The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 10

Vibrations. Colors. Astrology.

Among current tendencies is that to explain invisible things by the “law of vibrations” and to speak of “spiritual vibrations” and “thought vibrations.” These phrases sound well and mean little. They are generally used by those who know nothing about the difference between the doer and nature, and who are carried along on emotional currents into psychism of one kind or another, by those who understand little about what vibrations are, where they are and about the laws which control vibrations.

There are laws under which the four elements combine according to number, power and form, that is, the numbers one, two, three and four, the power which the combinations attain under these numbers, and the form of the expression of the combinations.

A vibration is the name given to a movement back and forth or wave-like, or to shake or tremble. It is said that a violin string vibrates in the air. The movement is one of matter in a mass which consists of a different state of matter, as the swinging of the violin string in the air, that is, the movement of solid matter in airy matter. A vibration is an elemental or a mass of elementals, a nature unit or a mass of nature units, moving in another state of matter.

This term, vibrations, is used by those who would explain all invisible things as being caused by vibrations. They do not explain in what manner, by what means and with what results.

There are no actual vibrations in the sense of those of a violin string or even of a wireless current of electricity, beyond the four states of matter on the physical plane. Vibrations relate to only one dimension, on-ness, of physical matter. The term has no application and cannot possibly have any to the doer or its feeling, desiring or thinking. There are no vibrations of a doer or in a doer or in an Intelligence. There are no vibrations apart from the matter that vibrates. Vibrations cease when that matter stops vibrating.

Another class of people believe that colors are a key to occult knowledge and power. A study of colors will not give knowledge of the doer or more than a minimum of occult information. What people call color is limited to the physical plane of the physical world. Colors depend on sunlight. Pigments and the colors of the spectrum are elementals manifesting as surface matter on that plane. Those who see colors cannot see them above the radiant-solid state of physical matter. No one can derive information about the nature of the doer merely by color, and color will tell him nothing whatever about the Intelligence. People who talk about the colors of “Masters” or about seeing the auras of Masters, or about telling a Master by his aura or its color, show ignorance. A mere spook can take on a brilliant and attractive so-called “spiritual” red or yellow or blue. Elementals do appear in glorious colors. Nor will a color or set of colors lead to correspondences or parallelisms of any value.

In order that a human may know something about vibrations, color, sound or number, he must be mentally trained. He must be shown the way to so-called occultism by the Light of the Intelligence. He must use a particular method of thinking. Clairvoyance cannot guide him. His reason, however, will not teach with the Light of the Intelligence unless he is safe, that is, has his sight, hearing, taste, and smell so under control that they cannot mislead or deceive him; and, with feeling-and-desire under control so that they do not leave their appointed stations in the body and act from wrong centers. When the human is so far along the way, colors will not be a lure. Occult colors, “soul” colors, affinities, “spiritual” colors and auras, as well as vibrations are often lures to immorality.

Astrology, the science of the stars, is sometimes sought by persons who wish to have a part of the future revealed to them. If they are about to venture on something or if they want to know their destiny or to learn about the fate of a ship, a country, a city or a speculation, they have a figure of the heavens erected and read for them by an astrologer.

The astrologer acts according to mechanical rules, sometimes called grammar of astrology. He considers the signs of the zodiac, the sun, moon and planets, their natures, aspects and relations as they appear in the figure of the heavens, which he erects. The conclusions he draws therefrom are sometimes wrong, sometimes vague, sometimes right. They are usually right if he reads from the event after it has happened.

Astrology is not a strictly physical science, nor can it be worked by facts revealed in the physical heavens alone. It is the occult science of astronomy and therefore two rules apply, namely, that one who practices it for gain or idle curiosity will be deceived in the end, and that the doer-in-the-body must be able to think with the feeling-mind and the desire-mind in conjunction with the body-mind, so that by their powers the astrologer can use and check the sense organs and nerves, which must also have been developed sufficiently.

There is a connection between the breath-form having on it the impressions of its destiny and the sidereal universe. Astrology is a science which is based upon the fact that all acts, things and events are exteriorized thoughts. To cast and read a horoscope is equivalent to following the exteriorizations of a person’s thoughts. Of course a mere contemplation of the starry heavens will not do this, especially if one is ignorant of the origin of the stars. The horoscope found in the heavens is an extension of the design on the breath-form at the time of the birth or event inquired into. Just as the designs on the breath-form of a newborn are exteriorized into the carnal body and the events in its life, so they are still further extended till they reach the heavens and beyond.

The paths of the sun, moon and planets have been and will be followed regularly; that regularity is the standard of regularity and certainty on earth. Yet these stars and their paths were and are the extensions and will be the extensions of the designs or horoscopes on the invisible breath-form of billions of human beings. How is that possible?

Thoughts about to exteriorize can move on certain lines only. The courses of thought are as fixed as is the path of the blood, the course of digestion, the movements of the breath, the currents of the nerves, the production of the seed and the courses of the stars. There are comparatively few paths along which thoughts travel.

Nothing seems more real than the sun, moon and stars, time and space and the positions of the stars in space. Astronomers even weigh celestial bodies, calculate their courses and know their constituents. Who doubts that the earth is solid?

Yet the sun is not where it is seen, or where the astronomers have claimed it to be. Nor is the sun a burning body—it is not a solid body and is not even hot. It is a focus of forces from which light, heat and power are developed as with a burning-glass. If this is so, it becomes questionable whether the celestial universe is what it appears to be. The moon is a body but is not where it is seen to be. Its fluid matter predominates over its solid side. It is a sort of clearing house for streams of units from the sun and from the earth. The sun sends matter to the earth and the earth sends matter to the sun, and the moon screens and circulates the forces which they exchange.

The earth is in the solid state of physical matter. This solid state is fourfold and is itself of an earthy, fluid, airy and fiery nature. Within, through and beyond this solid state of matter, is matter in the fluid, airy and radiant states, which four states, constantly circulating, make up the matter of the physical plane of the physical world of the sphere of earth. The solid earth, so-called, is only a crust, though many miles deep. The other states of physical matter are constantly flowing through it. On both sides of the solid or crust layer, is a layer of matter in the fluid state and beyond that a layer of matter in the airy state and beyond that a layer of matter in the radiant state. To sensuous perception there are thus seven planes. In fact, however, there are only four, because the inner and the outer layer of each of the three states are one. The sense of sight with its present limitations cannot see this, and it will not be able to see this constitution of the earth until it can perceive the four dimensions of physical matter, and so will not be limited to surface matter.

At the present stage the universe is anthropocentric, because human bodies are the fulcrum on which everything rests. This should not seem so strange when one considers that out of the millions of heavenly bodies our earth is the only one known to support life. At the same time the universe is heliocentric, because the matter of which it is composed circulates from and to the sun. The matter of which the solid earth is composed is precipitated by the sun and goes back to it. The earth and the planets revolve about the sun, but the earth and the planets are not where they appear to be in the heavens. Some planets are solid bodies, some are not. The fixed stars, so-called, are not solid bodies, and are not where they are seen to be. Yet there is a “Milky Way” and there are constellations and star clusters, but they are extensions or projections in starry matter, of nerve centers in human bodies and they are in a different density than are the sources of their projections; and the human bodies are the condensations of them.

Hence comes the influence which they are said to exert on human destiny. The heavens, like a mirror, return the reflections of the persons moving within the constellations. These are like ganglia in the celestial body, receiving and sending forth influences from and to the persons on the earth.

Time is changeable and is not fixed. Space is conceived of as distance, but space itself is not conceived. Distance is relative and is not fixed. It changes. Nor is what is called space empty. The substance of space is more solid as to permanence than is the solid earth.

The heavenly bodies move through a universe of dense matter, as fish move in water. That is, the matter in which they move is to them as dense as water is to the fish. The fish are not aware that they are moving in dense matter, any more than men know that what they call space, in which they and the stars are moving, is dense matter. The difference between the paths of the sun, moon, planets, and the paths of the fish, is that the paths of heavenly bodies are certain and regulated in their smallest deviations.

To be an astrologer one would have to know all about this as the skeleton of his science. However, then it is not likely that he would spend his time in casting horoscopes.