The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 1

Matter. Units. An Intelligence. A Triune Self. A human being.

INTO the physical world of the earth sphere reach the form, life and light worlds of the sphere, (Fig. I-B), and through and around all of these are the spheres of water, air and fire, (Fig. I-A).

The physical plane of the human physical world exists in four states of matter: the radiant, airy, fluid, and solid states, (Fig. I-D). The solid state in its radiant-solid, airy-solid, fluid-solid, and solid-solid substates, makes up the visible, physical universe (Fig. I-E). The fluid, airy, and radiant states of matter of the physical plane of the human physical world are invisible and are at present beyond the reach of chemistry and physics. In other words, all that is subject to the investigation by the natural sciences is the solid state with its four substates, of the physical plane of the physical world, and that only in small part. However, the spheres and worlds, the light, life and form planes, and the radiant, airy and fluid states of matter of the physical plane reach into, affect, and are affected by those small portions of them which are in the solid state of the physical plane of the human physical world, (Fig. I-E). In this fourfold solid, visible, physical plane of the physical world are the earth crust and the moon, planets, sun and stars, of which the fourfold physical body of man is a plan, pattern or model, and a condensation.

The light, life, form and physical planes referred to hereafter are those of the human physical world; the law of thought affects more immediately the matter and the beings functioning in that world. But the whole plan is here recalled because eventually the law of thought affects the matter of the whole Universe.

In the entire universe of which the human may become conscious all changes in degrees in which nature-matter is conscious, must be accomplished during the passage of that matter through a human body; there it comes directly under the Light of an Intelligence, or under reflected or diffused parts of that Light. The Light of an Intelligence does not affect nature directly or by reflection. While nature as streams of transient units is passing through a human body, the doer, by thinking, disperses some of the Light with the nature-matter. The Light which thus goes out stimulates the manifested side of nature-matter and keeps nature going as instinct, natural selection, chemical reaction and other manifestations of intelligence, usually attributed to a god.

Nature is here a name for matter which is a manifestation of Substance. The nature-matter manifesting is fourfold in the four elements: free units, which belong to all the spheres and worlds and have not formed a constituent part of a human body; transient units, which are the material used in building the physical body of man and of outside visible nature; compositor units, which are or were units in a human body catching and composing the transient units into form and visibility; and sense units, which control or govern the four systems in a human body.

An Intelligence is on the intelligent-side of the Universe and is a self-conscious unit of the Eternal, acting in the spheres which may operate in the four worlds of the sphere of earth through the Triune Self to which it is related. An Intelligence is immortal, individuated, has unbroken identity as an Intelligence and never loses its knowledge of this identity. It has seven inseparable faculties: The light, time, image, focus, dark, motive and I-am faculties, each faculty being forever a conscious witness to the unity of the seven, (Fig. V-C). An Intelligence differs from nature in that an Intelligence is an ultimate unit which has passed through all departments and degrees as a nature unit, an aia unit, a Triune Self unit, and as an Intelligence it has reached the ultimate degree of progression in being conscious which a unit can attain, that is, it is conscious as an Intelligence.

All units in nature are conscious, but not conscious that they are conscious, whereas an Intelligence is conscious that it is conscious and knows that it is conscious as an Intelligence. Between nature and an Intelligence is that which is not nature-matter, nor yet an Intelligence; it is of intelligent-matter. This is the Triune Self. A Triune Self is a self-knowing unit of the Eternal and is to act in the four worlds of the earth sphere. The Triune Self knows itself to be an eternal knower and thinker and doer, as a Triune Self. Each of these three parts of a Triune Self has a double office. The offices of the knower are actively selfness or knowledge and passively I-ness or identity; the offices of the thinker are actively reason and passively rightness; and the offices of the doer are actively desire and passively feeling, and the duty of each office is to think.

A portion of the doer operates periodically in the physical world while it is in a flesh body. While that portion is in a flesh body its interests are on the physical plane of the physical world, and it is ignorant of itself as the doer. It is earthbound and is conscious only as a human being.

At the human stage the law of thought has the aspect of adjustment, as destiny. At this stage of the doer’s development, man can without much difficulty understand the constitution of the Triune Self and its relation to its Intelligence and something about thinking and the nature and properties of a thought and the generation, the course, the exteriorization, the results and the adjustment of a thought.