The Word Foundation



Vol. 23 MAY, 1916. No. 2

Copyright, 1916, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Curses and Blessings

CURSING is the act of making a connection through which nature ghosts can cause certain evils to follow and descend upon the person who is cursed. A cursing often results in the creation of a being which calls down and precipitates upon the cursed either evils of his own making or evils with which he may be afflicted by the one who curses him. If a curse is pronounced it will be ineffective against the one against whom it is hurled, but will recoil on the one who curses, unless the one who is cursed has given the curser the right to affect him. This right and also the power is conferred by some act injurious either to the one who curses or to some third person. The curser may be only an instrument through which the demerits are drawn down on him who has wronged. The curse of a father and especially of a mother is ominous and powerful, if hurled against an evil child. The curse is so direct and powerful because of the blood and astral ties of parent and child. Likewise, the curse of a child against a parent who has abused and oppressed it, may be attended by dire results. The curse of a discarded girl against a lover who has broken his troth may indeed draw his ruin upon him.

The power of a curse lies in the concentration by it into a short space of many evils which would, in the ordinary course of affairs, be distributed over and be encountered during a much greater period of time, namely, one extending over a life or several lives, and which evils would so be deprived of their crushing power. When the curse is properly pronounced by a person who has naturally or to whom the malefactor has given the power of drawing these evils together and fastening them to him and bringing them down on him, then being cursed, is a terrible destiny.

Almost every man, in the course of his life, furnishes enough material to make up the body of a curse. This is not a figure of speech. When speaking of the body of a curse, we speak of a reality, for a curse is an elemental being. Its body is made up of certain evils, and these are, by the creation of an elemental, put into a form and organized by the words of the curse, if they are pronounced by one of the two classes of persons above mentioned, that is, those having the power naturally, and those upon whom the malefactor has bestowed it by wronging them or a third person.

The elemental which is created in the form of a curse lasts until the curse is fulfilled, and its life is in this way exhausted. The one who curses may receive a sudden inspiration to make the curse, and then the words of the curse seem to flow naturally and often rythmically through his mouth. Persons cannot curse at will. Spiteful, mean, hateful people cannot curse at will. They may use words which sound like a curse, but such words have not the power to create the elemental. The creation of the elemental, which is a real curse, is possible if the conditions concur which have been mentioned.

Although almost every person has on the one hand done enough to furnish the body of a curse, yet it will be impossible to create the elemental if the malefactor has to his credit certain good thoughts and deeds, which are strong enough to prevent the creation of the elemental.


Like as material for the body and for the creation of an elemental which becomes his curse, is furnished by the thoughts and deeds of the person cursed, so may a person furnish enough benign thoughts and kindly deeds, to enable one who has the natural gift of blessing, or who by an extraordinary act of the one to be blessed, is made the instrument for the time, to call down and give him a blessing.

A blessing is an elemental, the body of which is made up of past thoughts and deeds of the person blessed. The elemental can be created when a suitable occasion arises, such as the departing or dying of a parent, or the entering upon a journey, or the beginning of a career. Persons who themselves are ailing, miserable or unfortunate, and especially among them the old people, may call down an effective blessing on one who has tried unselfishly to do some good.

In addition to the two classes of persons mentioned, those who have the natural gifts of blessing or of cursing, and those whom one’s destiny makes the fit instrument for hurling a curse or bestowing a blessing on him, there is a class of persons who have a knowledge of laws generally unknown and who can thereby through the pronouncement of a curse attach one or more of the evil nature ghosts to a person, and so blight the life of the one cursed, or who can attach a good elemental to a person and so give him a guardian angel, who protects in time of danger, or aids him in undertakings. But in all cases, what is done must be done according to the law of karma and can never be done against it.

(To be continued)