The Word Foundation



Vol. 23 JUNE, 1916. No. 3

Copyright, 1916, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Elemental Powers in Inanimate Objects

THE objects which are called inanimate are not inanimate. They have not a human or an animal anima, but some sort of inner being they have. The structure of every physical object is made up of elementals belonging to the causal, portal and formal groups. (See The Word, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 79 and 80.) In every physical object is life and a soul of some sort. That soul is a life soul, but it is not like a human life soul. In the structure of every physical object are sleeping powers to move, to act, to change. In and around the object heave the oceans of the four occult elements. If an outside elemental force can be made to contact the latent powers in the object, they awaken. Both the powers within and the forces without are nature ghosts.

The contact between the ghosts awakening in the object and those outside in the elements, puts the physical object into phase with the exterior force, and the object is either dissolved, moved, or changed in form.

When Ghosts in Objects Act With Ghosts Outside

A stick of wood burns and is consumed when a force outside is put into phase with the powers within. To be exact, the wood burns when the causal fire ghosts without are put into touch with the portal fire ghosts within the stick. This is an example of dissolution and a return of the bound ghosts to freedom in the four elements.

Another result of awakening and contacting the ghosts is obtained when the force of the portal ghosts of the air without is put in phase with the powers of the formal ghosts of the air which are within the object. In such a case the physical object, the stick of wood in this case, would obey the moving force outside, and would be carried hither and thither.

Further, a piece of wood may be transformed, a dead stick may be made alive and grow like a branch and flourish as a tree, or the wood may be changed into stone. That is done when a force acting through formal water ghosts without the stick is put into phase with the causal, portal and formal water ghosts within the stick.

The matter which is now to be mentioned concerns the second result, the magic of making inanimate objects obey an outer elemental force. When the contact is made and one or more of the interior powers are awakened and put into phase with the exterior force, then the physical object obeys the outer force. If object and force are put into touch unintentionally or through ignorance the object may cause trouble.

Therefore control must be held over and direction must be given to the force and to the object, or they may become a menace to humanity.

Why Man is Not Allowed Occult Knowledge

It is not safe at present to let men know of occult laws governing nature ghosts nor how to work their occult forces, nor how they may be adjusted to physical objects. The danger lies in the lack of knowledge and failure of steadiness of men and in their selfishness and the absence of self-control. So they are without that which is necessary to place them, even if they are well meaning in a general way, above the hazards, to which those are subject who possess occult powers.

The Intelligences ruling the earth will therefore not permit men at large to become possessed of such dangerous information. So long as man is controlled by the elementals in him, and these are in turn subject to attractions from all classes of nature ghosts, man cannot be trusted.

At times men have seemed on the verge of discovering the secret of bringing a latent power in a physical object into phase with a nature force outside, but the discovery was not allowed to proceed far. Even the little that had been discovered was soon decreed by the Intelligences to be lost. Then the discoverer was by the world declared a dreamer or a fraud. Various perpetual motion machines, Keeley’s Force and Keeley’s Motor, are instances of revelations which were checked. What would happen if one man or a government should be able to operate forces which are at least as far above those working in the present aeroplane, submarine, mortar guns, poison gas tubes and gas bombs, and incendiary fluids, as these instruments are above a simple club and a rock? What would become of humanity, of human civilization? One great air elemental, with its hosts in it, could wipe out an army of men, destroy a country side of human fields and orchards, efface factories, and institutions. War, formal declaration of war, is not necessary to start the destruction. One man could do that in the midst of peace, merely to vent his spleen or reap the fruits of his rule of terror. With such magic a portion of the ocean could be turned into fire, the air for miles could be turned into fire, the earth could be liquified or changed into air, the air could be made suddenly hard like ice and adamant. Then what of the human beings?

Men should know of the existence of these forces, of the possibility of these things, and of the benefits that may come to the world from occult knowledge and dominion, with unselfish use, and they should try to qualify to be the guardians of this knowledge. But at present they cannot be trusted with powers to call forth ghosts and to command them.

The Servant Problem Solved With Nature Ghosts

Any physical object can have an elemental bound to it, and can so be made to perform certain services. The operator must first prepare the object and adjust it for an elemental. Then he calls forth an elemental, then binds and seals the elemental to the physical object. Without touch by human hand or visible contact, a broom can be made to sweep, a cloth to dust, a bucket to dip and carry water, a plow to break up the soil, a carriage to move, a boat to glide through the water, a chair or bed to go through the air, when the commands and directions are given. These objects go on doing the work once ordered until the ghosts working them are ordered to stop. If the objects are not properly prepared and adjusted to the ghosts it is easier to start than to stop them.

Thus various actions, one melting into the other, can be accomplished by the service of nature ghosts. All household duties, all menial work, all disagreeable public work, like the removal of offal and filth, and again building highways and raising structures, can be done by elemental servants. This will indeed be done some time. How is it done?

In any kind of work which requires skill and especially in sports, the art which gives success lies in somehow feeling into the work. An artist must feel in his colors onto the canvas, a pitcher must feel in the baseball and feel the curve it is to follow, to shoot grouse one must feel through his gun at the mark, and a successful fisherman must feel out his throw and his catch; mere calculation or seeing is not enough. The art in all these cases is in the elemental influence, which the painter, the pitcher, the hunter, the trout fisher gives. These persons seldom are conscious of the art they are practicing. The fact that they are unconscious allows them to do their work naturally. All they know is, if they do the work in a certain way they have success, and that success follows when they have a certain feeling in what they are doing.

Preparing Objects for Nature Ghost Workers

An object is prepared for help as an elemental servitor in domestic work, through the feeling and touch given by the magician. There are two classes of people, those who work mechanically, without feeling, and those who feel their work. Some persons sweep mechanically, and some feel in the broom they are using to clean up. Those who cannot feel in the broom are unfit to prepare that physical object for elemental contact. To sweep thoroughly clean, to go into the corners, behind mouldings, under furniture, one must feel through the broom into those recesses. Those who do not feel through the broom will not do their work tidily. That which is called here “feeling into the broom,” and “feeling through the broom,” is the first thing to be done by the person who intends to prepare a broom for contact with an elemental which is to be bound to the broom. The feeling into the broom through touch, magnetizes the particles in the broom and adjusts them to the human elemental of the operator. A portion, however small, of him, is infused into that broom. Then the name of an elemental ruler is called upon to furnish one of the servants which will swing the broom. Then that in the human elemental which corresponds to the summoned servant, is the tie which connects the servant ghost with the broom.

Ghost Workers Act by Order and Thought

The work is started by a touch or a word and by a thought, and it is stopped by a touch or a word and a thought. The broom after it has been prepared and directions given to it, will work as deftly and thoroughly as if used by the neatest housekeeper. But the elemental can do no more than it is directed to do. The elemental has no mind, no thought. It works only under the impressions received from the mind that started it sweeping. So it avoids obstacles on the floor or on the walls, it pulls down nothing, nor does it knock over anything. It responds to the thought that ordered it. Hence the responsibility of thinking and thinking for all contingencies. Any mistake, oversight, inaccuracy, or failure to cover all possibilities, take in all circumstances, will be disastrous for him who calls the broom to sweep.

After the elemental has been bound and sealed to the broom for some time and has performed the work it was directed to do, then another person who does not know how to bind an elemental can come and give the order to sweep, and the broom will do it, as it has been accustomed to do under the order of its master. The response of the broom is to the order, not to the individual as is the case with a dog obeying its master.

Once an elemental is attached to an object and that object made to perform work, the work will be performed as well as the magician can think it. The picture of what is to be done and how, must be clear in his mind. This thought picture will be impressed upon the elemental connected with the object. The object will work true to the impression given to the ghost.

Nature Ghosts Will End Labor Problems

Some of the modern problems like the servant question, socialistic unrest, will be done away with by the introduction of elemental servants, when the time will come. Man will himself make the time by control of the elementals now in him, and which now usually control him.

(To be continued)