The Word Foundation



Vol. 25 MAY, 1917. No. 2

Copyright, 1917, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Dangers to the Ghosts and Those Who Employ Them.

DANGER and liability of man accompany his employment of elementals.

The perils from the ignorant or intentional misuse by a human of elementals, may be dangers directly to the elementals, or to the one who uses them, or to third persons. These hazards may result in present injury and may carry far into the future. Not only this earth world but the psychic, mental and spiritual worlds can be affected by the misuse of elementals in this earth world. Upon the employer, however, fall in the end the more distant effects as well as those which are immediate. They fall as a karma he himself accelerated and condensed through the very ghosts he employed.

If a few of the results are seen which threaten even in the days of the present, it will aid besides in understanding the dangers incident to the use and abuse of elementals in the future, when some men will be sufficiently developed to attempt the conscious command of elementals. Today humans know little or nothing about elementals. So there is little danger of men misusing elementals intentionally. However, elementals are even now attracted to some persons, especially to such as are endowed with psychic senses, and to those who use their mental machinery in “affirmation” and “denials,” in the manner of Christian and Mental Scientists. Such persons can, even though not knowing at all that nor what elementals serve them, misuse elementals, by trying to obtain through wishing and thinking results, which these persons know or ought to know are morally not right.

That the elementals serving will be injured does not follow necessarily, but they are exposed to harm. If the person whom they are sent to damage or from whom they are to obtain anything, or to whom they go, without specific direction, to get it, is beyond being harmed by the elementals, then their own attempts react on the elementals to the extent of their efforts to hurt the person. For instance, if it is wished that a man be injured, and the onset by the elementals obeying the wish, takes the shape of the man’s falling, or having what is called an accident, his warding off the fall or his struggles with the unknown danger which he apprehends, will cause him to make certain movements. These will be indeed a struggle with the unseen foe and may result in an injury to the elemental, by breaking its form, twisting it, or disorganizing it, like acid eats into tissue. The reason why the attacked person can so retort is, that the elemental attacks something in him, which is of matter similar to that of which the elemental is composed. As the elemental can affect that something, so that something can in turn reach the elemental. That something is a part of the human elemental. When the human elemental feels that it is in danger or attacked, its nature impels it so to resist and counter. Its effort, aided by the stimulus of the mind, gives force to the something, which then strikes and tears the assaulting elemental.

If a person favored by nature ghosts wishes that the ghosts bring objects, the objects can be brought, only if it is within the law that the true owner may be robbed. The ghosts do not make the objects, they simply pilfer them. If the owner is protected, the elemental attempting the theft may be injured by other elementals, some of which are always, though unknown to man, acting as guardians of rights under occult laws. This is so as regards the danger to elementals, when they approach persons who are unaware of them. If they be sent to apporach or attack the property or person of one who has knowledge of them, then the elementals may be destroyed by him. Yet the dangers to the elementals do not end the matter.

One who uses, even though it be unconsciously, elementals to obtain anything which does not naturally come to him according to the civil law of men, incurs great risk and, further, assumes a moral obligation for all that is done by the elementals assisting him to carry out his wishes. Elementals may be made to get and bring books, food, money, or any chattel desired. They may make gifts on the expression, in thought even, of a wish. Many such cases are occurring at the present time, where elementals have, following a wish, brought the things wished for, by foolish persons, such as a case of wine, silver coins, dress goods for women, fruits.

In these and all such affairs the elementals did not make the wine, coin the money, nor weave the fabric. They stole these things. In one case, for example, the elemental impersonated the wisher, gave the order at a store, and had the goods, as she afterward found out, charged to the wisher’s account. The money was stolen, so was the wine. For these “gifts” a refund or replacement has to be made. Moreover, when an elemental “gives” a dollar, the person who receives it will not get the value of the dollar. The getter will spend it foolishly. Also he must return its equivalent. Those from whom the dollar is taken have trangressed some law, else the dollar could not have been reached. Again, it may be that the dollar was allowed to be removed, in order that the loser might learn to take better care of money.

In many cases in the Middle Ages, magicians who were reported to have used and to have been favored by elementals, were when they got into prison or trouble, generally deserted by these elementals. The powers of such men and women were recognized and feared while they were free. Yet as soon as they were deprived of their liberty and came under the ban of the law, the elementals left them without help, and the magicians could not substantiate their boasted powers.

Elementals are without conscience and so have no sense of moral obligations. When the magicians were called to account by karma and they had to suffer for the consequences of their acts, these elementals left them. Of course, there have been some exceptional cases where the elementals enabled an escape of their masters from confinement. But that was possible only where their action was permitted by karma. Generally the man or woman in jail is by the atmosphere there shorn of former powers, and the elementals are cut off from him. Such cases show the unreliability of elementals and the constant hazard of their deserting those whom they serve.

People do not know that even now the holding of their wishes often sets in action elementals which will in some way gratify these wishes. These elementals are such as desire sensation through contact with a human. The person who wishes must be psychically fitted, else the elementals cannot have contact. The fulfillment of the wish never gives satisfaction. Something is attached to the gift which brings disappointment, trouble, disaster. Those who have their wishes gratified by elementals in this way must pay with interest the price of their attainment.

Another danger to the employer is that by reason of reaction through the elementals a serious injury may be inflicted upon him. If he employs or tries to employ an elemental belonging to the fire element and that elemental succeeds in or fails to accomplish his purpose, then by reaction this elemental may injure the individual fire elemental in him, which serves as his sense of sight and controls his generative system. (See The Word, Vol. 20; pp. 69-75). The injury to his sight may be only an impairment of vision or of the organ of vision or it may be a total loss of sight. More, the elemental doing duty as sight may be so injured that it is destroyed, and then the wisher or would-be magician may be blind for several lives until another elemental has been fashioned out of the fire element and trained to function as the man or woman’s sense of sight. The same is true in case the elemental employed is an air elemental. If that fails to accomplish or if it does accomplish its mission and commits a wrong for its employer, the failure or the success will react on the hearing, as injury thereof or loss, either of which may be for many lives. This applies also to the use of water and earth elementals, and the resulting harm or loss of the senses of tasting and smelling, and the systems they control. All these risks impend even in the present days for those who are favored by nature ghosts. The dangers will be accentuated in the future when men are more familiar with the control of such ghosts.

If an elemental is specially created by the user for a purpose, that elemental, having a complex nature and being closely connected with the man’s human elemental, will bring the karma directly back to the human elemental. In that case, too, the senses and organs may be affected. In addition, the mind may be dislodged and even severed from its personality. Then the created elemental may take possession of the personality, and the person, of course, will be a monster or be insane. There are many mysteries in the psychic and mental states of man, of which medical practitioners and psychologists do not yet even dream.

The injury to elementals, if they are employed consciously by men who have no right to do so, may not be limited to the elementals and to the users, but may trouble future races of elementals, as well as of men. For the injuries leave an impress upon the elements. Man, at present unconsciously, acts on the elementals in all the worlds chiefly through the four classes of elementals in the earth sphere. He acts on the impersonal worlds outside of him, through the portions thereof which in him are personal, as his senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell, and as the organs in his personal fire, air, water and earth worlds, which are the generative, pulmonary, circulatory, and digestive systems in his body. Therefore any wrong done through an elemental will react on man through these worlds within him and thence through them reach the greater worlds without him.

Therefore, while elementals are used by karma to work itself out in the ordinary course of affairs, the most direct and effective way to obtain his or her karmic retribution, is for a person to call in an elemental to be the carrier, for it inevitably is, of his or her karma. Events usually marshalled by the Intelligences, unconsciously to man, can be brought about sooner and more directly by persons if they take a blundering hand in the management of their affairs by using ghost-magic. Intense wishing is often sufficient. New Thoughters, Mental Scientists, Christian Scientists, and other cult scientists, and even Theosophists, and would-be magicians like all these, employ, though not all of them are conscious thereof, elementals to obtain the results which these persons order, or as they say “affirm” or “deny,” or think upon, in violation of the existing state of facts, or to bring about a desired change or result. Elementals produce these results for them, sometimes; but the price has to be paid by all concerned, elementals and employers of elementals. Yet these different cult scientists who know little, if anything at all, about the senses, organs and systems of their bodies, about the occult worlds, parts of which compose their bodies, about the flow and working of these worlds, nor know how one’s personal system affects other personal systems and impersonal worlds, nor know much about the law and the sure agents of the law, dare to use the occult powers of their mind to meddle with the elemental worlds. The wish for their bodily comfort, for relief from their disease, for their wealth, is no warrant for daring to challenge the evil of a profound disturbance of the elemental worlds.

Humans then who associate themselves with elementals by taking them to do service and accepting benefits from these ghosts, incur a risk the extent of which can hardly be estimated. This risk is greatest where it entails an injury or loss of one of the elementals acting as a sense of man or where it results in the loss of an elemental which he has specially created and so has knowingly or unknowingly endowed with a germ of personality. If that germ is not destroyed the elemental will meet him life after life with the reappearance of his personalities. If the germ is destroyed he runs the risk of losing his own personality, but if he is able to preserve his own personality then he must furnish another germ, and in place of the lost create an elemental which will follow him from life to life till he has raised it to the human kingdom—an enormous burden and liability.

The danger to humans in their present state and the danger to those in the future who will attempt to command elementals lies and will lie in the lack of complete knowledge of the four spheres, their interrelations and their relations to man. There are dangers not only because of this ignorance. Add to this that man’s mind is not steady and he cannot think clearly, as he is selfish and so cannot control himself and the elementals in himself. Therefore he cannot control those outside without using them ignorantly or to selfish ends, and he cannot escape the karma which is more directly connected with the abuse of occult forces than with any other crimes.

(To be continued.)