The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 9

Conception of a Beginning. The permanent physical world or Realm of Permanence, and the four earths. The trial test of the sexes. The “fall” of the doer. Doers became subject to re-existence in man and woman bodies.

Within the permanent physical world or Realm of Permanence there are four invisible earths.

Our human earth (Fig. V-B, a) is an interruption or, so to speak, a drop-out from or in the Eternal Order of Progression.

These four earths are co-existent; the numbering is merely to give distinction and show difference. They are here not dealt with in detail. Myths and legends hardly deal with them,—except perhaps as Paradise or the Garden of Eden,—and history not at all.

The permanent earth or Realm of Permanence, contains, maintains and balances all things which change in the human world, but is not itself changed by the changing human world within it. The Realm of Permanence is composed of balanced units of the radiant, airy, fluid, and solid states of matter; it pervades the human world, but is not perceptible to human vision because human vision is not attuned to the balanced units of the Realm of Permanence. The Realm of Permanence is necessary for the development of all units,—more necessary than is the sun, which is representative of our present changing earth.

Such words as “time,” “first,” “beginning,” “start,” “origin,” and the like, are here employed because of their common usage, or because there are no words in our vocabulary to describe and explain conditions in other worlds. Really, there was no “beginning” in the sense of a beginning in time. There are conceptions determined by the condition of the body of a human sense-bound doer. The measurements of time according to solar years are inapplicable to time in physical states other than that of the present time and dimension.

In the Realm of Permanence the physical bodies of the Triune Selves are sexless and perfect, and creatures of that state of matter are not as the animals on our earth. To our limited sensuous perception they are invisible; they are strong and are responsive to the intention in what is thought or said to them. This was, and still is, the period of creation by the exteriorization of the thinking of the complete Triune Selves. The thinking of Triune Selves is steady and, sounding, takes form. Around the form gather and cluster particles of radiant, airy, fluid and solid matter. The physical cells are balanced, and therefore not of the sexes. The doers in the Realm of Permanence are in their perfect physical bodies and their Triune Selves shine through them. Nature is made animate by the thought of these shining doers, and bodies for animals are prepared by thinking and speaking them into physical being. Pure elementals come into these bodies.

In the Realm of Permanence is no death, no sorrow, no sickness, no pain. There are no men, no women, no children, no riches. The Triune Selves know the law and act with it. The perfect bodies continue, not by eating food, but by the transient units from the four elements, taken in and distributed by the breath.

Doers on earth today, intoxicated and maddened in sense-drugged bodies, cannot at once get into touch with the thought and feeling of that permanent state. In that state the doers have their final training and the Triune Selves pass on, after they have performed their duties as officers in The Government of the world and as administrators of the destiny of nations; they are raised to be Intelligences and the aias of those doers become the Triune Selves of their Intelligences. The doers of these Triune Selves inherit their pure physical bodies. These doers live in the Realm of Permanence. This was and is the state of the doers before the trial test of feeling-and-desire through the sexes for qualifying them to operate the perfect bodies. In that test the doers now in human bodies failed and so were self-exiled and subject to death and re-existences in the temporal human world. Those doers that passed the test continued according to the Eternal Order of Progression, (Fig. II-G).

During that test the doers now in human bodies continued to think of themselves in a twofold way instead of as the oneness. They created thoughts of the type of two. So the doer had dual bodies, united by an invisible cord at the place where the navel is now. Feeling of the doer was in one of the dual bodies and desire was in the other, and each enjoyed the presence of the other in its thinking. This may have been the basis for such stories as that of Adam and Eve.

This way of thinking set the pattern of change out of permanence; a change to birth and death, to day and night, and to the pairs and to the opposites everywhere. At this first transition the doer became conscious of the dual forces at work on the second earth of the Realm of Permanence.

The original perfect body disappeared as it changed into a male body in which desire was, and a female body in which feeling was. They represented two forces which had before acted as one. The doer felt these two forces through its dual bodies. If today anyone could feel a chaste union of these forces in himself, without physical waste, and without the presence of another person, there would be a joy and a power undreamed of.

Then began changes in the doer and its bodies which brought about a second transition and which made the doer conscious of the third earth stage. These changes started when the desire aspect of the doer in one body looked upon its feeling aspect in the other body with a sense akin to sexual desire and feeling. Their thinking caused development of sex organs. They began to cohabit and to procreate, and thereby they lost their power to create.

Bodies on the third earth are male bodies and female bodies. Union of bodies is an important ceremony, attended by ecstatic revelation and takes place only when a new body is to be procreated. There is no shame, no sin, and the pleasure is a temporary opening of the world of creation, that is, the life world, to the senses. The bodies are of the general human form, but powerful and beautiful and clean, and do not have pain or disease. Their bodies are born and die. The doers in them, although now without the power to create forms consciously, still can direct elemental forces of nature. They direct these elementals to assist them in whatever work they undertake, and use no tools or machines. There are no houses, no cities, no storms, no wars, no upheavals of nature and no diseases. The animal and plant worlds come into existence as they do on our earth, unconsciously to the doers in human forms, though those doers know of the laws by which they bring animal and plants into existence. The animals are of the two sexes, and are not ferocious.

The first deviation from those peaceful times came when the doers in the human bodies cohabited, not for the lawful purpose of the union, but for the pleasure it gave them. At first they united at the proper season, later out of season. Formerly nature force was used for the purpose of procreation when they united in season; but later, when they liberated the power, not for procreation, but for pleasure and selfish ends, each sex trying to subjugate the other sex, they lost command over the nature force and their sexual activities became sinful. Thus human bodies were called into existence by sexual union. With the unlawful use of their sex organs, the doers were exiled to the human world of birth, death, and re-existence; they left and ceased to be conscious of the third earth; they became conscious of and lived on the temporal human earth. Here birth is painful and so is death and life is burdened with sin and sorrow.

The first earth is permanent; on the second the doers’ bodies are adjusted or changed by thinking. On neither of these earths is death. On the third, death comes from birth, through the union of the sexes. The bodies of humans and those of animals and plants may live for ages, but they must die.

On the first or permanent earth there is a steady progress of doers to perfection; and, with their perfect Triune Selves, they become Intelligences. On the second, most of the Triune Selves likewise advance to be Intelligences. On the third earth the doers of some Triune Selves progress during the early stages and the Triune Selves become Intelligences.

Within the fourth earth of the Realm of Permanence— which earth is also invisible because it is of balanced units,—is the visible physical universe, with the temporal human earth of birth and death, (Fig. I-C). Such universe is visible to human eyes because it is made up of unbalanced units. The human world, the earth we live on, as stated, is a sort of dropout, or interruption in the Eternal Order of Progression. It exists for doers of Triune Selves that failed, or may fail, in their test. Such doers have to re-exist in the human world of time, of death and birth, until they do regenerate their bodies and restore them to the Eternal Order of Progression. Thus the earth we live on, is without beginning; it has been changed again and again by tremendous geological events, after which it has been as if the whole earth had been newborn. The thinking of the doers in human beings provides the forms of the kingdoms of nature on this man and woman earth of ours.

The solid earth is and has been a spherical crust in the earth element. Inside and outside of the crust are spherical zones. Inside the crust and zones are races and entities, some superior and some inferior to the human race. To some of these beings the earth crust is as transparent as the earth atmosphere is to humans, because gross matter does not hinder their vision when it is focused on what is beyond. Because their bodies are of the matter of the form, the life, and the light worlds, they can pass through the thick earth crust as easily as humans move through air. Among these beings are doers of Triune Selves who were in the past connected with Humanity and who appeared from time to time on earth. They were either not known or were known as Wise Men, exhibiting authority and power, and having some human characteristics which made a common bond between them and the people on earth. They have appeared from the interior when a new start was to be made.

On our human earth, there are cycles of Four Great Civilizations, which come in sequence; in each of these are numerous minor civilizations.

At the end of this Fourth Civilization now on earth—if the doers fail to make it a permanent civilization—there will be a long period when there will be no civilized life. As in the past, it will be as if the earth were dead or in darkness. Then another cycle of Four Civilizations will set in, and after that another and another. Actually, there is no end of one and a beginning of another; they end and begin as one year passes into another. The seeming beginning or end is merely in the reckoning. The purpose of these civilizations is, of course, the education of the doers toward the recognition of their Triune Selves.