The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 9

Personal magnetism.

Benefits may be derived from psychic development, as well as harm. The psychic nature enables one to come more closely into touch with humanity, to share in the joys and sorrows of others, to sympathize with and assist them. When one has his feelings and desires and prejudices under control, it is safe to begin the use of psychic powers; they will grow and develop and will not then need special urging, but rather the training which all new growths require.

A knowledge of the psychic nature, the breath-form and the astral body of man, together with a less limited use of the senses, would enable physicians to diagnose and treat diseases more accurately. They would then also know the properties and uses of plants, and how medicines should be compounded and administered to heal the sick. These powers are not used at present, because physicians ignore them or are limited by professional pride and prejudice or are too eager for money. This hunger, itself a psychic force, confuses the understanding, and so does not permit a calm and intelligent use of the senses.

Psychic powers are even now manifesting in some. The circulation of the psychic breath produces some striking characteristics. Among them is personal magnetism, which if increased may become the power to heal by the laying on of hands. Personal magnetism is a radiation from feeling-and-desire through the astral body, and is the attraction or repulsion of other astral bodies. As vibrations of heat are thrown out by hot iron, so the magnetic psychic force radiates from individuals. It affects other human beings through their psychic atmospheres. Personal magnetism is expressed through manner, movement and speech, which charm and fascinate, or irritate and repel. Magnetism is in the physical atmosphere of a human and tells its quality, as the odor of a flower will tell what the flower is.

One kind of personal magnetism is the result of having strong and finer physical bodies through which strong desire forces operate. Such finer bodies result when the sex power developed in prior lives was not wasted. One whose magnetism is strong is prompted by a double force to express his sex nature.

The power to heal by laying on of the hands is the psychic quality of one who has used or desired to use his magnetic power to help others. Power to heal by touch comes with the strengthening of the finer inner bodies so that they serve as a reservoir filled by strong desire. Thereby one can come into correlation with the form and life forces and will be the means to lead their forces into the body of the afflicted. In the case of a healer who places his hands on the centers in a human body which is out of order, the finer inner bodies of the healer guide healing elementals of outside nature into the weak inner bodies of the other and start them into orderly operation. The healing is effected by removing obstacles from the clogged and diseased inner bodies or by connecting nerves, doers and their atmospheres so that there is a proper circulation. Those who are devitalized after healing do not heal as effectively as do those who feel no exhaustion. When one uses up one’s own magnetism he depletes his reservoir and will give temporary relief only. He should not make a special effort to force his own magnetism into the diseased body. He will be most effective when he places his hands on the centers of the sick one and feels the magnetic currents flowing into the other. A spirit of goodwill and feeling the currents flowing in the other, produce the best results.

If they are natural and come without training, personal magnetism, the power to heal and other psychic powers, such as that of levitation, the power to increase or decrease in weight, to remain immovable, to produce phenomena, such as precipitation of writing or of pictures, are a capital of psychic power to start with. One’s progress depends on how they are used. If the motive is unselfish, these powers, even though unwisely applied, will not result in serious harm. But if the motive is one of self-seeking, the results, whether or not he thinks it possible, will be harmful to him.

In no case should personal magnetism or the power to heal or any of the other powers mentioned be employed to obtain money. The thought of getting money in this connection acts like an infection, and as such affects him who uses the power as well as the one on whom it is used.