The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 3

Form destiny. Prenatal influences. Conception. Fetal development.

One’s form destiny begins with prenatal influences on the body in which he will dwell, and lasts through life and beyond death until the end of his heaven period. The race to which the body will belong had been determined at the end of the previous life. The family in that race in which the body will be formed is selected to meet the requirements of the doer’s destiny. The doer portion which is to re-exist brings about the influences which will affect its body during formation, and will provide it through the family with such tendencies as are the result of its past thoughts and fit the opportunities of the present.

Hardly ever is anyone in after life conscious of the suffering incident to the formation of the body in its place in the womb. He who does remember is one who understands his own shortcomings and his duties and the failings of his fellows, who sympathizes with the weakness of others and who endeavors to assist in the difficulties of life.

The selection of a family and of the time for building the body often involves many problems. The physical destiny of the doer-in-the-body must fit in with innumerable events in the lives of others and with public matters. Time, condition and place are all-important. To be born too soon or too late would mean being a misfit in the social order. The time for the beginning of a certain body must be selected so as to allow the cycles of its own life to intersect cycles in the lives of others with whom it is to be connected. When the selection has been made and at the time of conception, the breath-form enters the atmosphere of the father and mother.

Conception is caused by the presence of the form of the breath-form. It binds their two germs in the body of the woman by fusing the radiant matter in both germs and is the center at which universal forces begin the building of the new physical body. This radiant matter develops into a small astral or radiant-solid body which takes on the impressions from the form. The expansion of the radiant-solid body within the fused cells causes the physical cells to divide and so to multiply until the potential form within the radiant-solid body is gradually built out into the growing embryo.

The bonding is the union of the three and is like a gong, a summons or a trumpet blast. Inaudible to physical ears, the summons brings in the elementals which are directly concerned with the building, in their order.

Hundreds of these gongs resound through the world every minute. But each call is answered by those elementals only which are to build that particular body. Only those build who were connected in a certain way as elementals with the previous physical body of the owner of the new body. When the summons comes to them, some are free in the elements, some are bound in plants and some in animals. They must obey the summons. Those that are free go at once; those that are in plants are set free. Those that are in animal bodies are set free by the natural death or the destruction of the animals in which they are. In this way the elementals which once operated in parts of a human body come together in the physical atmosphere of the mother, and pass into her body through light, breath, water and food.

Gradually they are built into the body of the embryo. Those which are built in before the placenta is developed, during the amniotic period, come in by osmosis; those which make up the fetus after placental development has begun are breathed by the mother from her atmosphere into her lungs, enter her bloodstream, pass through the umbilical cord and are built into the fetus. This taking on by the breath-form of a new carnal body is a resurrection of the former body.

The flora and fauna of the world do not spring into existence at the order of a personal God; they are created by the thoughts of man. A part of this subject has a bearing upon psychic destiny at the time of the birth of a new body. During the previous life the doer had desires for prey, cruelty, squalor or venom. These desires bond the union of male and female animals, and are later embodied in the offspring. In this manner human feelings and desires become pigs, cats, fish and other animals. Cattle, sheep, deer, zebras, horses and dogs are of a different kind, and are the embodiment of a better class of desires. Animals have no indwellers in the sense of doers in human bodies, nor have they aias. They are feelings and desires and their bodies are made up of elementals. Some of these animals are formed during the lifetime of the man, some after his death.

When the call is sent out at conception, these former desires, in their animal garbs, have to obey the call. The animal bodies in which they are, die so as to have the animal-like feelings and desires present in the order in which they are needed for the new human body that is being built. These animal types are built into the radiant-solid body and partly into the flesh body, and are later in life the basis for thoughts like those of which these animal shapes were the exteriorizations.

So the cycles go on and the circulations from man to nature and from nature to man are kept up; the thoughts take form in animal shapes, and upon the destruction of the shapes the indwelling feelings and desires seek the source of their existence. They return to the psychic atmosphere of which they are a part. In this way animals transmigrate from nature into man.

Malformations, defects, diseases and disposition to ailments which come in later life, are built by elementals from impressions upon the breath-form into the radiant-solid body at about the time that they appear in the flesh. These formations are forms of thoughts. In a former life repetition of some thought or a sudden energy concentrated and poured into a thought, gave it a mold, which made an impression upon the aia. Elementals now sense the mark which is projected upon the new breath-form and build it into the radiant-solid and then into the flesh body. The thought is exhibited now in that part of the body or connected with the center through which the thoughts of that particular kind usually come into the human system when a man thinks.

The physical body is prepared and built in the prenatal state by the four classes of elementals. According as one class predominates in the combination, the man is endowed with certain abilities or disabilities which come out in his youth or in later years. Where the fire elementals prevail, the man will be agile and quick in his movements; where the air elementals prevail, he will be graceful, a dancer, a jumper or a runner, and can pass over heights without fear of falling; the water elementals give a love for water, swimming and bathing; the earth elementals make him heavy in body, so that he prefers to keep on solid ground. These four classes of elementals are combined in different proportions; where one class is lacking the person will fear the conditions which the lacking class would have made agreeable to him.

So the lack of fire elementals causes fear of fire and inability to deal with it and danger of being burnt. The lack of air elementals will cause a dread of dizzy heights or any heights, of looking into deep places or of walking on a trestle. Such a person will never make a good dancer or a swift runner. The lack of water elementals becomes evident by dislike of the water and by misgivings where water is concerned. Such a person will not really enjoy bathing or make a good swimmer. Lack of the earth element will cause one to get away from the land and seek the water; he will be ever moving about, restless and seeking change.

According to the predominance or absence of a certain class of elementals one will select or be attracted to or led into a vocation and certain events will happen to him. Those who become firemen, stokers, smelters, electricians, fighters, actors or astronomers by choice do so because in them the fire elementals predominate. In dancers, mountain climbers, aeronauts, athletes, musicians, poets and singers, the air element prevails. The water elementals make men sailors, fishermen, boatmen or good cooks. The earth elementals make men workers of the soil, miners, farmers or masons.

The four temperaments are due to the prevalence of elementals of a particular class in the personal make-up. Fire elementals make men ardent, irascible and quarrelsome; air elementals make them dreamers and light-hearted; water elementals make them restless, adventurous and changeable; and earth elementals make them heavy, stolid and materialistic.

Worldly success and failure are determined and foundations for them are built into the embryo by these four classes of elementals, from the magic symbols on the breath-form. Each class of elementals represents its own great sphere of fire, air, water or earth; but in the earth sphere the other three worlds are subordinated to the physical world, where the great Spirit of the Earth rules, and where the most concrete form of his rule is money. For one to have material success the earth elementals must be powerful in his make-up.

The building of the body in its prenatal state is thus done by elementals that work out in physical matter the lines on the breath-form made by previous thinking and thoughts.

Among peculiar prenatal influences are those exerted by several kinds of creatures that have thrown themselves out of the stream of human progress. These beings were human, but have foresworn their humanity. They lost it because they were enemies of humanity or because they fell below a certain level. Shedding blood for the pleasure of it, inflicting injury for the delight of seeing the victim suffer, extorting money from the helpless or delight in ruining the lives of others, and excessive sexual indulgence practiced for many lives, will put one out of the stream of humanity.

Then there are those who are not so much a danger to others, but who have fallen below the standard. Such are the persons who are degenerate through drinking alcohol to excess, using narcotics, or through excessive or abnormal sexuality. These creatures have lost the right to be born in human shape and are debarred from lawful entrance through normal copulation. They can come only if they can bond a couple uniting out of season or while drunk or during menstruation. Such a couple sponsor the creature for which they furnish a body, and are responsible for bringing into the world one who would have been barred from the human family except for the manner of their admittance. The prenatal influences which these creatures bring to bear result in acts of depravity by the mothers.