The Word Foundation



Vol. 25 JUNE, 1917. No. 3

Copyright, 1917, by H. W. PERCIVAL.


Children of Humans and Elementals.

CHILDREN from the union of humans with elementals, or gods, as they are usually called, are the center of widespread legends, and here and there the subject of bits of literature. Along these lines may be remembered topics in Greek mythology, the biblical story of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men, the fabled origin of Plato, Romulus, Alexander, and then passages in books, such as that by the Abbé de Villars on “The Comte de Gabalis,” and Thomas Inman’s “Ancient Faiths and Modern.”

Tradition has it not only that men and women have married elemental beings of the opposite sex, but that from such union have sprung children. Nor do deception, at times, by women to cloak paternity, boasting by a person or his followers of his divine descent, and on the other hand the ridicule by some of the matter generally, change the facts underlying these traditions. Such a union is possible and children may result.

One who believes it impossible for a human to consort with what he considers an immaterial being is confronted with the fact that in dreams persons may have union with a dream figure of the opposite sex. In such an experience a person may associate with an elemental, though it is not of the same kind as those which come to humans in the waking state and from which there may be physical issue.

The mystery of union is so common-place that it seems no longer a mystery. Sexual union, the forces operating through it, conception, gestation, and birth, are mysteries. Every human body where a mind is present is a field, a hot house, a whirlpool, a melting pot, a laboratory. The mind is like a light in darkness which attracts creatures of all sorts. In a human body all the worlds intermingle. There mysteries of generation, infernal or divine, are enacted. The outer part of these mysteries is to be sought, of course, in the physical world. There the union finds expression in the merging of two cells. The physical cell is that which holds the key.

A physical cell is the basis for all physical organic life. With one human cell as a foundation and certain non-physical forces to co-operate, a physical universe could be created. The particular kind of cell is a germ cell. In the germ cell as furnished by the man or by the woman, is to be sought an explanation of the mystery about the offspring from the union of a human with an elemental, of a physical person with a being which is not physical.

Before the extraordinary case of a human and an elemental is reached, it is well to take into account some of the facts and causes resulting in ordinary human reproduction. Further, it will aid to look for similar factors in a case where a higher psychic body is by a single human immaculately conceived and born. Somewhere between the ordinary and the immaculate conception lies the begetting of offspring by a human and an elemental. To understand this is further of value, as it throws light on one of the methods by which many who are now human have in the past come from the elemental realms and joined humanity.

The two humans, then, must have the masculine and feminine functions, else there can be no union. If there is nothing more there can be union, but no conception, no birth. To that end is necessary a third factor, the presence of the personality germ out of which will grow the personality for whom the body is to be prepared, by the two in union. The mind to incarnate may be also present. If the child is to be human the third presence must be a personality germ, else the child will be a monster. The third factor causes the fusing of the masculine germ cell with the feminine. Only when the two cells are fused can the forces acting through them come to a common center and combine. Cells, again, cannot be fused unless they are alike, in some way, as to the matter of which they are composed. Though the masculine germ and the feminine germ are different, they are at least of the same plane of matter; they are both physical. So there is a possibility of the cells being fused. On the other hand, the forces, the masculine and feminine, are not physical, they are elemental, astral. The physical bodies of a man and a woman are used as organs through which these masculine and feminine elemental agencies operate on the sex matter which the human bodies, under constant stimulation by elementals, form. Union follows the elemental attraction of the masculine and feminine forces. If there is merely elemental attraction and no third factor present, no conception will follow from the union of two humans.

The nature and character of the being who is the third factor will be determined by the ability of the man and woman to furnish a body for it, and by their attitude of mind toward the union. When the third factor is present and conception has taken place by its bonding the two germs and so combining the two forces acting through them, then the seal of that third being is put on the formation; thereby are determined the traits, hindrances and possibilities, of the body to be born. All the elemental worlds fashion that body according to the requirements of the seal (see The Word, Vol. 22, pp. 126, 125, 127) once the seal is placed on the centering of the forces in the blended cells furnished by the bodies of the man and woman. After the fusing of the cells, the two energies, separate or out of phase theretofore, keep rushing in. An opening has been made for them into which they pour; so streaming they begin to build up the body of the future human. Other factors come later.

The reason why elementals cannot come in is that two humans are now necessary. If the two agencies which work through the two germs could be fused without the means of the germs, then the world could be peopled without the union of two humans. Fortunately this cannot be done. There must at present be a physical union of two humans to make possible an entrance from other worlds into a physical human body, because the forces require likeness of the physical vehicles, that is, the germs, as to the plane of matter. There must be a link to connect the worlds, and the two humans make the link. In the past this was not always so, and it will not be so in the future; in the present even there are exceptional cases where two humans are not required.

One human can be enough, though this is not the usual manner today. The reason why one can be enough is that a physical cell is the base for physical organic life. With one cell, and certain forces to co-operate, a physical universe can be created. The reason why one human is not enough is that the germ cell furnished by a human is either a masculine or feminine cell, each with its opposite nature kept in strict abeyance. One cell has both masculine and feminine force, though in the masculine cell the feminine is inactive, and in the feminine cell the female force only is active, the male dormant. A human cell may be developed in one body so that both masculine and feminine energies are active in that cell. They would be active, but would not meet each other, nor act together. This dual activity through one cell is an advance, and may be the beginning of one of several processes. For one, this state permits the mind of the human to act directly on the two agencies. If these, the masculine and feminine forces, are active they could by the mind be centered in that one cell so as to produce a catalysis of the cell. The present structural conditions of a human cell makes such joint activity and centering of both forces and such catalysis of the cell impossible. Therefore no third factor will be present to consent to nor to seal the union of the two forces in one and the same human being. Hence there can be no such conception. If in a human a germ cell were developed where the two forces could be active, and the human did by his thinking center them, then the third factor would be, not a personality germ, but a certain solar germ, a spark, the representative of the Higher Mind in the physical body. In case a dual germ cell were produced in a human body by one whose thoughts did not tend to sexual gratification, but who intelligently aspired to higher things, then he might in addition to energizing and centering the two forces by his mind, bring about a catalytic action of the cell. So there might be conceived within his own body through his mind, and developed, a psychic being which would be a reproduction on the psychic plane of a higher order of his physical body. (See “Adepts, Masters, and Mahatmas”, The Word, Vol. 10, p. 61; and Footnotes to “Is Parthenogenesis in the Human Species a Scientific Possibility?” Vol. 8, No. 1.)

(To be continued.)