The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 13

History of the kingdoms of nature. Creation by breath and speech. Thinking under the type of two. The human body is the pattern of the kingdoms of nature. The intelligence in nature.

Through all ages, Triune Selves have, by the breath and power of speech through the doers’ bodies, maintained or changed the kingdoms of nature.

When the doers in their perfect states wanted to produce things, they thought them and breathed them into physical existence. They knew what they wanted, and they knew what they were doing when they thought. The Light of the Intelligence united with the desire of the doer into a thought, about which they continued to think. That thought was a sound, but was not, had not, and did not make vibrations. However, when it passed into the form world it caused vibrations in matter which it affected. This vibrating matter built out the form; then the final word breathed consolidated the vibrating mass into the form of the thinking or of the thought in the physical world. So all things physical came through the power of words, and continued in the world until they were spoken out of existence. They could not decay, could not be knocked apart. A word of dissolution had to be spoken to end their existence.

Today men make the world they live in just as then, but they make it and all things on it in ignorance. They do not know what they are doing when they are thinking, nor do they know the power of their thoughts. They do not know that their thoughts when issued, are issued on the light plane of the light world. They do not know that these thoughts then descend as sound and speech in one, into the life world, where they take matter of the life world as a magnet takes iron filings. There a thought is a sound. It is inaudible to the human ear, but it sounds in the life world, and thereby gives life to the matter it affects. It descends further and comes into the form world, taking with it that portion of life matter. It is sound in the form world also, and makes a part of form matter coalesce. This causes the matter to take a form, expressive of the sound, which comes into the physical world, but is still invisible. Then it passes on to the astral or radiant state of matter of the form plane of the physical world, where it remains on the threshold of the radiant-radiant matter of the physical plane and is ready to be exteriorized in solid matter.

The appearance of the plants and animals depends upon the appropriate season for germination. The thought, which is speech and sound in the different worlds, continues to sound until it is exteriorized. When the time for this arrives the sound compels solid-solid particles to vibrate around and through the radiant-solid form and finally draws them into it. The sap in the plants and the fluids in the body of the animal build out the visible solid shape according to this astral form. A thought of love and a thought of greed are different as thoughts and they sound differently. The sound of the speech which is the thought differs from the time the thought comes to the life plane of the life world until, with matter gathered, it arrives at the threshold of physical life. On the life plane of the life world the sound of that which will be formed as a yellow rose is as different from that which will be formed as a white carnation, as are the two flowers when at last seen and smelled.

The form in which a thought is exteriorized is not necessarily furnished by the same doer from which comes the feeling-and-desire entity that will inhabit the form. For instance, the aggregate of strong sexual desires and rage with an absence of general viciousness may coalesce after death when the separation of breath-form and doer occurs, into a mass of desire that will be made to animate the body of a bull. The body of the bull is made of elemental matter of the four elements, but the form in which it is held is the expression of a thought, which, when it was thought and spoken, sounded as what is visible as the form of a bull. The form fits the inhabiting power of desire.

The atoms known to chemistry have a valence or combining capacity which they get from matter of the form world. Matter of the form world combines matter of the life world into forms according to the combining capacity which the form matter receives from certain characteristics of that life matter. The life matter receives these characteristics from thinking or from thoughts, which can give character to life matter only according to certain types or numbers to which the thoughts belong. The thoughts give the character by unfolding and extending a point toward a circle, (Fig. IV-A).

Men think only under certain types, just as they eat with their mouths and walk with their legs, and not otherwise. The types in which men think come from Universal Types or Points, which themselves are not known on the earth except as the types under which men think. The Universal Types came from abstract Numbers; the only way in which they can be thought about is as two.

Man thinks under a type of two with an immeasurable number of subtypes. All mental activities in the individual mental atmospheres are governed by this type and its subtypes. Every thought therefore that is issued is under a subtype of one of the human types. When it is issued and comes to the life world as speech and sound, it affects matter of the life world and imparts to it the character of its own particular subtype. That matter, when it is combined, grouped and given a character by thinking or by a thought, takes in elemental beings which are then of the subtype to which the thought belongs. What these subtypes are can be seen from the many forms in the physical world where they are exteriorized. They are all subtypes and variations of the type of two.

Two of the subtypes under which human beings think are the man type and the woman type. A man thinks in the type he is; and a woman thinks in the type she is. All their thoughts are according to these two types. Underlying the two types and as a background for the thinking of man and woman is another type, the type of one. This type links the two. It is the secret of their feeling-and-desire or union. Neither man nor woman is able to think according to the type of one, but they think about it. Every time human beings attempt to think in the type of one, they become confused, as when they try to apply it to metaphysical speculations in religions or to think of the two or of the many as the one. All the thinking a human does in literature, business or pastimes, he does from or in his own type as a man or as a woman.

This thinking is related to some zone of the four kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal and human. The idea of two is always there, active and passive, positive and negative, right and left, up and down, light and dark, sleep and waking, life and death, good and bad, true and false, pleasure and pain, like and unlike, spirit and matter, me and not me, or not nature and nature. Humans think about two kinds of things only, the things they can see, hear, taste, smell and touch; and the second kind, the things that are not to be seen, heard, tasted, smelled or touched.

Whenever a man thinks about any of these things, he thinks of how he feels or desires about them. He thinks of the feeling or desire as himself; it is he who desires, it is he who thinks, it is he who is—always he. He relates this him to that which is—not him; he does not think of himself without thinking of what is not himself.

The male’s thought is according to the type of his sex as distinct from the female. When he thinks of other human beings he thinks of them as men or as women. It is the same with a woman; her thought is according to the type of her sex. She thinks in the type which she is.

The thoughts of men and women are of the type of the one who thinks and affects matter according to that type, whether they are exteriorized to that one or in nature.

The two types, of man and of woman, produce in nature the same two. The nearer the kind is to the one who thinks the more pronounced is the type; the farther the less pronounced. So, plants are less markedly male and female than are animals. In minerals the type can be discerned only as positive and negative.

Thinking and thoughts affect the matter in the life world and cause it to be grouped according to the type or subtype of the thinking or the thought. The grouping is caused by the sound which is the speech and thought, three aspects of the same action. The grouping by number of the particles of life matter produces form in the form world. The form matter, impressed in its structure by the grouping of the life matter, coalesces according to the sound and to the structure of the life matter that carries it. The form matter comes into the physical world, that is, into the invisible part thereof; and the forms, differing in each case, cause the particles of radiant-physical matter to vibrate accordingly and to be grouped into atoms, in the manner known to chemistry as those of the physical matter of the ninety-odd elements. So come into existence all crystals, those of frost designs and snow as well as those of minerals, the plants, the flowers and the bodies of all animals. The circulating sap in plants, the deposits in the plant which make it grow and produce flowers, fruits and seeds, the fluids in animal bodies with their resultant health, maturity and disease, are produced in the same way. Each plant and animal conforms to some subtype of thought. The conformations are directed by the thinkers of Triune Selves.

Two orders of Intelligences, the Thinkers and the Desirers, direct the operation of the law of thought, through the Triune Selves to which they are related. The Thinkers observe the disturbance of matter in the life world which all human thinking causes. They do not watch, they are aware of what occurs. The Intelligences of the order of Desirers work with their Triune Selves in the form and physical worlds. Each of the orders acts in the world with which it is naturally in contact.

As the stream of thinking circulates within the mental atmosphere of a human it affects the life matter of the life world and comes under the notice of the Triune Selves acting there. They cause elementals to group life matter according to the type and character of the thoughts that are in the stream of thinking. Thereby the type under which the thought was produced is expressed in matter. Then disposition is made by the Triune Self of the destination, course and time cycles of the thought. Some thoughts are thus limited to the mental atmosphere of the man, some are allowed to act further upon matter in the life world and later to become physical acts, objects or events.

The Intelligences do not act directly; they act through or with Triune Selves complete, and even with the embodied doers. For however imperfect the doer of a human may be, his knower and his thinker always have the Light of the Intelligence and do not act otherwise than in accordance with it. As to the destiny of a human, it is directly operated by his thinker. However distasteful, hard or oppressive the events of the life of a human may be, they come to him through the thinker of his Triune Self.

A part of the thought matter is marked for the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Of course there are no visible marks, but all is done by instantaneous thinking which produces geometrical symbols, and elementals obey involuntarily in carrying out the directions given them by the points and lines.

Some idea of the accuracy and quickness of the operations by these Intelligences and Triune Selves can be gained by reflecting upon the order and continuity which the physical universe exhibits, from the ocean tides to the structure of a pine needle. A thought is a being of potential power, for each unit that is affected by it has behind it the power of its element, as the faucet has that of the reservoir, and the Light of the Intelligence which comes through the thinker liberates the power. Human thoughts, discordant, selfish, ignorant as they are, but having this tremendous potential power, would destroy the worlds, visible and invisible, if it were not for the control and direction by the Intelligences, here called Thinkers.

The directions which life matter and the elementals connected with it bear, are taken into the form world. Here the Desirers observe the direction given by the Thinkers. The Desirers have to do with the marshalling of the forces and elemental beings which bring about physical acts, objects and events. So they see to it that what is destined for the forms in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms receives its proper form, from the glistening hairs of a horse to the dust on the wings of a moth, from a pine tree to a daisy. They also see to it that the animal forms are animated by appropriate desire entities and that the plant forms and flowers have fitting elementals to inhabit them.

These Intelligences and Triune Selves do not create the animals, plants and minerals; they merely see to it that the types which are in the mental atmospheres of human beings are expressed by forms, which then appear as the outward aspect of the creatures in the animal, plant and mineral worlds. These types have resulted from all prior thinking in all prior lives of all doers in human bodies. A type is made of matter of the life world.

A type is the emblem of the sum of a variety of thinking that has been done in the past, but it is abstract, invisible and has no form. Types are summarized records of forms, of thinking and of activities of intelligent-matter in nature-matter. They are the working out in different ages of some of the twelve points of the circle, according to which all thinking must be done. The circle and the twelve points are the ultimate source of all types, (Fig. I-A). The types are exteriorized by the coordinate action of the Light of the Intelligence, the mental atmosphere and the thoughts in it, the aia and the breath-form and the process of generation.

The human body itself is an exteriorization of types in the mental atmospheres, and projects and is the source and pattern of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. From the body as a pattern elementals body forth these types, comparatively few in number, as the earth and its myriad of animals, plants and minerals. The forms are then filled out and energized by desires of human beings and are given instinct by Light of the Intelligence that has gone into nature and which is the intelligence that guides nature and is commonly called God.

Human beings are not conscious of these processes, which are carried on by parts of their mental, psychic and physical organizations, any more than they are conscious of the processes of sight or digestion. Some of these processes go on after the death of the physical body.