The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 13

Psychic destiny comprises party and class spirits.

When people bind themselves together for special interests, their united thoughts take form. This form is more or less defined according to the definiteness of the thinking. It is energized and actuated by the desire which they entertain, and so is brought into existence the party spirit. The party or political spirit is not a mere figure of speech, it is a psychic entity which represents the psychic destiny of a large or small party. From local party spirits the spirit of state and national politics is made up. Party politics is an enemy to democracy because it divides the people, causes them to be against each other and prevents them from having a strong and united government.

Similarly there are spirits of definite classes, like those of the professions, with their characteristic prejudices, conservatism and privileges. During prenatal development, politics and patriotism are implanted in the astral body of the fetus, and this class impression is part of the psychic destiny of the individual. So persons have predispositions to callings and inborn prejudices for or against institutions. This impression gives the tendency to their lives which thus decides their entering politics, civil, military, clerical or other class life.

The more strongly the astral body is impressed before birth by the psychic entity that rules a nation, party, church or class, the stronger will be the love for these things. This adherence has its good and its bad sides. It is wrong for one to allow any of these spirits to influence him to act against his standard of right. When one’s prejudice is aroused, he should see whether the principle involved is right. If so, he should support it; if not, he should discountenance it, even though he may be frowned on or injured. To the degree of his opposition he frees himself from the destiny of the selfish multitude who remain subject to the class, church and similar spirits.