The Word Foundation


Harold W. Percival



Section 6

Reclamation of Light by self-control. Loss of the lunar germ. Retention of the lunar germ. The solar germ. Divine, or “immaculate,” conception in the head. Regeneration of the physical body. Hiram Abiff. Origin of Christianity.

Automatic reclamation is done by the psychic breath taking Light away from the lunar germ, and along the nerves of the digestive system upward from the region of the left kidney and adrenal. The three stages of reclamation by self-control are made by the doer, the thinker, and the knower. Then these three parts of the Triune Self take off Light from the lunar germ and take the germ itself up the spinal cord of the voluntary nervous system. The basis of all four kinds of reclamation is the automatic process by which Light is, from food, prepared for the lunar germ.

The first stage of voluntary reclamation of Light that has come into the body, is the recovery of that Light due to desire to do right. This first stage has to do with taking Light away from the lunar germ, with carrying that Light into the blood and to the heart and lungs and with raising the lunar germ itself from the lowest point to about the junction of the first lumbar and the twelfth dorsal vertebrae on the left side along the voluntary nervous system. The first stage of the reclamation of Light in the body is done by a human who does not want to be led by nature into doing things he feels that nature wants; who wants to be led into doing what is best for him and who does his duties, not grudgingly, but cheerfully. This relates especially to eating and sex, to the desires for possessions, a name or fame, and for power.

If such control is the endeavor of a human his desire will, without his being conscious of it, take away some of the Light which is carried by the lunar germ when it has risen as high as the left kidney.

After the psychic and the mental breaths have there taken some Light for the noetic atmosphere, in the course of the automatic saving, desire living in the blood may bear some of the remaining Light away in the blood stream. The only time when desire can get this Light is during one to three days of each month when a lunar germ is near the kidneys. The Light which desire gets in this way mingles with it, but does not blend. The human does not know about the reclamation, except that he may feel a slight sensation of cheer.

In the blood there is bound Light and free Light. Light which was extracted from the digestive system of the body, is bound Light and cannot be taken up by desire until a lunar germ has extracted it. Light which desire has brought into the blood is free and remains free, until it is either reclaimed by thinking or until desire unites with the Light when the breath meets the circulatory system in the heart and lungs, and only when a thought is conceived or entertained.

The run of human beings lose their lunar germs within the month, and with the lunar germ goes the Light that is in it. But if some Light is taken from the germ by the automatic reclamation, that much Light is returned by the psychic breath to the atmospheres and is saved for the time. If in addition some Light is taken by desire by this unwitting reclamation into the blood, that too is saved when the germ is lost and the remaining Light in it goes back into the circulations of nature.

The second stage of the reclamation of Light that has come back into the body is reached, when a human is acquiring self-control by thinking. Pessimism, mysticism and asceticism are of no use. They hinder rather than help. It is not necessary that one should know anything about the phrases “Light of the Intelligence” or “reclamation.” It is enough that he intends what his inner One, his Father, the Light in him, shows to be right. Every human has that Light within, though he does not know it as such and does not do what it shows to be right. The second stage requires an attitude of mind akin to optimism, which favors honest and clear thinking, and an enjoyment of the pleasures of life with temperance and without hate, greed or envy. It requires as to his duties, that he should perform them willingly and understandingly.

With the desire that brings the first degree of reclamation and with this attitude of mind, he develops, though he may at times slip back, a mental set that will result in voluntary reclamation. By this mental set his thinking will without his being conscious of it, extract Light that is free in the bloodstream and some of the Light that is bound in a thought and will even balance some thoughts. It may also raise the lunar germ along the voluntary nervous system up to the highest of the thoracic vertebrae.

Thinking can get Light from circulating blood only while it is heart-blood and lung-blood, and only when rightness reigns and desire is in agreement with it.

The seasons in the body present a favorable condition when the solar germ, descending and ascending in the two hemispheres of the spinal cord, is opposite the heart. This occurs twice a year, during the three days following the twenty-first days of June and of December. Getting Light in thinking is, however, not restricted to these favorable times; it may happen at any time, provided the lunar germ has risen above the kidneys.

From heart-blood and lung-blood, thinking, by means of the mental breath acting through the respiratory breath, raises Light from the heart and from the lungs to the cerebellum and cerebrum. Thinking raises it by an effort to hold Light on a definite subject, such as who one is, and who one’s knower or Father in Heaven is. The thinking which reclaims Light is intent upon learning from the errors of the past. It is different from ordinary, haphazard, passive thinking. It is even more than active thinking on a matter of religion or philosophy. It is thinking so intended and restrained as to be active thinking on such subjects as immortality, the dweller in the body, truthfulness, chastity, honesty, the purpose of life or service and goodwill. It is active thinking with the definite aim of learning for personal moral and mental advancement. It overrides all obstacles of desires, allurements and weaknesses. It is accompanied by events in the body. When this sort of thinking goes on it prevents the Light circulating in the body from flowing out, and it empowers the lunar germ to take up more Light.

During this effort Light in the mental atmosphere claims and takes Light from the heart-blood. When the blood-Light becomes mental Light and is taken away from desire, desire tries to follow the Light and so gives force to the thinking. Thinking carries the Light to the cerebellum and the cerebrum. The Light remains in that part of the noetic atmosphere in the brain which is related to the subject of the thinking.

Thinking gets Light not only from heart-blood but also from thoughts, yet only under certain conditions. The thought must be in the heart or the lungs and the thinking must either be done in connection with the willing and understanding performance of a duty or must be thinking toward repudiation of the thought. Such thinking may produce two kinds of results. It may take away some of the Light from the thought, weakening it, and restore the Light to the mental atmosphere, or it may take away all of the Light because it balances the thought. The human is not conscious of the result produced by his thinking, but the effects of the reclaimed Light will be felt by him as lightness, airiness and vitality in the body and mental ease and the ability to see things more clearly.

Thinking may extract some of the Light that is bound in a thought while the thought is in the heart or the lungs. It does this when it disapproves of the thought, and so draws Light away from it, thus limiting and retarding it.

Thinking may also take all the Light out of a thought. When a thought has been conceived and is not yet issued, it is being gestated in the cerebellum and the cerebrum. There is a communication between the thought and the heart in which it was conceived. The thought is nourished by active and by passive thinking. If during this time the human determines to abandon the aim and the object of the thought, the thought is drawn back into the heart, and the Light is separated from the desire by thinking and is returned to the mental atmosphere from the heart and lungs.

Light may also be reclaimed from a thought after the thought has been issued, but before it is exteriorized. The thought has then left the head through the frontal sinuses and is in the mental atmosphere. If the human decides to abandon the aim and the object, the thought goes to the part of the mental atmosphere which is in the heart and lungs. There thinking separates the Light from the desire, and the Light is transferred to the mental and the desire to the psychic atmosphere.

It may be that the thought was not exteriorized as a whole, but that only the design was exteriorized wholly, partially or in a modified form. In this case no Light is extracted. If the thought as a whole is exteriorized with the first exteriorization all the Light is extracted, otherwise the Light is extracted when the thought is balanced, which may not be until after many exteriorizations.

A thought is balanced by thinking when feeling-and-desire are in agreement with each other and both are in agreement with rightness and that and reason are in agreement with selfness concerning the act, object or event, which had been witnessed by I-ness. Then the thinking extracts Light from the thought and transfers it to the pineal body where it is restored to the noetic atmosphere.

The Light can be extracted only when the thought is in the heart and lungs. In the first and second cases the decision to abandon the aim and object sends the thought there. In the third case, when the thought is balanced at the first exteriorization because of the mental attitude, this attitude calls it to the heart and lungs.

It is different in cases which are reactions to results of the law of thought. There the balancing is done at a time when a thought cycle has brought the thought back to the heart and lungs for balancing, or when circumstances like mental associations, memories or an event cause the thought to be drawn suddenly into the heart and lungs, or when an abstract subject is thought of, such as destiny, living forever, service, or being conscious of the desire for self-knowledge. Then something affects the heart and lungs and compels the human to question.

This probing and searching is the beginning of the third stage of voluntary reclamation, which is intentional and knowing. Sometimes the searcher finds what he looks for, sometimes he discovers what he did not expect. His thinking opens up the thought and by the Light it uses and the Light that is in the thought, shows him the feelings and desires in the thought as they truly are. When he acknowledges these to be as the Light shows that they are, and determines that he will make them as they should be, the Light of that thought goes with the Light in the mental atmosphere to the pineal body and is thence transferred to the noetic atmosphere, and the thought is balanced.

The third stage of the reclamation of Light which has come into the body from nature is the recovery of the Light due to knowledge gained in the previous two stages. This knowledge is that he should not by his thinking attach himself to anything or attach anything to himself. The third stage is reached when a human applies this knowledge in his living. As he continues, encumbrances and interferences fall gradually away. He acquires confidence in action, strength in purpose, penetration in looking at a thing or a condition. Neither friends nor strangers influence him. Money, possessions and attainments cease to have attraction for him. He eats and drinks what will keep his body in health, he enjoys his food although he does not eat for the pleasure of eating. He is not bitter or sour any more than he is a hedonist. He attends to his occupations because they are his work. But all his effort in whatever he thinks or does or omits is to reclaim Light and not to bind it up again.

With such a one, too, the automatic reclamation works better and is more effective than with one who knows or cares nothing about it. The voluntary reclamation is based on a more steady desire which controls all other desires, and on a mental set to reclaim Light, intentionally and intelligently. Thoughts that are balanced are one of two main sources of the Light that is reclaimed, although this is not known to the one who balances them and so obtains the Light that was in them. The other source is Light that is carried by a lunar germ into the head.

The automatic protection of a lunar germ ends when it has come up as high as the left kidney; and the germ is lost, usually through sexual occupations, after the psychic breath has taken off some Light automatically. It may, however, be raised along the spinal cord in the region of the dorsal and the cervical vertebrae until it reaches the midbrain. There it arrives as a physically matured germ, and can when united with seed or soil, be used in the generation of a physical body, superior in health and strength to those that crowd the world. However, if it is preserved, it will unite with the next monthly germ which merges into it. Then it will descend and make a second round through the body, being automatically protected up to the left kidney. It will, if it is not lost, arrive at the head for the second time, at the end of the second lunar month, strengthened by additional Light it has gathered.

While it is possible for one who has developed a lunar germ of higher degrees, that is, one carried for two, three or four months, to beget a body in which a doer more perfect than those in the bodies of the run of human beings may enter, and while indeed there have been men on the earth who were born from seeds containing lunar germs preserved for many lunations, it is also possible to retain the lunar germ into which the subsequent monthly lunar germs have merged, for the regeneration of the body, for self-impregnation and for the building of three inner bodies, in which the three parts of the Triune Self will live also in the form, life, and light worlds. When all of the subsequent lunar germs have been merged with the first, there is a divine conception in the head, because of the presence of the solar germ.

The solar germ is a portion of the doer and it represents the Triune Self, and has with it some of the clear Light. It has no body of nature-matter, such as the lunar germ has. There is only one solar germ for each life, though the germ renews itself every year. It appears at puberty, in the pituitary body and descends in the right side of the spinal cord until, after about six months, it reaches the end of the cord proper at about the first lumbar vertebra, (Fig. VI-A, d). Then it turns and ascends in the left side, during about six months, and arrives at the pineal body. While it is in the head it renews itself and then starts on the next descent. It continues this through life. At the death of the body it becomes again one with the doer.

The solar germ by its journeys, south and north in the spinal cord, patrols The Way. It keeps open the dwelling place of the Triune Self, while the three parts of the Triune Self, as at present, do not dwell in the spinal cord. With the run of human beings the solar germ does nothing more.

Its potential activities depend upon the presence of a lunar germ in its field of operation. Every lunar germ must pass the solar germ at least once a year, that is, while the lunar germ is going down. With the run of human beings it does not pass the solar germ a second time.

If a lunar germ is not lost, but on the return path to the head rises higher than the station at the lumbar vertebrae where the psychic breath takes off Light in the course of the automatic reclamation, it is near the path of the solar germ and within the field of its influence. The solar germ then assists the lunar germ, by giving it strength as well as a push or pull upwards. If a lunar germ is preserved so as to make the second round it receives additional assistance. So it is in each succeeding round. When a lunar germ has completed thirteen rounds within twelve months, having of course with it the twelve successive monthly germs which have merged into it, and having the Light it received each time it passed the solar germ, and returns to the head, it is met there by the solar germ and receives Light from it. With that Light is a direct ray of Light of the Intelligence. This is a self-impregnation or divine, immaculate, virgin conception, and from it begins the rebuilding of the physical body into an immortal physical body. With the rebuilding of the body is achieved the reclamation of all Light that has gone into and was outstanding in nature. Reclamation of all the Light cannot be accomplished except in a rebuilt physical body. In the measure that a human reclaims Light he becomes conscious of the Light in him, and with that conscious of himself as the doer.

The rebuilding is begun by the lunar germ which has been preserved during thirteen lunations. It is accomplished when the body is two-columned and sexless. Not until then can all the Light from nature be reclaimed, and even then some Light in thoughts will still be outstanding. Human beings living in one-columned bodies cannot reclaim all the outstanding Light because such bodies have not the necessary organization.

The only indication in any school or tradition of a rebuilding of the physical body into an immortal body is found in the Masonic teachings about Hiram Abiff, which is the lunar germ; about the broken column, which refers to the part missing below the sternum, (Fig. VI-E), and about the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, which is the rebuilt, regenerated physical body.

It is likely that about the time the Christian teachings originated, one man had succeeded in retaining a lunar germ for thirteen lunations, had consequently reclaimed Light and had become conscious of and as the Light of his Triune Self, his “Father in Heaven.” They could have given out teachings of how others could achieve this result. This event probably occurred at a time when a lesser cycle swung in, when men’s thoughts were stirred by Greek philosophy, doubt and dissatisfaction, when men were expecting something new and were made to prepare an atmosphere for its appearance.