and will the element into the matrix which he has provided. The stone can be formed from a small stone, which he causes to grow steadily until the required size and shape is reached, or the stone may be built up in the rough after the natural formations or development in the earth.

To be continued.