The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 21

Mental healers and their procedures.

Poverty, scarcity and lack of physical possessions bring on severe trials. These conditions are exteriorizations of long continued thoughts. Upon the aia are wrought the records which these thoughts worked in, each time they were reissued. From the aia are transferred on to the breath-form all the records from which is forecast into the physical world the immediate physical environment of the body. So the breath-form is marked and intextured for the possession or the lack of money. It has the indications for physical things to produce feelings and so give experiences. The natural results that will come from the future projections of these signs are also indicated, such as pleasure, dissipation, pain, fear and worry. However, it is entirely within the province of the human how he will deal with these psychic results.

If the money sign of metals is on the breath-form, earth elementals will swarm around the person. He will have money, no matter how incapable or unworthy he may be, and especially if he is able, benevolent and good. Earth elementals will predominate in the make-up of his physical body. Earth elementals of the metals will lead him to where he will get them, in mines, as presents, in the business or over the counter. Whether he hoards it or spends it, he will always have ready money. What he touches will turn to money. If the success sign is on the breath-form earth elementals of success crowd around that. His business will be successful. He will be thrown in with successful people. If any enterprise in which he is, is about to fail, he will get out of it in time without knowing why.

If the sign of want is on the breath-form, he will be in want, even when he has also a sign for money elementals and though he does make money. He will lose it or it will not be enough to meet his needs in the position in which he is. If the signs call for trouble, unrest, worry or fear, the elementals project them unfailingly. They build the body and bring on the events which cause these sensations or worries.

The signs are of two classes, those that affect the body directly, like disease or an injury, and those that affect the body indirectly by furnishing the physical surroundings in which it lives. Both classes produce pleasant and unpleasant feelings. The pleasant are accepted as a matter of course, the unpleasant are unwelcome. All are for the purpose of educating the doer. The doer must have the sufferings so as to get the experiences which will teach it what not to think.

The human should use every legitimate means to overcome adverse conditions. In the case of disease the person should consult a physician or a surgeon and then act in the way that seems most reasonable. In the case of poverty the person should think and work to overcome it.

There are schools of thought which use various methods. Some of them admit the reality of disease and adverse conditions and proceed to cure them by directing their thinking against them. They persuade themselves that there is an abundance of all good things in the universe, that they are a part of the universe and so entitled to their share, and they declare their share to be all that they desire. So health, abundance, success, and happiness is theirs if they think it, demand it and continue to demand it until they get it.

All these movements have formulas through which to think at or against that which they want to remove, and at and for that which they want to attract and possess.

The formulas have in common a belief in an Infinite or Supreme Power and seek to attract from that what they want. They claim that they are parts of that Infinite and that its abundance, happiness and success are theirs for the asking and for the taking. They say that by claiming what they want they attract it, that it must come to them, that they have it, that they are it, that they are one with God and are God and therefore are and have all. So they assert that happiness, power, influence and comfort are theirs, and if they see them so the objects of their thoughts sometimes come to them and are realized. Undoubtedly, these various methods are successful in many cases. Why and when and how they are successful, they do not know.

There is a complacency, a self-satisfaction, in their mental attitude which supplants worry and fear, and the physical results, such as freedom from disease and a comfortable living, do often come in consequence of the prayers, assertions and formulas. Desire is no longer opposed by rightness and has its own way. The thinking is free from doubts and the warnings of conscience, and so often goes straight to its mark and accomplishes its purpose, because it is not told that it is false and wrong. So health, success and business acumen are often the lot of the followers of these schools.

There is a limit to all of these results which follow successful desire. When the false thinking has gone on long enough the evil results will be manifested on the physical plane as nervous diseases and insanity, and even as thievery, fraud, corruption and robbery.

There are some truths and good advice scattered through the teachings of these movements. In fact much of their success comes from precepts for silence, self-restraint, resisting temptation and husbanding magnetic force.